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Belois, T.M.L. van (2024) Parents, You Are Not the Only Ones Struggling With Childrens’ Questions : Exploring Childrens’ Preference for Clarification Methods Used by Voice Assistants.

Bleeker, Chris (2024) Measuring Code Modernity in Rust.

Bohlmeijer, M.W. (2024) Systematic Literature Review on Interaction Design used for Museum Learning.

Dieten, J. J. van (2024) Attention Mechanisms in Natural Language Processing.

Dijkstra, Stijn (2024) Finding Smaller Parity Game Solutions by Identifying and Solving Subgames using Oink.

Dodeja, Ujjwal (2024) BaatCheet: Android chat application coupling End-to-End encryption and LSB substitution.

Have, C.J. ten (2024) Change point detection of fatigue using the martingale statistic.

Heegde, B.E.R. ter (2024) Building a Generalized DNS Resilience Tool using the Internet Yellow Pages.

Heinen, Floris (2024) Improving the creation of AIGs from reactive synthesis.

Huijstee, Michiel van (2024) Enhancing Learning Management Systems : A Novel Approach to Improve Usability through Learning Analytics.

Jeltes, M. (2024) Analyzing the use of renewable energy in Dutch web hosting through DNS measurement data.

Jong, Koen de (2024) Transformation from OntoUML models to the OpenAPI Specification.

Koning, Ruben de (2024) A Comparative Study of Event Detection Algorithms for Energy Disaggregation.

Kyryk, Oleksii (2024) Enhancing Spatial Relationships Detection in text : Analyzing methodologies and managing ambiguity.

Li, Mengmeng (2024) The Dual Role of AI in Cybersecurity and Cybersafety : Insights from ChatGPT.

Narkar, Manya (2024) Optimal Passwordless Continuous Authentication Measures for Remote Employees.

Oosting, E. (2024) A fast instruction language for functional programs.

Qureshi, Faizan Mazhar (2024) Image Tampering Detection in Social Media.

Reve, S.J. van het (2024) Detecting Rare Diseases : Autoencoders for Detecting Anomalies in Medical Imaging.

Riahi, T. (2024) Contactless Heartbeat Estimation with FMCW Radar.

Ruiter, J. de (2024) Developing Effective Autonomous Driving for Sim Racing through Reinforcement Learning in Assetto Corsa.

Runhaar, T.P. (2024) Secure AI-Enhanced Student Engagement Analysis.

Santen, Julian van (2024) Using LLM Chatbots to Improve the Learning Experience in Functional Programming Courses.

Turenhout, Lieke (2024) Cognitive Enhancement through Play: Crafting an Engaging Game-Based Intervention for Alzheimer's Disease.

Velthuis, Wout (2024) Analysing bottlenecks in production processes with the help of process mining.

Vree, E.A. de (2024) Forging a differential tester for Haskell compilers using Xsmith.

Wetering, T. van de (2024) Exploring Layer-specific Quantization in CNN-based Selective Sweep Detection.

Zwol, Jan van (2024) Splitting the watermark up, a steganographic watermarking algorithm for H.264 with reduced image distortion.


Adamse, J.C.W. (2023) UAV deployment for flood-resilient mobile networks: a data-driven analysis for the Netherlands.

Admiraal, C.P. (2023) Calculating the modernity of popular python projects.

Ahmad, Sadat (2023) Designing a detailed telemetry dashboard for sim-racers.

Albertsson, Vincent Gustav (2023) Analyzing descriptive captions for crime recognition in surveillance footage.

Alikhujaev, A. (2023) Microservices In IoT-based Remote Patient Monitoring Systems: Redesign of a Monolith.

Amerongen, J. van (2023) A qualitative comparison of specification techniques for microservice architectures.

Andringa, André (2023) Irregular Polygon Strip Packing for the Production Process Transition of the Fashion Industry.

Averchenko, Illya (2023) Computer Vision for Crime Recognition Based on Skeleton Trajectories.

Badrajan, Alen (2023) Technical and Security challenges of Cloud-based Storage Management for IoT Devices.

Bal, Jagvir Singh (2023) Software on Internet of Things devices: monolithic vs containerized.

Bel Makhfi, Abdel Aziz (2023) Reliable low-latency networking: many radios, many paths.

