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Evaluation of digital pen in data capturing for land administration purposes in Rwanda

Rugema, Didier Milindi (2011) Evaluation of digital pen in data capturing for land administration purposes in Rwanda.

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Abstract:The implementation of land administration is being taken in Rwanda. This includes spatial data (boundaries of parcels) and related legal administrative data. There are approximately 8 million parcels. Efficient data acquisition methods are needed. Existing land rights are determined in an adjudication process supported by a participatory mapping (P-mapping) process. Digital orthophotos are available. For spatial data acquisition in the field the orthophotos are first plotted, then the boundaries of parcels are drawn and the parcels IDs written on field sheets with pencil on site. Post-processing has to be performed in the office. This concerns redrawing and rewriting over the pencil marks by using normal pen on field sheets, the scanning and geo-referencing of the field sheets, and the vectorisation of parcels boundaries. This process implicates different sources of errors because of many process steps. It is double work in terms of time. It requires a lot space for archiving. This implies a complex information management. The focus of this research is on spatial data acquisition by using a digital pen. It compares the existing method and the digital pen method by qualitative and quantitative methods on the basis of four criteria: quality of data, time used, P-mapping, and process. It is concluded that a digital pen can be used to draw lines on map as normal, but the plotted map has patterns printed on it. This allows for storage of spatial data directly into georeferenced digital format into the pen. This addresses the sources of errors which are in the existing method, saving of time, saving the space for archiving, and keeping the promotion of P-mapping. The digital pen method would be more practical by improving some related functionalities. Proposals are made for that.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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