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Theoretical modelling of liquid fractions and flow regimes during the first-stage startup of steam transport pipelines

Perizonius, F.C. (2023) Theoretical modelling of liquid fractions and flow regimes during the first-stage startup of steam transport pipelines.

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Abstract:Rotterdam Engineering delivers intelligent designs and engineering for the appropriate installation of long distance steam transport pipelines in order to reuse the excess heat from waste incineration plants for other industrial purposes. Although many of the issues of steam transport have been overcome, avoiding obstacles in the pathway of the pipelines remains a problem. Despite the fact that steam transport pipelines require to be installed above surface level, Rotterdam Engineering is interested in the underground use of steam transport pipelines. Specifically, the application of the Horizontal Directional Drilling technique. The handling of liquid condensate is a familiar inconvenience in the world of steam transport pipeline engineering. However, underground passages for steam transport pipelines opens a new set of problems. The accumulation of liquid condensate proposes a significant threat due to the disastrous effects of water hammer phenomena. Constructing an underground passage with the Horizontal Directional Drilling technique complicates the removal of liquid condensate, and therefore, results in the accumulation of any liquid condensate. This thesis investigates the mechanisms of liquid formation through condensation within pipelines and aims to discover if risk of water hammer phenomena is significant for the application of Horizontal Directional Drilling. A heat transfer model that monitors the thermophysical properties of a flowing two-phase fluid was constructed. The existing literature on the modelling of two-phase fluid flows, and the field of two-phase Flow Pattern Maps were used to determine the liquid fractions and flow regimes during the first-stage of start-up of a steam transport pipeline with regard to an underground application.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Rotterdam Engineering, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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