Benitah, R.J. (2023) Cyclist weight inference from bicycle-mounted sensor data.

Berg, Thomas van den (2023) The effect of IP prefixes on BGP visibility.

Bessi, Maouheb (2023) Trajectory Prediction on an ego-bike with IMU and camera using a Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter​.

Bijker, K. (2023) Can you feel my sign? Sending shapes to a haptic display.

Bilgin, Mustafa Hayri (2023) Enhancing Fault Diagnosis in Cyber-Physical Systems : A Model-Based Approach with Bayesian Networks.

Blum, Paul (2023) Lexical Alignment in Collaborative Interactions with a Conversational Agent.

Boom, Mark (2023) Data Structures and Heuristics for State Elimination in Markov Models.

Bosman, Joris (2023) Fine-tuning GPT-3 for data visualization code generation.

Botnarenco, Daniel (2023) Automating Scientific Paper Screening with ChatGPT: An Evaluation of Efficiency and Accuracy.

Bozea, Diana-Alexandra (2023) Secure Steganography Based on GAN Image Morphing: Implementation and Analysis.

Bozhilov, Yancho (2023) Differences between conversational and query-response approaches in multimodal interplay with a robot.

Braam, H.L.H. (2023) Understanding the Impacts of Google’s CT Policy Update on the WebPKI.

Bucur, Matei (2023) Exploring Large Language Models and Retrieval Augmented Generation for Automated Form Filling.

Budin, Batu (2023) ERP Systems and Process Mining.

Budnyk, Yevhenii (2023) LyrAIX - tweaking the style.

Clemente, Jean Louis (2023) Segmentation of Railway tracks, Contact cables and Catenary cables from a LiDAR Point Cloud.

Coste, S.F. (2023) Crowd analysis on edge devices : a comparative study of neural networks on blurred images.

Darici, F.E. (2023) Analyzing Video Quality Assessment Methods on Computer Graphics Animation Videos.

Demosthenous, Avgerinos (2023) Machine operation prediction using CSI for Industrial IoT networks.

Dieperink, D. (2023) Investigating the use of acoustic features to understand human social interaction from speech.

Dimitrov, Krisiyan (2023) Towards the development of a meetup application to enhance the quality of life among elderly.

Dong, Zheyu (2023) Design of User Interface for Sewer Management Web Application.

Dop, L.T.J. (2023) Classifying ransomware victims’ nationalities based on leak page entries.

Doychev, K. (2023) Need for convergence speed : how do graph metrics influence the convergence speed of Markov chains?

Dringa, Brianna (2023) Performance and Security Analysis of Privacy-Preserved IoT Applications.

El Habashy, Mohamed (2023) Biomarker Based COVID Severity Prediction and Data Quality Exploration.

Flake, Beitske (2023) Network Inference-Based Prediction of Epidemics: A Case Study on Mexican State COVID-19 Infection Counts.

Galati, David (2023) Exposing the Brain of a Robot.

Garalov, Toghrul (2023) Raspberry-Pi based IDS for IoT.

Gavilanes, Jose Oswaldo (2023) Improving Performance with OpenPose: Analyzing Post-Run Feedback through a Prescriptive Dashboard.

Ghadiri, Radmehr (2023) Security and Performance Analysis of Edge Computing in IoT.

Goor, J.G.L. (2023) Log Parsing in Software-Defined Networking to generate DyNetKAT models.

Graaf, Silas de (2023) Investigating Availability Computation with Exponential Failure Rates and Fixed-Time Repair Delays.

Groen, J.J. (2023) Suitability of gamification methods in a lifestyle application against obesity and diabetes.

Guo, Zinan (2023) Vital Sign Detection Using a Thermal Camera.

Gülsüm, Kağan (2023) Formalizing a generalized diagonalization argument in Isabelle/HOL.

Halchenko, V. (2023) Using transformer architecture and natural language processing for detecting offensive content and cyberbullying.

Harbers, Thom (2023) To what extent do uncertainty, sentiment, and authors influence the amount of anthropomorphic behavior on social media?

Harten, R.H. van (2023) AI Enabled Slice Resource Management for Improved QoS in WiFi-based IoT Networks.

Haverkamp, Indy (2023) Analyzing Advantages and Limitations of Combining Cryptography and Steganography Across Applications: A Systematic Review.

