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Elderman, H.J. (2012) Improving patient logistics at the Emergency Department Leyweg of HagaZiekenhuis : a quantitative analysis to reduce waiting times.

Koelemeijer, Daan (2012) Improving the planning and scheduling processes at Diversey Enschede.

Mensink, Thomas (2012) Investment Strategies of Institutional Investors: The Private Equity Case.

Brincke ten, Robert H.W. (2012) Quantifying default risk in supplier portfolios.

Verlinden, Jeroen M.W. (2012) Supply chain collaboration for maintenance spare parts at DAF Trucks N.V.

Steeman, Quirijn (2012) The Vehicle Routing Problem With Drop Yards: A Dynamic Programming Approach.

Bosman, Merijn (2012) The potential of cohort analysis for vintage analysis. An exploration.

Mulder, Sjaak (2012) Towards a lean blood testing process in Campbelltown hospital.


Bos, Bjorn (2011) A structured approach to identify and resolve semantic conflicts between independently developed information systems.

Schneider, A.J. (2011) Capacity planning for waiting list management at the rediology department of Leiden University Medical Center.

Stellingwerff, Afke Jildou (2011) Dynamic waste collection: assessing the usage of dynamic routing methodologies.

Benedictus, Foppe (2011) Get more out of video conferencing.

Denge ter, Koen (2011) Is Capgemini ready for Enterprise 2.0? An empirical test among the Yammer community.

Avest ter, Joep (2011) Management of product reliability and reverse (information) flows at KPN - "Towards improved use of reverse information flows and pro-active management of the installed base of KPN products".

Wachter, J.C. (2011) Thinking out of the hot box : a simulation study aimed at the increase of hot charging and average charging temperature at the hot strip mill of Tata Steel IJmuiden by using hot boxes.

Heupers, E.B. (2011) Towards situational project management method engineering for SMEs: a case study at Nibag B.V.


Berends, Wouter (2010) Assessing business transaction standards and their adoption.

Haspels, Eljo K. (2010) Collection, the starting point: Matching workforce to workload at TNT Business Counters.

Beem van, J.A.G. (2010) Credit risk modeling and CDS valuation: an analysis of structural models.

Kooij, J.S. (2010) Curing MRI: a study on MRI workflow to increase productivity after changing to a new location with new state of the art MRI equipment.

Sikma, Erwin (2010) Currency Risk Hedging for Euro-based long-term investors: a risk-return tradeoff: Improving hedging performance with dynamic strategies.

Rahmee, sharon (2010) Customer‐oriented logistics at Heinz: Analysis of Heinz’ customer base according to their logistic characteristics.

Bax, Michiel (2010) Cut the Crap: A method to determine the business value of electronic documents.

Martens, J.K.J. (2010) Een mobiele wijngids voor smartphones: een haalbaarheidsstudie.

Pronk, M.J. (2010) Efficient Design of Lifetime Tests to Estimate Product Reliability.

Shubbar, Sayed Ahmed (2010) Empirical Performance of Islamic Stock Market Indices in 2008 Credit Crisis.

Overmars, Daan (2010) Ex-Post ERP Evaluation at an SME Trading Company in Mexico City.

Nur'aini, T. (2010) Factors Influencing Online Purchase Behavior: An Instrument Development and Empirical Investigation.

Bakker, Andrea (2010) Fixed investments: The role of the credit crisis and working capital in the Netherlands.

Apenhorst, G.J. (2010) Improving elective OR planning at general ORs of Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Hoeksema, Menno (2010) Improving surgery scheduling for urology and vascular surgery in UMC Utrecht.

Hoogwout, Siebe-Thijs (2010) Integral process optimization of the plaster cast room at AMC.

Hengel van, Jurriaan (2010) Klanttevredenheid bij Norit Enschede.

Doeschate, B.J.A. (2010) Kuhn production system: supplying material to the shop floor in an efficient way.

Esveld, H.G. (2010) Lead time reduction at Fokker Aerostructures B.V.: “Design of a logistical concept to reduce the lead time of the chemical treatment process and the paint shop at Fokker Aerostructures B.V”.

Hoogen van den, D.J.F. (2010) Lot Sizing at AkzoNobel Polymer Chemicals: Improving the Quantity and Timing of Production Orders.

Vasconcelos, Pedro (2010) Modelling Prepayment Risk: Multinomial Logit Model Approach For Assessing Conditional Prepayment Rate.

