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Low frequency calibration of an acoustic vector sensor using immersive wave propagation

Piening, P.V.L. (2022) Low frequency calibration of an acoustic vector sensor using immersive wave propagation.

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Abstract:This document investigates immersive boundary conditions used in immersive wave propagation, a method where one creates a virtual representation of a measured acoustic wave to remove, in real-time, undesired interactions with active boundaries. Desired interactions with virtual boundaries can be added, also in real-time. The ability to remove reflections caused by rigid boundaries using analytical physics-based extrapolation equations is investigated. In addition, the applicability of immersive wave propagation to low frequency vector-sensor calibration in enclosed spaces is investigated, where analytical physics-based immersive wave propagation is used for the removal of undesired reflections caused by the boundaries of the limited calibration environment. Derivations are given for one-, two - and three-dimensional problems. A one-dimensional numerical simulation shows that an analytical physics-based implementation exists that significantly reduces reflections during continuous operation. Physical experiments on a one-dimensional system require accurate filters to compensate transducer dynamics. A two-dimensional numerical simulation shows that there are differences between the analytical extrapolated velocity and the actual velocity. However, if velocity extrapolation is successful, relatively few monopole sources are required to significantly reduce the reflected waves at low frequencies. A three-dimensional simulation shows that for immersive boundary conditions in idealized circumstances the analytical physics base extrapolation equations are able to successfully extrapolate the particle velocity during continuous operation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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