Heij, A.C. (2023) Solving the 5x5x5 Rubik’s cube: heuristic approach.

Heijningen, Pieter van (2023) Exploring The State of Rate Limiting in IPv6.

Hesson, Alexandru (2023) Detecting GAN-generated face morphs using human iris characteristics.

Ho, H.P. (2023) Unplugged Versus Plugged Gamification : A Comparative Study in Higher Education on Engagement, Motivation and Teachers’ Perception.

Hoogendoorn, T.A.D. (2023) Survey of explainability within process mining.

Horneț, Victor (2023) Introducing Typeling: an Imperative Programming Language with Algebraic Data Types.

Horst, L. van der (2023) Saving energy in cellular networks through resource sharing.

Huh, Jeongyeon (2023) Bayesian-Network updating using novel clinical data.

Ignat, R. (2023) Inclusion vs exclusion oriented clarifying questions for conversational product search.

Irokosu, Anthony (2023) Performance Comparison of CNN-based Semantic Segmentation on Indoor and Outdoor Scenes.

Janssen, M. (2023) A parser generator for visibly pushdown languages : translating between VPLs.

Jerkovic, Christian (2023) GAN Generated Morphing Attack Detection by Analyzing the Geometry of Pupils.

Jonkers, J.W. (2023) Scrutinizing Sounds: A Study on Reconstruction Based Anomaly Detection in Vinyl Records’ Audio Data.

Kaewborisut, D.B.Q. (2023) Self-generated 3D point cloud with raw data from FMCW radar.

Klampe, T. (2023) Creating and evaluating Grammatical Error Correction models with arbitrary error correction profiles.

Kobzev, Vladimir (2023) Dia : a Domain Specific Language for Scripted Dialogues and Cutscenes.

Kok, M. (2023) Prominence detection in spoken Dutch using prosodic features and machine learning.

Koornstra, J.S.D. (2023) Predicting Ego-Bicycle Trajectory : An LSTM-based Approach Using Camera and IMU.

Koree, T. (2023) Good social media : constructing an alternative content-ranking algorithm for social network sites.

Kruk, Niels (2023) Design of an Efficient Map-Based Programming Language.

Kulikowski, Dawid (2023) Cross-layer design approach for dynamic control over Wi-Fi network slices: bringing QoS Diversity to Wi-Fi based IoT networks.

Leijzer, Anne (2023) Social support embedded in a mobile phone application to reduce unwanted smartphone usage among students.

M Sri Rangan, W. (2023) Creating accurate valuation models for real estate properties.

Maas, R.F. (2023) A ranking metric for event impact in safety-security co-analysis.

Magzoub, Z. (2023) Toxic comment classification in discord.

Marcelis, Bas (2023) A Derivative-based, Colored-edged Parser Generator for Nested Words.

Melero Martinez, D. (2023) IOTA-MSS : a pay-per-play music streaming system based on IOTA.

Melinceanu, Victor (2023) Finding maximal cliques in uniform hypergraphs using Baum-Eagon inequality.

Michaylov, K.D. (2023) Exploring the Use of Steganography and Steganalysis in Forensic Investigations for Analysing Digital Evidence.

Mihai, Ilie-Sebastian (2023) A Systematic Evaluation of Microservice Architectures Resulting from Domain-Driven and Dataflow-Driven Decomposition.

Mihalache, Nicolae (2023) Scaling Out with Microservices: A Database-Centric Approach to Monolithic Application Decomposition.

Mintuș, Sandu-Victor (2023) Support New Programming Language in RefDetect.

Mocanu, D. (2023) Modeling and Analyzing Board Games through Markov Decision Processes.

Mulder, Tim (2023) A personalized dashboard for sim racing.

Mutruc, Vlad (2023) User Centric Quality of Service Improvement in IoT Networks: A closed Loop Approach.

Mysliwiec, D. (2023) AI-Composed Music for User Preference Using Reinforcement Learning.

Nardi Dei da Filicaia Dotti, F. (2023) Use of camera sensors to deduce relative velocity of bicycles to prevent accidents.

Nechiti, Alexandru-Tudor (2023) Anomaly Detection in Blockchain Networks.

Neinders, L.J. (2023) Improving Trackmania Reinforcement Learning Performance : A Comparison of Sophy and Trackmania AI.