Knoeff, Thijs (2010) Operating room scheduling An evaluation of alternative scheduling approaches to improve OR efficiency and minimize peak demands for ward beds at SKB Winterswijk.

Veldhuis, S.E. (2010) Optimization of the thorax operating room capacity: „To achieve equilibrium between supply and demand by assessing methods for staffing and scheduling‟.

Eijken van, Marcel (2010) Outpatient Scheduling in the Outpatient Pediatric Center of GHZ: A simulation study to decrease the patient waiting time and pediatrician overtime.

Zomerman, Jurjen F. (2010) Performance management One step ahead: Verbeteringen bij de assemblage van autocarrosseriedelen.

Hailemariam, Desta A. (2010) Redesign of the Layout and the Materials Flow of a Production Plant: A Master Thesis Conducted at the Production Plant of Moxba-Metrex.

Hoogstrate, Tim (2010) SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE BUYING AT THALES: Improvement of purchasing performance and prepared for future changes.

Cornelissen, Floor (2010) Shop Floor Control in Repair Shops: Which shop floor control method can be used for which repair shop?

Martens, J.K.J. (2010) Smartphone software markets: the battle in case studies.

Reuler van, A.A.H.E. (2010) Support Networks of the Elderly as Organisations: An Exploratory Study on the Contribution of Organisation Theory to the Understanding and Design of Mixed Support Networks of Non-Institutionalised Elderly Persons.

Vos, Gert (2010) Sustainable public procurement: towards procurement of novel and innovative products.


Poel van der, J.G.A. (2010) The Influence of Collaborative Norms on Knowledge Seeking Behaviour in Communities of Practice among Dutch Housing Associations.

Dijk van, Yke (2010) The excuse me dance of physical therapy in a hospital situation Optimization of the occupancy of the physical therapy department.

Spriensma, G.J. (2010) The mobile moneymaker: how tuning the configuration of product characteristics and pricing can increase profitability of app developers.


Jansen, Thomas (2010) Value Management governance and project selection at Philips Lighting A purchasing perspective.

Wille, Frank (2010) Verdienmodellen in de software industrie: een onderzoek naar het structureren en vormgeven van verdienmodellen voor bedrijfssoftware.


Helden van, Ewoud L. (2010) Webtool design factors and evaluation within a youth healthcare setting.

Tjoonk, J. (2010) Workload leveling of nursing wards in Leiden University Medical Center.

Lemeer, Tim (2010) Zorg kan altijd beter… Een onderzoek naar de effecten van de invoering van het nieuwe zorgstelsel op de tarifering van zorgproducten in de tweedelijns curatieve zorg.

Roon van, Steven (2010) do’s bij het werven van jonge hoogopgeleiden Een onderzoek naar de rol en betekenis van imago voor jonge hoogopgeleiden bij het zoeken naar een baan.

Stouwdam, Gerben (2010) “Warehouse efficiency at Topa verpakking”.


Beckers, Chris H.J. (2009) A glass bottle allocation model for Heineken.

Heikens, S.C. (2009) A model to assist the real estate investment decision making process at a large academic hospital.

Legro, Iwen (2009) A review of Basel II on securitisation of SME loans.

Jong de, Amanda (2009) A roadmap to an ES benefits realization plan: Realizing benefits with an Enterprise System implementation.

Uenk, Niels (2009) An assessment of constraint programming for solving the liquid load assignment problem.

Heeres, P.E. (2009) An improved LGD model for the hire purchase and financial lease portfolio of Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch NL.

Jansma, A.M. (2009) Analysis of the performance of the operating room department of Scheper hospital.

Peppelman, B. (2009) Assessing the risk position of Enexis: research to a methodology to assess the overall risk position of Enexis.

Diest van, Bart (2009) Can Anybody Help? Mitigating IS development project risk with user participation.

Vrieler, Petra H. (2009) Capacity management on the ambulatory surgery ward: balancing the workload of the ambulatory surgery ward and hereby improving the quality of care of the patients and the quality of labor for the involved staff.

Wolbers, Pieter (2009) Care for Walk-in : organizing a walk-in based preoperative assessment clinic in University Medical Centre Utrecht.

Poppelen van, Marco (2009) Competitive strategy for an Indian natural stone trader.

Elders, Lisette (2009) Conditions for tostering : towards a general guideline for design and implementation of a new way of rostering.

Meijboom, Robin (2009) Cost allocation in the operating toom department: the consumer pays.

