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Programme: Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)

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Berg, L.J. van den (2024) User Experience Design of a Learning Experience Platform Admin Panel.

Cyrkel, J.R. (2024) Extended Reality for User Validation in Product Development : coffee machine UI design, a case study.

Duijn, M.C. van (2024) Putting the Kit in Toolkit : To Design a Physical Toolkit that contributes to Creative Sensemaking for People with Autism in Designing their own Tools.

Jibhakate, D.Y. (2024) Developing sustainable packaging solutions that align with future regulations.

Meurs, D.G.H. van (2024) Development of a One-Part Bistable Eyeglasses Frame Design for FDM Additive Manufacturing.

Middendorp, Maren (2024) A strategy for overcoming the stigma associated with tricycle usage by young & intermediate elderly.

Nijboer, T.M. (2024) Kickstarting the Next Step in Urban Mobility. Design of an Interactive Design Tool & a New Urban Electric Vehicle.

Schmale, M.D. (2024) Ceramic Surfaces as a Source of Luxury in Handheld Devices: A Study on the Physical Attributes that Predict Luxury and how to apply these in technical ceramics manufacturing.


Bessembinder, J.J.F. (2023) Development of an air-source, cascade heat pump, water boiler.

Blonk, Anthonie (2023) User Experience based Possibility-driven Garden design.

Bosch, C.R.V. van den (2023) Improving packaging design process with emphasis on consumer perception and packaging design stakeholder roles.

Bosmans, Babette (2023) Designing a laundry care short cut to facilitate a time-saving and sustainable process.

Dam, W.L.M. ten (2023) Driving sustainability in packaging design : The development of a framework to guide the transition towards a sustainable future.

Denz, S.T. (2023) Medical Liberation for Monstrous Bodies : Cultural Probes for Gender Justice in Breast Cancer Screening.

Dotinga, Y.K. (2023) Increasing effective engagement in eHealth for COPD self-management through Value Sensitive Design.

Drijfhout, S.H. (2023) An explorative design research for the optimization of sustainability for logistic service systems within an e-commerce setting: Using consumers to optimize for sustainability.

Ehlen, Franziska (2023) Exploration of a deposit bottle return system for liquid home and personal care products.

Flietstra, Seline (2023) The future of packaging : Evaluating Protact® for reusable packaging.

Goudsblom, T.G.J. (2023) Uncertainty Thinking - Embracing uncertainty in product development.

Groot, D.J.A. de (2023) Implementing systems engineering in new product development at Benchmark Electronics.

Hazebroek, C. (2023) Exploring the effect of localised imagery on interactions with branded content.

Hepburn, Peter (2023) Guidelines to optimise the Ebike charging experience.

Hoeksma, Mechteld (2023) Designing a locking mechanism for fixating a specific heating system in vacuum with high forces and a high temperature.

Hofman, Erwin (2023) 3D Printing and Warpage Compensation of Multi-Material and Composite Products.

Horsthuis, E.M.S. (2023) The future of plastic packaging for the fresh food industry.

Jong, T.M. de (2023) Developing guidelines for embedding codes onto products produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

Jong, Wilke B. de (2023) Exploring the design space of loss of initiative for people with dementia.

Kok, F.H. (2023) The Development of a Smart Undershirt for Stress Detection through Continuous Monitoring of Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate.

Kuks, E.M.A. (2023) Enhancing reuse ecosystem development for primary FMCG packaging : the development of a support tool for the supermarket branch.

Linders, Marije (2023) Combining the strength of reusable and one-way systems into a secondary packaging design.

Lyu, Jinming (2023) Designing a Serious Game to Help Parents to Deliver of Death Education: Dilemma-driven-design as a Tool to Design for Users.

Massa, J. (2023) Developing a Multi-Perspective Design Guide for Effective Learning Factories.

Meijer, Sanne (2023) Using data and expertise from LCA for EPD reporting to inform sustainable product development - Establishing a design tool and framework.

Meijerink, Margot M.J. (2023) Improving packaging recyclability from a waste treatment perspective - The development of an interactive tool on design for recycling.

Mennink, J.M. (2023) Stimulating play to enhance physical activity in primary school corridors.

Meulen, C.V. van der (2023) The improvement of already existing information systems.

Mondria, Matthijs (2023) Next generation drinking solution for beverage carton portion packs, balancing sustainability and convenience.

Morra, B.C.J. (2023) Design of a rapid characterization method to predict the sealing behaviour of LLDPE packaging films.