Neta, Liran (2023) Adjusting Clarifying Questions to User’s Profile.

Nizamudeen, M.F. (2023) Investigating the Impact of AI Tools on Programming Education.

Onofrei, Andrea (2023) Impact of Advertial Data Augmentation on Robust Indoor Scene Recognition: An Evaluation Study.

Othmer, Benjamin (2023) An Empirical Study of Directory Service Dependencies.

Pan, An (2023) Party on? Inferring campus parties from WiFi logging.

Pandey, S.S. (2023) A Comparative study of BERT-CNN and GCN for Hate Speech Detection.

Park, Sanghyeop (2023) Personal Artificial Intelligence Coach For ‘League Of Legends’.

Pennings, H.E. (2023) On the use of pre-trained image classifiers for fingerprint-based indoor localization.

Petrov, A.P. (2023) Experimentally finding graphs that minimize Wiener-entropy.

Petrov, Aleksandar (2023) Applying Heat Maps on a Traffic Sign Detection Case Study.

Pieterse, Wybe (2023) The difference in UX between open and closed questions for novice users in conversational search.

Pirinski, Vasil (2023) Effectiveness of Modular analysis on Attack Trees using Binary Decision Diagrams.

Popovs, V. (2023) Item availability restricted.

Postmus, T.H. (2023) A review on linguistic style matching.

Raczkiewicz, Michal (2023) Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking in MaritimeManet.

Raicevicius, K. (2023) Digital finance and its effects on businesses, governments and society.

Rarenco, Andrei (2023) Investigating the Performance of Deep Learning Algorithms for Muscle Activation On/Off-Set Detection in Horse Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Data.

Reuvers, E. (2023) Extracting information from audio data gathered in a virtual reality museum tour to determine personal preferences.

Reyers, P.M. (2023) A comparative analysis of audio steganography methods and tools.

Ruiter, Justin (2023) Understanding money flow in ransomware.

Rusnac, Nicolae (2023) Improving the Performance of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Fault Tree Inference.

Saaltink, Caz (2023) Solving BFL Queries: From BDDs to Quantified SAT.

Satici, Arda (2023) Leveraging Machine Learning and Process Mining to Treat Anaemia with the Help of Prescription Records.

Savin, Nicu (2023) Exploring Indoor Localization with Transformer-Based Models : A CNN-Transformer Hybrid Approach for WiFi Fingerprinting.

Shynkar, Albina (2023) Investigating the influence of code generating technologies on learning process of novice programmers in higher education computer science course.

Simon, J. (2023) A serious game on image steganography training for students in higher education.

Sinyugin, Ilya (2023) Decentralized Finance Protocols : Evaluating Collateralization Mechanisms.

Smeets, Tom (2023) µScope: A Reusable Interface For Debugging STM32 Microcontrollers.

Souvannasouck, M.K. (2023) Modeling and Analyzing Treatment Protocols for Pediatric Asthma Management Using the UPPAAL Timed Automata Framework.

Stavropoulos, T. (2023) A comparative analysis of network data distribution in active DNS measurements. ZDNS vs OpenINTEL.

Sun, Yifan (2023) Effectiveness of Fourier-basis noise on improving adversarial robustness.

Tan, J. (2023) Hollow-pass : hide your pattern password from shoulder surfers.

Teymurlu, Ibrahim (2023) Understanding the Dynamic Sparse Training Models.

Tian, Shuhang (2023) Performance Comparison of Xsens DOT and OpenPose in Estimating Posture in Running.

Tobé, Mathijs (2023) Measuring pleasantness of bicyclists through heart rate variability over self-reports.

Tran, Duc Duc (2023) Applying compress techniques to lower latency on real time object detection application in Android device.

Valtas, Georgios (2023) Does Prior Knowledge Affect CNN and LSTM Models on Classifying Improper Sitting Postures?

Veldmaat, J.P. (2023) Designing a Testbed for Human Activity Recognition Using Multiple ESP32 Microcontrollers with Wi-Fi and Serial Data Transfer.

Velikov, Kristiyan (2023) Enhancing Semantic Segmentation for Indoor Environments: Integrating Depth Information into Neural Networks.

Veverita, Valeria (2023) LSTM Modelling for Energy Prediction in the Current Global Context.

Visser, P. (2023) xBib : the language design and implementation of a transformation language.