Scholtus, Linda (2009) Cost transparency at HEMA: the development of a supply chain cost model.

Wemmenhove, Danny (2009) Credit default swap spread model : descriptive and predictive, insight in the determinants of cds spreads.

Beek, H.G.J. (2009) Cycles in the squirrel cage : a research into CODP positioning and standardization at the Dutch market leader of electric squirrel cage motors.

Vulto, Martijn (2009) De kloof overbrugd? : een beschouwing van zorg-op-afstand vanuit vier perspectieven.

Buijserd, Kevin (2009) Demand-based learning in higher education from an organizational perspective: an assignment at KPMG.

Tanaydin, Tolga (2009) Effective performance measurement : first build confidence, then measure?

Djiambou, Vivien (2009) Effects of downgrade momentum on measuring credit migration risks.

Japsers, Juul (2009) Go with the flow!:een onderzoek naar efficiëntieverbetering door lay-out ontwerp voor de assemblageafdeling van Ahrend Productiebedrijf Zwanenburg op basis van het lean productie concept.

Jansen, Jochem (2009) Hedging multi-currency risk in CLO structures.

Wubben, Ingmar (2009) Het effect van equipment gerelateerde incidenten op de continuïteit van het primaire zorgproces op de OK.

Schrama, Linda (2009) How to get a bigger bang for your buck : improving the effectiveness of spare parts car inventories for Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems.

Wijma, Karin Ellen (2009) Improving logistic interactions between Technomed Europe and Technomed Asia : shifting responsibilities.

Jiang, Z.M. (2009) In search of high quality funds.

MacLean, Gerrit J. (2009) Information quality in Web 2.0.

Stenneke, Marjolijn (2009) Kostprijs van arbeid in de sociale werkvoorziening: een onderzoek naar interne verrekenprijzen bij Wezo Groep.

Versteegh, Frédérique (2009) Let the weekend begin!:a solution for solving the weekend scheduling problem for ORTEC Harmony.

Smit, Martijn (2009) Life cycle cost optimisation: integrating spare parts with level of repair analysis.

Viegen van, G.J. (2009) Measuring value:crafting a value model for Kaizen Events for the MRI scanning process within Philips Healthcare.

Castel van de, M.T. (2009) Monitoring external equity mandates : the design of a tool to create exposure graphs for a pension fund.

Grootevheen van de, Jeanine (2009) Need for speED:interventions to reduce patients length of stay in the emergency department of Isala Klinieken.

Schneider, Martijn (2009) Out of Stock! Out of business?:the impact of Unilever's delivery performance on final on shelf availability.

Santen van, Bram (2009) Private equity waves discovered : an analysis of the target value premium in continental Europe.

Lemmens, Kimberly (2009) Recommendations for IT procurement of non-commodity outsourcing : a conceptual framework.

Vunderink, W.A. (2009) Redesigning Esschert Design: how to tackle capacity problems.

Hoorn van der, Mark (2009) Steering the road of data quality with a dashboard: assessment of the Data Quality approach in Shell International Exploration & Production.

Joubert, Nadine M.C. (2009) Strategic supplier-buyer relationships : a marriage of convenience.

Groen, Bianca (2009) The influence of career roles and context on the relation between sex and performance of leaders.

Kranenburg, J. (2009) The prospect of walk-in for the CT department of AMC.

Muyres, Jork (2009) U.S. beef cattle recipes: preparing time dependent fundamentals of cattle futures.

Grunsven van, R. (2009) Uitgerekend: calculation of additioonal complexity for innovations in Danone baby milks operations division.

Veldman, F.H.J. (2009) Warehouse design for a wholesale company in the packaging industry.


Meeberg van de, R.M. (2008) A framework for project risk management.

Chung, W. (2008) Analysis of the tool for the valuation of R&D projects : a research conducted by Philips Lighting.

Rivera Zamora, Andrés O. (2008) Application of a Framework to Assess Outsourcing Evaluation on Maintenance.

Verhoeven, S.P.J.W. (2008) Backhauling; the optimal road to Everest: a study on the optimisation opportunities for the Unilever European Routing Network. Public version.

Hengelaar, Gerbert (2008) Bridging the gap: developing a portfolio management system for the strategic alignment of process improvement projects at TNT Express Benelux.

Dilmaghani, Farhad (2008) Critical chain project management (CCPM) at Bosch Security Systems (CCTV) Eindhoven: a survey to explore improvement opportunities in the scheduling and monitoring of product development projects.