Morás Jiménez, Estefanía (2023) Valuables of NewEarth: From reality to games and the way back.

Nethe, S.Y. (2023) AgriBox : Developing a Portable Learning Environment for Sustainable Agriculture in Low-Income Communities.

Oosterhout, S.H. (2023) AI as a Creative Catalyst : AIs role in design, and measuring AI-based idea generation.

Oostrom, R.D. van (2023) Design of an orbital shaker for future laboratory use.

Ouahabi, K. El (2023) Design of a user interface capable of visualizing radio frequency interference data in spatial context using augmented reality.

Ouahabi, K. El (2023) Design of a user interface capable of visualizing radio frequency interference data in spatial context using augmented reality.

Posthuma, L.J.H. (2023) Conversion of a sidecar configuration to an EV - A case study of the electrification of an IMZ-Ural sidecar motorcycle.

Prinsenberg, Finn (2023) Additive Manufacturing as an industrial production process : a myth or actual reality? Technical guideline design for the implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a production process for industrial plastic products.

Pronk, L.J. (2023) The design of a roadmap for the integration of remote support into a production environment.

Resing, Marvin (2023) Industrial Cobot Sound Design Study : Audio Design Principles for Industrial Human-Robot Interaction.

Richards, Carithea (2023) Urban Production : Exploring Urban Manufacturing Scenarios for Future Urban Resilient Cities.

Sagel, J.C. (2023) Designing for relaxation in the ER : a contribution to delirium prevention in older patients.

Sarmiento Casas, Maria Alejandra (2023) Designing a Sustainability Program for the Manufacturing Industry: Establishing a Sustainability Baseline for VDL ETG.

Schakel, E.H. (2023) Supermarket of the Future - Dealing with Changing Environments.

Schulte, T.M.G (2023) Managing the development of a two-story storage park.

Schut, Astrid (2023) Design and development of a soft total artificial heart.

Veerdonk, R.L.G.P. van de (2023) From Slim to Smart : How Empathic Design can help understand a craftsmanship-driven factory’s manufacturing capabilities for product and production improvement.

Verschoor, A.D. (2023) From LCA to sustainable implementation : a case study about 3D printed splint treatments in Radboudumc.

Wal, A.P. van der (2023) Developing an Order configurator for a standardized product line.

Wentink, J.S. (2023) Envisioning future applications of Augmented Reality: An agriculture 4.0 case study.

Westerbeke, J.H.L. (2023) The design of a framework to improve the control, utilisation and flexibility of a metalworking plant by optimising internal logistics.

Wolff, R.T. de (2023) The design of an adaptive acoustic system for flexible sound attenuation in variable conditions.

Woolderink, M.M.M. (2023) The translation of a business strategy to a design strategy: a case study on the redesign of a silence box.

Zhang, Y. (2023) Stim4Sound : a musical interactive system promoting communication between autistic people and society.


Al Kathemi, M. (2022) Roadmapping in the circular economy: achieving circular inflow and outflow according to the CTI framework.

Antvelink, S.E. (2022) Optimisation of a software development process.

Bergervoet, Sven (2022) The Development of a Framework for a Sustainable Coffee Machine.

Boersma, Y. (2022) Robust localization and navigation for autonomous, military robots in GNSS-denied environments.

Bruijning, A.S. (2022) The optimal neonate intensive care unit design for the wilhelmina children's hospital.

Buitenhuis, Kilian F. (2022) Optimising the OPCAB simulator movement mechanism.

Domselaar, M. van (2022) Providing guidance on the road towards 100 circularity in 2050 : developing a method to aid in determining the circularity progress of packaging types.

Duinmeijer, W.C. (2022) Method for manufacturing a hemofiltration fibre mat for use in a combined lung-kidney assist device.

Emmink, A. (2022) Inviting mental healthcare professionals to become sensitive for the changing healthcare practice.

González Guijarro, Mauro (2022) Design and development of a safety system for road cyclists in Spain.

Hesseling, I. (2022) From single-use to reuse : development of a decision support tool for FMCG packaging.

Hoevenagel, M.G. (2022) A framework for strategic sustainable development implementation by SMEs (Incorporating life cycle thinking and triple bottom line corporate success).

Hol, A. (2022) 3D biodiversity and UX implementation : designing an effective natural network for use.

Jonkman, Silke (2022) Enhancing the User Experience of Energy Gels Through Packaging Design: Applying Generic Design Implications with the Use of a Explanatory Framework.