Viste, N. (2023) Implementation of a visual editor for SHACL-based metadata schemas.

Vo, N.M. (2023) Touch-screen application’s design guidelines for older adults with dementia.

Vorage, J.V.W. (2023) Heuristics of the graph covering problem.

Vos, D. (2023) Losslessly compressing radio spectrum related data for archival.

Vos, R.H.A. (2023) Creating a defense against face de-identification.

Wang, Boxuan (2023) Examining Lexical Alignment in Human-Agent Conversations with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Models.

Wentink, M. (2023) Creating and evaluating a lyrics generator specialized in rap lyrics with a high rhyme density.

Werf, Jasper van der (2023) Learning Behaviour of Sparse Point-Voxel Convolution: Semantic Segmentation of Railway LiDAR scans.

Willegers, Jonathan (2023) The Face of the Farm on Social Media: Human, Animal, Plant, or Robot?

Witmans, R.C.H. (2023) Improving nothingness : refactorings on whitespace.

Wolters, Antoon (2023) Anomaly detection in IoT network traffic.

Wu, X. (2023) LoRa-where? Analysing signal pick-up from LoRaWAN sensors in the wild.

Yildiz, Bugra Veysel (2023) The State of HTTPS Configuration of Public Websites Around the World.

Yuceturk, Salih Eren (2023) Enhancing Early Disease Diagnosis: Analysis of a Cassava Plant Dataset.

Zubcu, Cristian (2023) Effect of Normalization Techniques on Modernity Signatures in Source Code Analysis.

Zwiers, Jeroen (2023) BLE-based Relative Positioning in the Context of Targeted Bike-to-Vehicle (B2V) Communication.


Abbema, F. van (2022) Performing Bisimulation Minimisation To Parity Game Strategies To Improve Controller Quality.

Afia, A. (2022) The impact of graph properties on the complexity of attack tree analysis.

Ahmadov, Parviz (2022) Evaluating pose estimation and object detection models for the application in the minisoccerbal project.

Amur, Sri Harsh (2022) Intelligent Wifi Access Points for Diverse User needs: QoS Slicing in SDN Controlled APs.

Anghel, C. (2022) Effect of image quality in computer vision for semantic segmentation of road images.

Anwar, Mian Tashfeen Shahid (2022) Techniques to Process point cloud data to perform HAR using Machine learning.

Assaad, Malek (2022) Link Vulnerability Aware Task Deployment over Edge and Cloud.

Avramov, V.R. (2022) Automated grading of programming exams with JUnit and Semgrep.

Bals, J. (2022) A comparative analysis of the multi-factor authentication protocols presented in the literature.

Batenburg, B. (2022) Performance of DNS over QUIC.

Belchev, B. (2022) Recommendations on bias : detect, mitigate, repeat.

Berenschot, L. (2022) Vital signs monitoring with an FMCW radar sensor.

Bhutto, Muhammad Ramish (2022) Automating Privacy Policy Extraction And Summarization.

Blankestijn, Arjan (2022) Millimeter-Wave Connectivity in Real World Vehicle-To-Vehicle Network Scenarios.

Bleumink, C. (2022) Verifying the Rewrite Rules of VerCors Using Interactive Theorem Provers.

Boeve, T. (2022) Comparative analysis between fast and basic scalar multiplication used in elliptic curve cryptography.

Bovenkerk, Jasper (2022) Generating IMU data from video using deep neural networks for use in animal activity recognition.

Bozov, P. (2022) 3D point cloud segmentation and automation for railway catenary arches.

Brattinga, M. (2022) LSTM-based Indoor Localization with Transfer Learning.

Bravo de Medina Arribas, J. (2022) Decisive Image Characteristics to Perform Image Steganography in DCT.

Bree, Sjoerd van (2022) Testing Copositivity in Pentadiagonal Matrices.

Brink, W. van den (2022) Weighed and found legacy : modernity signatures for PHP systems using static analysis.

Broeder, Gies den (2022) Human Activity Recognition using a mmWave Radar.

Broekhof, Ivo (2022) Replication and Analysis of the Berry-Sethi Parser for Ambiguous Regular Expressions.

Chae, Heejin (2022) Prototyping gamification of lifestyle application for prevention of obesity in young adults.