Kuipers, Saskia H.J.M. (2008) De concurrentie voorbij?: onderzoek naar operationele verbeteringen voor outputverhoging in het productieproces van geprefabriceerde elementen.

Kats, M.M. and Quik, J.H. (2008) Deventer hospital: resource allocation in an outpatient department: a system for allocating generic rooms for the outpatient department in Deventer Hospital.

Wetering van de, Gijs (2008) Early identification and assessment of innovative medical technology: clinical and economical gains of point of care applications for measuring potassium concentrations.

Janse, B.J.M. (2008) Exploiting improvement potential in managing reverse logistics : trends and management practices in the European consumer electronics industry.

Roekel van, G.J. (2008) Extended analysis of back testing framework for value at risk.

Jansen, R.C. (2008) Flex power project 2007-2008.

Rodenhuis, E.J. (2008) Green light for renewable energy investments : a risk analysis tool for renewable energy project development.

Hulshof, P.J.H. (2008) How VMI can be successful in gas distribution: a solution methodology for the inventory routing problem in gas distribution.

Broek van den, Tijs (2008) How network context influences strategic information systems planning: two cases from Helsinki's metropolitan area.

Ouden den, V. (2008) Improving Reference Selection Within Bid Processes : A Master Thesis Within The Sales Department Of Capgemini Outsourcing.

Beijerink, Martijn (2008) Information quality of IFRS and US-GAAP: a comparison of multiple earnings attributes under IFRS and US-GAAP.

Wit de, Jesse (2008) Looking inside the endoscopy department: optimization of the master schedule of the hepato-gastoenterology part of the endoscopy department at the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam.

Oosterloo, Bernard (2008) Managing social engineering risk: making social engineering transparant.

Weijman, G. (2008) Mentor on the couch.

Ahmad, Saba Nisar (2008) Microfinance in Pakistan: policies and practice.

Overbeek, B. (2008) Optimization of scheduling in endoscopy : evaluation of various scheduling rules and schedules using discrete event simulation.

Groen, Tom (2008) Organizational change of the R&D department within Vredestein Banden B.V.: an evaluation.

Peters, Joost (2008) Performance measurement for All IP : developing a performance measurement instrument for a local roll out project of the All IP Network.

Kop, Lucas Maarten (2008) Process-alignment in focused factories; an international comparison between eye hospitals, focused on the cataract process.

Bagci, Salih (2008) Real estate & hedge fund: modelling the risk profile of real estate & alternative investment strategies.

Schoenmakers, Jeroen (2008) Redesign of the pre-operative process : a quantitative modeling and optimization study on process improvements in Isala klinieken, Zwolle.

Golde van, S.I.M.L. (2008) Reducing the energy and water consumption of TenCate Protect: introducing process technology tools into the textile industry.

Deetman, Joost (2008) Reducing throughput time of the radiodiagnostic track.

Bergmans, G. (2008) Risk management in feed costs : development of a financial product to hedge the price changes of compound feed products for livestock farmers.

Reefhuis, J.H.M. (2008) Selectie van constructeurs en projectmanagers: over gebruikte attributen bij de selectie van constructeurs en projectmanagers binnen de Koninklijke BAM Groep NV.

Stive, F.D. (2008) Simulatie railgoederenvervoer tweede Maasvlakte: een onderzoek naar de dynamiek van de spoorprocessen op eeen volledig bebouwde en benutte Maasvlakte in het jaar 2033.

Hoek van den, R.E. (2008) Statistical Process Control at the Compound plant of DSM Engineering Plastics B.V. Emmen A Theoretical and Practical Feasibility Study (Public version).

Beer de, R.D. (2008) Staying ahead by learning from the best: a benchmarking study among four academic radiotherapy centers in Europe.

Bercz, Christian (2008) Supplier integration systems: understanding adoption process and structure.

Alvarez, E.M. (2008) The development of a generic scheduling approach for the PLANWISE optimizer.

Meijberg, Yoni (2008) Time for testing at an intermediate Dutch SME.


Ravenswaay Claasen van, Hajo (2007) "Agility through service orientation/service oriented architecture".

Ootjers, Sebastian (2007) Adjusted present value : a study on the properties, functioning ans applicability of the adjusted present value company valuation model.

Jarwaarde van, E. (2007) Benchmarking novel membrane processes for CO2 removal from contaminated natural gas.

