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Evaluation of intensity normalization methods for MR images

Jansen, M.J.A. (2015) Evaluation of intensity normalization methods for MR images.

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Abstract:MRI intensities do not have a tissue specific value, meaning that the same tissue has a wide range of intensities, even within the same protocol, subject, and MR scanner. This intensity variation might affect image processing, since many segmentation methods and other tasks are based on intensity. Several methods to normalize MRI intensities have been proposed over the years. In this study, six intensity normalization methods for MRI are evaluated. The evaluation is based on the ability to create similar tissue intensities within a group of subjects, between repeated scans of the same subjects, and between scanners with different magnetic field strengths. Also the effect on a simple k-Nearest Neighbour (kNN) segmentation is tested quantitatively. The evaluations are performed on various data sets of T1 weighted images.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
UMC Utrecht
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Electrical Engineering MSc (60353)
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