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Sound source localisation in a robot

Gerritsen, Jasper (2015) Sound source localisation in a robot.

Abstract:The aim of this thesis is to investigate the possibilites of implementing a beam- former using an 8 microphone array into a robotic head. Visual interaction between humans and robots is relatively common nowadays, but the topic of interaction via sound is a bit more rare. Also, small microphone arrays that �t inside a robot head are relatively uncommon. For this reason it was decided to investigate the implementation of the technology in this context. This thesis �rst explains the theory behind beamforming and the in uence of scattering on the pressure �eld. In the next stage the implementation of the technology is considered. A PCB is designed and data acquisition hardware is chosen and put together. Finally the beamforming algorithm is constructed in MATLAB and evaluated. It is concluded that beamforming with an 8 microphone array is possible and can be further scaled down.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:50 technical science in general
Programme:Advanced Technology BSc (50002)
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