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Generating Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams from Static Fault Trees

Bos, Wouter F.A. (2024) Generating Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams from Static Fault Trees.

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Abstract:Fault trees are often used to visualise and quantify risks. There is a whole field of research where Fault Tree Analysis is used to gain different insights concerning these risks. At the moment, EDF uses RiskSpectrum PSA to describe and analyse Static FTs (SFTs). These FTs have been created manually, following several naming rules and conventions. While FTs have many applications, one of their limitations is that they only show information about the risk of an event happening. EDF also wants to have a representation of the system in which this event can happen. Usually, these systems are represented as Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs). Therefore, this thesis presents an initial algorithm for automatic P&ID generation from SFTs. It defines a P&ID using a graph structure and outlines the algorithm in three steps. First, it determines component labels and types based on a naming convention in the SFT. The second step addresses components related to power plant system maintenance. Finally, the algorithm establishes an initial topology using Post-Order Depth-First traversal of the SFTs. The Python tool implementing this algorithm is the SFT to P&ID Converter (SPC).
Item Type:Essay (Master)
RiskSpectrum AB, Stockholm, Sweden
EDF, France
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Computer Science MSc (60300)
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