Heide van der, Sjors (2007) Bridging ivory towers : think local, act global?

Wullink, E.C. (2007) Business–to–Business Marketing, an entrepreneurial process!? : a research on constructing and applying a framework for Business-to-Business marketing as an entrepreneurial process in the North West European offshore industry.

Gorp van, Niels (2007) Constructive technology assessment of reproductive health education programmes in India.

Wessels, Maarten A.J. (2007) Control vs. uncertainty for construction in a volatile environment : a review of Dutco Balfour Beatty’s tender process.

Feng, X. (2007) Corporate hedging of currency exchange risk.

Oosterbaan, Maarten (2007) Cost price calculation based on a Greenfield analysis.

Met, Roderik (2007) Creating a mindset for continuous improvement : building a reporting structure for Sara Lee International.

Schoor van der, Gerrit Jan (2007) Designing a Self-Assessment for Basel II Credit Risk Models.

Brouwer, L.M. (2007) Getting insight by giving insight: development of an instrument to benchmark the integral performance of intensive care departments.

Potze, Taco Wychert (2007) How to order from the Orient? : improving purchasing and inventory management at Promocionales Pacífico de Mexico.

Ruijter de, Herwen (2007) Improved storage in a book warehouse : Design of an efficient tool for slotting the manual picking area at Wolters-Noordhoff.

Jansen, S.R. (2007) Improving Sales Performance by making use of Market Intelligence : A Performance Study on the Sales Organisation of a Service Provider in the Malaysian Retail Market.

Heeres, P. (2007) Improving results in tender procedures at EGW d.o.o.

Hartelman, Henrick Antoni (2007) Improving schedule robustness in a chemical batch company.

Wanningen, C.F.A.R. (2007) Inflation derivatives : a research on the implementation of inflation derivatives within pension funds.

Tai, Roy M. (2007) Online branding in China: A review and classification of the know-how on online branding at Energy Source.

Klink, Ingrid (2007) Op eigen benen? : Een onderzoek naar de inrichting van de governance van de facilitaire organisatie van het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties.

Slootman, T. (2007) Planning of Mega-Projects: Influence of Execution Planning on Project Performance.

Kraakman, Rink (2007) Rail Tank Car Fleet Size Optimization at AKZO Nobel Base Chemicals.

Gilles, Rozan (2007) Same day access: mission (im)possible? : a study on the possibility to improve same day access at the radiology department of the NKI-AVL hospital.

Berg van den, Ellen (2007) Successful implementing condition specific indicators in Dutch hospitals An explorative research to define the critical factors for the successful implementation of the registration and use of condition specific performance indicators.

Buitelaar, D. (2007) Surgery scheduling with limited physical resources.

Vahrmeijer, Boudewijn (2007) The improvement of contract management processes in the pursuit of higher contract compliance Assessment at Sara Lee International.

Beem van, Dirk Paul (2007) The relation between direct participation, organizational commitment and turnover: A test of the mediating role of organizational justice and Leader-member exchange.

Schoeman, Sijmen (2007) Towards an ontology for designing successful outsourcing strategies and choosing aligned outsourcing configurations.

Roeloffzen, M.W.H. (2007) Trade-off between service and inventory costs : rationalizing safety stock settings within NXP semiconductors.


Mentink, B.A. (2006) Advice support system: Research and development of an advice support system for optimizing the back-end processes of semiconductor assembly for Fico Trim & Form Integration Systems B.V.

Kuipers, Tjerk and Schaaf van der, Jorn (2006) Biotechnology: Variety or Similarity? : a research about exploration and exploitation in the Dutch and Belgian biotechnology sector.

Boonstra, A. (2006) Fit for future: A benchmark based master plan for reducing the logistics costs of P&G Pet Care: non-confidential.

Putman, Wouter (2006) Increasing NPD performance through Fostering of Organizational NPD Creativity.

Poppegaai, Leon (2006) Managing amid uncertainty : how the finance & accounting function contributes to an agile organization.

Groot de, Jeroen (2006) Offshore Readiness Assessment II.

Brouwers, Duco (2006) Risk management in carbon trading : managing the risk of European CO2 allowance trading under the EU-ETS.

Yang, Furong (2006) Short term electricity price forecast model.

Moen, Saskia (2006) The development of a viable business model in health care.


Zwebe, Dagmar I. (2005) Plugging in microenterprises : a study of electricity use as a strategy to address poverty in rural Vietnam.

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