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Impact of surrounding mediums on the chemical stability of iron-loaded alginate beads

Rietveld, M. (2024) Impact of surrounding mediums on the chemical stability of iron-loaded alginate beads.

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Abstract:Alginate is a promising biomaterial in tissue engineering due to its high porosity, modification possibility, and biocompatibility. This study focuses on the influence of the surrounding medium in which the alginate and iron-loaded alginate beads are incubated. The end goal is to produce alginate beads designed for local mechanical stimulation, through their magnetic properties. The study centers on the morphological behavior and mechanical properties of both alginate and iron-loaded alginate beads with bead sizes ranging from 2.3 to 2.8 mm. Three distinct mediums and combinations of them were employed in a series of experiments, including sphericity and swelling assessments conducted over 5-7 days using EVOS microscopy and ImageJ software. Additionally, a rheometer was employed to measure compressive stiffness in a mechanical test. Results indicated that medium selection did not significantly impact sphericity over time. However, it did influence the swelling percentage, leading to chemical alterations in the alginate compounds. Beads in the cell culture medium exhibited rapid initial swelling, followed by a small reduction in size over subsequent days. In mechanical tests, these beads demonstrated lower strength compared to those induced in 0.02M CaCl2, which exhibited a decrease in swelling percentage caused by an increased crosslinking density, and consequently a higher compressive stiffness. This study provides valuable insights into the complex interplay between surrounding mediums, swelling behavior, and mechanical properties of alginate and iron-loaded alginate beads, offering essential considerations for their application in tissue engineering and local mechanical stimulation.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics, 42 biology, 44 medicine
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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