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Evaluating Acceptability of Land Titling: A case study in Sri Lanka

Rubasinghe, Rathnamali (2010) Evaluating Acceptability of Land Titling: A case study in Sri Lanka.

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Abstract:In 1998, the government of Sri Lanka introduced a title registration system in response to numerous problems faced by deed registration systems. But the land titling program has not yet achieved the expected progress even if titles are issued free of charge. According to the title registration act, the landowner has to submit claim forms claiming that a particular land parcel belongs to him or her. Without the submission of that claim form the registration process cannot proceed further. One of the main operational problems is that all landowners do not submit the claim forms. There is a gap between implementation of the program and the acceptability by the landowners. The study aims to identify the factors affecting the acceptability of land titling program by landowners in the provision of secured land tenure and title certificates. The acceptability of the land titling is assessed in terms of predefined factors; socio-economic and cultural factors, attitude and perception, trust and trustworthiness, awareness and participation, transparency, land information system and access to information, streamlining work process, and cost and efficiency. The study uses case study research methods with both qualitative and quantitative analysis using the perspective of four stakeholders namely Bim Saviya staff, landowners, Grama Niladhari and Lawyers. Findings show that majority of landowners’ attitude and perception are positive towards the title registration system because the government of Sri Lanka guaranties titles certificates which is a basis for easy access to credit, improved land tenure security and supports to a reduction in land conflicts. They trust the system and trustworthiness of the system is satisfactory. The majority are aware about the system and benefits of the title registration but not fully aware about the participation in the process of registration. The System is transparent but backward information flow from officers to landowner is not satisfactory. The land information system is paper based and accessible only at office for the public. The information about the process of title registration does not properly reach the landowners especially the gazettal cadastral map. The process is not streamlined but it is friendly to user. Landowners are satisfied with the existing efficiency of the system as land titles are issued free of charge. The cost of title registration can be reduced and its efficiency can be improved. Lawyers can influence the acceptability of the land titling as they are involved in land related matters. Financial institutions motivate the landowners in accepting the titles for collateral purposes. Finally, this research found that attitude and perception, trust and trustworthiness, awareness and participation and transparency highly and also positively have an influence on acceptability of the system. Streamlining work process, efficiency and cost have low influence on the acceptability of the title registration by landowners, while land information system and access to information highly influence but negatively. The study finds that there is no relationship between socio-economic factors and acceptability of land titling, and make the followings suggestions for improvement of the system and further acceptability. It is needed to improve the quality of the awareness program especially landowners’ participation in all registration process steps. It is recommended to redesign and simplify the system and thereby adapt economical data acquisition method to issue more titles within reasonable time period. Key words: land titling program, landowner, claim form, title certificate, acceptability.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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