Chobdar, Pranav (2022) Comparing popular topics related to Covid-19 in Latin America and Europe.

Choi, Sua (2022) The design of ‘League of Legends’ decision support system for inexperienced players.

Choi, Y. (2022) Case studies for the necessity of the blockchain in self-sovereign identity.

Christiano, B.G. (2022) Formalization of tangle and tangle learning algorithm.

Copae, D.V. (2022) Using augmented software requirements for automatic classification.

Covaci, Andrei - Ion (2022) Wi-Fi MAC address randomization vs Crowd Monitoring.

Davids, Aron (2022) Identifying plot holes in narrative stories by simulating events.

Dichev, Konstantin (2022) Validating Belbin Roles Based on University Students' Discord Messages.

Elkady, O. (2022) SLAM for smart bikes.

Erkko, M.A. (2022) Speeding up parametric model checking using GPGPU computation.

Eshy, A. (2022) Human activity recognition using two millimeter-wave radars.

Fattahi Mehr, Omid (2022) Data Augmentation using Fourier-Basis Noise.

Fürst, J. (2022) Validating XAI techniques in medical image diagnosis: A venture towards algorithm transparency in a socio-technical system.

Gadelmawla, Omar (2022) Exploiting shadows to infer 3D structures.

Gaisins, E. (2022) Are We All Back on Campus?

Gerretzen, B.M. (2022) Information leakage via Certificate Transparency.

Ghiauru, Cosmin Gabriel (2022) Exploring the efficacy of Fresnel Zones in the context of fully unobtrusive wireless stress signal detection.

González-Novo López, F. (2022) Bike lane quality estimation under variable speed conditions using off-the-shelf motion sensors.

Gorgan, Andrei (2022) Enabling faster processing of big-data using GPU decompression.

Groot, Justin de (2022) Comparing alternative methods for a priori optimization of the slow-mode closure for the Lorenz 96 system.

Guducu, Izzet Berke (2022) Weighted Abstract Syntax Trees for Program Comprehension in Java.

Hagens, B. (2022) Analysis of Stochastic Behaviour in Sokoban.

Halim, Ricco (2022) Decentralization, Scalability, and Security Trade-off in Blockchain System: Comparison on Different Approaches.

Hartog, D den (2022) Event record-based evaluation of business scenarios in the logistics domain using process mining.

Hauser, Brand (2022) GridShield on a Multilayered Electric Grid.

Heuver, J. (2022) Markerless stride segmentation for canine pose estimation.

Hoevers, S.J. (2022) Discourse on Discord : An analysis of relations between users.

Hofstee, S.B.H.C. (2022) Analysis of pruning methods for compact neural networks on embedded devices.

Hol, Valentijn (2022) Bit-packing and Hashing Evaluation in Explicit-state Model Checking.

Horck, R. (2022) Price formation of illicit drugs on dark web marketplaces.

Horst, Reinier L.C. van der (2022) Error Estimation for Output Prediction of Photovoltaic Systems.

Hristov, P. (2022) Designing an intrusion detection system for a Kubernetes cluster.

Huisma, G. (2022) Recursive island parsing : monadic lake parser combinators.

Hulter, J.G. (2022) Improving the integrated development environment of a legacy software platform.

Huynh, Mr. Quang Long Q.L. (2022) Analysis on relations between graph metrics and average consensus algorithm convergence speed.

Iosif, A. (2022) An empirical evaluation of approximation algorithms to find maximal cliques in hypergraphs.

Jaworski, M.Z. (2022) Particle swarm optimization of custom bitcoin trading algorithm.

Kasteel, M.B.M. (2022) Understanding textual interpretations with and without emoji.

Katona, A.M. (2022) Defining information systems integration : a literature review about ISI.

Kesteren, L. van (2022) Differentiating between facial landmark shifts due to pose variation and morphing.

Khavrona, Roman (2022) Analysing Internet route changes related to the Russia-Ukraine war using BGP historical data.

Kim, Hyeon Kyeong (2022) Visual Programming Environment to Generate Arduino Code for Wearable Toolkit.

Koc, M.A. (2022) Raising cybersecurity awareness of University of Twente students.

Kool, B.B. (2022) Application of a neural network to the shift scheduling problem in supermarkets.

Koval, M. (2022) Blockchain in dairy supply chains : a literature review.

