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Andringa, Wouter (2012) Testing preference theory: the importance of women's gender role attitudes for explaining female employment in Europe.


Velichkova, Bistra (2011) Bulgaria's Accession in the Context of the European Union Enlargement.


Kanjaa, Kaoutar (2010) A wider Europe without the golden carrot of membership: A Study on the Effectiveness of EU Political Conditionality in Providing Political Reforms in Morocco and Ukraine under the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Lee, Hyun-young (2010) Place Image and FDI: How place image of the EU and the U.S. impacts FDI decision-making by Korean SMEs in Daegu and Kyoungbuk Province.

Cornelissen, Suzan (2010) Policy Coherence for Development in the European Union: The Case of the Economic Partnership Agreements.

Laag, Benjamin (2010) Policy coherence for development (PCD) - Does it matter within the policy-making process of the common agricultural policy of the European Union?

Heijerman, A. (2010) The harmonisation of European asylum policy: Changes in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Aktas, Merve (2010) What are the politics of labour mobility between Turkey and the EU and to what extent do IR theories explain this politics?


Waldhausen, Anna (2009) Dementia as a political issue - (de-)familialism in dementia care policies.

Steen, Margit Agneta (2009) Government responses to the 2008 financial crisis : the nature of the solution: case the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Vos, Bastiaan (2009) Implementation of Regulations : How Implementation Checks support the Exchange of Information between Ministry and Agency.

Looijesteijn, Menno (2009) Microfinance as a tool to stimulate self-employment in the EU Exploring the conditions to reach this objective.

Godfried, Shira (2009) On track with thrace: exploring cross-border cooperation in the EU's south-eastern external borders.

Winning, Jutta (2009) Romania – Europe’s Loophole in the Fight against Organised Crime : The delayed Legislation Process of the Romanian Penal Procedure Code within the Context of the Europeanisation Debate.

Kücük, Esra (2009) Single Case Study on Germany’s decision‐making concerning the transfer of competencies to the European level in the area of asylum and refugee policy.

Baumann, Dorothee Maria (2009) The EU's potential to stabilize Bosnia and Herzegovina - civil society capacity building as the key to democratic consolidation?

Winter, Stephanie (2009) The Europe Direct Network - Are Europe Direct Information Relays an Adequate Means to Fight the Perceived Democratic Deficit? : Experiences From the German Network.

Ning, Qin (2009) The Failure of Lifting the EU Arms Embargo against China : The Analysis among Interests, Values and Symbolism.

Nozadze, T. (2009) The Impact of Europeanization on the EU border conflicts.

Top, Esmeralda (2009) The Invisible Importance of the European Union : The Influence of Television News Coverage of the European Union on the Legitimation of EU Politics.

Yildirimtürk, Fetine (2009) The Status of Turkish Cypriots under European Law.

Prins, Jolien (2009) The concept of – The EU as structural element of subnational governance -.

Krahl, Wibke M. (2009) The influence of sub-state actors on EU Cohesion Policy : A case study of Latvia.

Vlaskamp, Martijn (2009) The role of the European Union in the processes to ban cluster munitions : comparing the role of the EU in the Oslo process to create the Convention on Cluster Munitions and the process to reform the convention on certain conventional weapons.

Faulenbach, Claus F. (2009) Towards a European External Energy Policy : Interest Divergence between EU Member States as an Obstacle to a Common Policy.

Balks, Anne-Dörte (2009) Understanding the EU - reporting of local newspapers on the Treaty of Lisbon.

Kjellevold, Anders (2009) Why has the issue of EU-membership such low salience in Norwegian party politics?


Marinovic, D. (2008) Administrative reform within the European Commission.

Rutters, Mirjam (2008) Financial decentralisation of governance of Urban policy in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Güney, C. (2008) Galileo : a closer look at the security and defence implications of the European Global Navigation Satellite System.

Abdallah, Zana (2008) House of the Dutch Provinces - Brussels : the co-operation of the Dutch Provinces on European issues of common interest.

Wiersbin, Natascha (2008) Is there a need for a European minimum wage? developments and experiences in the EU with a closer view to Great Britain and Germany.

Vingerling, T.A.A. (2008) Kosovo: independence vs. legalitly?: assessing the extent of the legality of the independence of Kosovo from international and Ëuropean law.

Bouwmeester, Peter (2008) Mobiliteit op de Europese arbeidsmarkt: een onderzoek naar de belemmerende en bevorderende factoren voor grensoverschrijdende mobiliteit op de arbeidsmarkt van hoger opgeleiden in de EUREGIO(Rijn-Ems-IJssel) en in de Saar-Lor-Lux-Rheinland/Pfalz regio.

Baas, Richard (2008) Negotiating nuclear weapons: a study on the merit of article VI of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty for nuclear disarmament.

Mahecha, Ana Isabel Castano (2008) Regions and their Brussels offices: a study of their relationship.

Top, B.J. (2008) States can create exceptions to the dominant mode of their political economies : improving the varieties of capitalism theory : case US Boeing and EU Airbus.

Rogalla, Frauke (2008) The 'Scaling-up' of NGOs to the challenges of the EU : two case-studies of development NGOs in Germany.

Mietens, A.L. (2008) The Europeanisation of student financial support systems : a case study of the changes of the Dutch and German student financial support systems.

Wilke, Nina (2008) The impact of demographic challenges on European pension systems: A case study based on a system comparison of Great Britain and Germany.

Stoyanova, Rosica (2008) The reforms in the United Nations and British foreign policy.

Doygun, Gokhan (2008) “To what extent can lobbying actors profit from marketing insights?”.


Kruijsen, Willibrord L. (2007) A scenario for policy process and future policies in the EU in the fields of energy generation and transport concerning energy.

Pietersen, Bas (2007) Besturen of genezen : de positie van medisch specialisten op strategisch niveau.

Özer, Naime Hilal (2007) Can Istanbul be as competitive as Paris in the context of regional development process? : which lessons can be drawn?

Manitaras, Z.I. (2007) ESDP and NATO: establishing new links for a trustworthy and efficient global security relationship.

Hossu, Alina Ioana (2007) From Lisbon to Bucharest: innovation and economic development in Romania through the lenses of the Lisbon agenda.

Cosse, Hannah (2007) Increasing the Citizens' EU awareness : the European Commission as a driving force for publicity?

Pegge, Bart (2007) Labour migration policy for the Netherlands : a study on skill import to meet labour demand.

Pegge, Bart (2007) Labour migration policy for the Netherlands : a study on skill import to meet labour demand.

Carrillo, Irma Leticia Elias (2007) The EU presidency agenda for antiterrorism: a multiple streams analysis.

Nuygens, Rory (2007) The benefit of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency within Europe's human rights regime: Are the EU and the Council of Europe clashing on their human rights protection structures?

Westermann, Katrin (2007) The influence of sub-national actors on European cohesion policy : a case study of Saxony.

Pauw, Richard Leander (2007) The regional dimension of the Lisbon strategy : a Dutch perspective on sub-national involvment.

Schurink, Mattijs (2007) The right-winged politics’ influence on and control of Governments since 9/11.


Brune, Freya Elisa (2006) Cross-border city cooperation in the Baltic Sea Talsinki and the Øresund.

Haitjema, Sjoukje (2006) Egovernment trends within the european within the European Union.

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