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Small-Scale Commercial Farms and Sobbe Conservancy in Caprivi, Namibia

Katataiza, Dina Uerikua (2009) Small-Scale Commercial Farms and Sobbe Conservancy in Caprivi, Namibia.

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Abstract:Small-Scale Commercial Farms (SSCF) has been established in many parts of the communal areas in Namibia. However in the Caprivi region the proposed SSCF appear to be incompatible with the recently established Sobbe Nature Conservancy. The study aimed to develop spatial information for use by stakeholders that can help to avoid the incompatibility of land uses and to prevent conflict. Structured and semi structured interviews were the main means of data collection, SPSS software was used for qualitative analysis. A PGIS type approach was used to collect the local knowledge and to visualize the community’s perception related to land use resources. Sketch mapping of the community resources was supported by using a GPS to geo-code resource locations. GIS then was used to produce a community resource map and analyze the current and the potential conflicts in the study area. The spatial overlap of the SSCF with pre-existing land uses has been determined and it was assessed that the SSCF are incompatible with these uses and may result in conflict. Therefore the majority of the conservancy and Non-conservancy farmers are opposed to the development of SSCF. The respondents claim that they were not appropriately informed. It is recommended that the procedure should be resumed and consultation for legal advice to be considered. Then also a socialimpact and environmental impact assessment should be carried out to avoid or minimize negative impacts and/or to determine mitigation measures. The lack of spatial information sharing in the context of land use planning leads to conflicts between stakeholders. Keywords: Small Scale Commercial Farms, Nature Conservancy, Incompatibility of land use, Participatory GIS, Spatial information sharing
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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