Kruif, Cato de (2022) Using d-NFGs to identify and eliminate dead code in C# programs.

Le, T.A.D (2022) Enhancing IMU-based smartphone context detection using Transformer.

Lin, T.Z. (2022) Past, present, and future of cybersecurity for ICT-professionals.

Liu, Yujie (2022) Help Rich Info Get Richer: Enriching a semi-structured dataset using a Semantic Web approach.

Luchtmeijer, D. L. (2022) Improving solutions of Service Engineer Planning using Mixed Integer Programming and Slack Induction by String Removal.

Mazilu, I. (2022) Defocus blur synthesis and deblurring through interpolation in the latent space.

Meent, Tijmen van de (2022) A comparative study on lightweight authentication protocols in IoT.

Meijer, M.P. (2022) An Approach at Social Relation Recognition in Egocentric Videos using Pose Estimation.

Merchan, M. (2022) Anomaly detection in IoT : federated learning approach on the IoT-23 Dataset.

Mesie, P. (2022) The Effect Of Context Removal In Sentiment Analysis On News Articles.

Meulenkamp, T. (2022) Parser Benchmarking for Legacy Languages.

Meyers, B.J. (2022) Analysing the resilience of 5G networks in the Netherlands.

Middelraad, F. (2022) This laptop has great coffee : training a Dutch ABSA model from customer reviews.

Mollah, H. (2022) User stories applied for end-to-end web testing.

Mulder, P.W. (2022) A comparative analysis of the computation cost and energy consumption of relevant curves of ECC presented in literature.

Nae, Teodora (2022) Predicting COVID severity using machine learning methods : -Comparison between real life and mimic dataset-.

Naguine, P.V. (2022) Subpopulation Process Comparison and Bottleneck Analysis: A Case Study of Frozen Shoulder.

Nastase, Tudor (2022) Improving safety of e-bikes with automated systems: using an ad-hoc sensor network to prevent car to e-bike accidents.

Navarro Di Pasquale, J. (2022) Robust training using a push-pull inhibition layer for adversarial robustness in convolutional neural networks.

Nedelchev, Kristian (2022) Performance evaluation of Map implementations in Java, Python and C#.

Niculae, T.F. (2022) Edge server placement on traffic lights for smart city services.

Nijland, J.G.W. (2022) Gamification of cyber security awareness training for phishing against university students.

Olmezoglu, C. (2022) Causal analysis of safety violations in DyNetKAT.

Oostveen, Ronan (2022) Ensuring identity preservation for motion translation in faces using VICE-GAN.

Pasquarelli, Leonardo (2022) Extending Java Collections for List and Set Data Structures.

Pocheva, Venelina (2022) Outsourcing Prioritization for Bottleneck Processes Using Process Mining: A Logistics Case Study.

Popov, Dimitar (2022) How Does Encouragement in Human-Robot Interaction Affect People’s Pro-Social Behavior? An Experimental Study on Human-Robot Interactions.

Popovici, Andrei (2022) Analysing Real-Time Vision-Based Pose Estimation Algorithms for RITH Purposes on Embedded Devices.

Przadka, Bartosz (2022) CAD model reconstruction from the LiDAR scan of the catenary arch.

Qazi, A. (2022) Cars and social media : a greener future.

Rikkers, Vasco (2022) The Use of Story-based Gamification in USB-based Attack Prevention.

Römer, J.G.W.T. (2022) Real-time pitch detection using resource constrained IoT device.

Sanchez, Bryan (2022) Automatic detection and estimation of the area of buildings.

Schaaf, Jurre van der (2022) Using reinforcement learning to control hydrofoils.

Schooltink, F. (2022) A simulation of the ecological impact of three smartphone strategies.

Shi, Z. (2022) Mining and Utilizing Patent Related Data in Quantifying the Societal Impact of Security Technologies.

Siderova, Aleksandra (2022) Tree Transduction as a Means for Efficient Sentence Simplification.

Smit, P.J.M. (2022) Visual place recognition under image corruptions.

Snoijer, Jesse (2022) Are classical features still relevant in the era of deep learning?

Solak, - O.E. - (2022) Comparison of digital twins in different application domains.

Solovyeva, Olga (2022) Investigation of Quality Measures in Cyclists’ Dataset Using Dimensionality Reduction Techniques.

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