Klement, Leon (2022) “Exploring How B2C Customer Experience Literature Can Translate To a B2B Context Using a Case Study At a Textiles Company.”.

Klumper, Mayke (2022) Improving the user experience of brand portals by identifying the user needs and developing three patterns to improve the users’ personalized experience.

Krul, Alwin (2022) Solar energy harvesting for a custom sailing yacht using PV panels, a case study for project Zero.

Lam, BSc. Martijn C.W. (2022) Individual Workstation Design for the Flux One System.

Langeveld, P.H. (2022) Reducing damage to prefab metal products.

Leij, R.M. van der (2022) The development of a method and tool to quantify sustainability for decision-making in product development : a case study applied at Van Raam.

Lucas, W.E. (2022) Developing a design method and tool for producing customizable forming shoulders.

Moort, M.R. van (2022) Aiming for circular solar energy : the development and evaluation of a method for neutralising the environmental impact of a company’s value chain.

Munster, Bram van (2022) Applied product lifecycle management for scaling development : an information management methodology.

Nijveen, B.E. (2022) Next Generation Bicycle Lock : Development of an Innovative Bicycle Lock Concept for Accell Group.

Nikolova, K. (2022) Framework and practical guidelines for creating a current state analysis for (re)designing an HMI within the Industry 4.0 era. Case study.

Pit, W.J. (2022) How manufacturing goes beyond the production of the physical object : a firm-level study to identify the challenges and needs for implementing Agile within an existing Stage-Gate system.

Schilder, Wies (2022) Design and fabrication of an adjustable insole for sports shoes using additive manufacturing.

Schoneveld, S. (2022) A modular casing for transporting sterile surgical instruments.

Stralen, Naomi van (2022) Goal! : Collaborative behaviour change through integrating positive psychology, dilemma-thinking, and scarcity theory in a co-design activity.

Verma, Jatin (2022) Redesigning the DELMIA workforce planner mobile application to improve its usability and the UX flow.

Villarroel Escobar, S.V. (2022) Redesigning of a posture aid device for improved comfort and user-friendliness.


Bonnes, Coen (2021) Method on implementing circular principles in industry product development processes.

Costa Eufrasio, Gabriel (2021) Manual brewing to automated brewer : creating more user convenience in single-serve immersion coffee brewing.

Dassen, T. (2021) How can companies with limited resources best obtain a data-driven pricing strategy?

Dijkstra, BSc S.H. (2021) Bright Beer Cellar planning and scheduling at Heineken.

Elderhorst, Tim R. (2021) Designing a Virtual Reality headset for amblyopic children.

Feij, T.M. (2021) The Designer's Shift: Using past industrial revolutions to explore how the fourth industrial revolution changes the field of industrial design.

Jiacheng, Liao (2021) A3AO interactions on large screen.

Juárez Bocanegra, N. (2021) Designing a product to enhance the experience of eating alone. An approach to enhance the solitary eating experience through design.

Láoh, S.F. (2021) Improving the results of an RCA+ through the use of a template.

Meurs, F.F.M. van (2021) DCUX framework : the road to designing interaction personalities of a digital social coach for the elderly.

Overdevest, Nathalie (2021) Designing a toolkit to empower young autistic adults to create personal products that promote independence : a case study.

Pausan, Florin (2021) Designing a customizable product lifecycle management system for an SME to reach data singularity.

Saiz Montilla, Marcos (2021) Developing a decision-support framework to advise companies in the planning of product configurators that can let the end user engineer-to-order the final product.

Santen, R. van (2021) Development of a power-assisted wheelchair.

Smit, Shannon (2021) The development of a step-by-step method to support companies to start with implementing sustainability into their organization.

Thevissen, Ing. A.B.J.W. (2021) iRoom interface design : access to intelligence data gathered by drones.

Veldhuis, F. (2021) Development of a framework and method to formulate a sustainable packaging development strategy.

Westerveld, C.E. (2021) Generative Design : recommended actions to smooth the way for production of generative designs with additive manufacturing.

Wijsmuller, A.C. (2021) Designing an analogue serious game to support smart city planners to reflect on value dynamics in the urban sphere.

Zegwaard, Patrick Mr. (2021) Design for production of a diabetic-foot protector.

Åström, Fredrika (2021) Exploring the Role of Service Design in IoT-Enabled Servitization and Healthcare 4.0.


Deinum, S.W. (2020) Developing an augmented reality pipe fitting tool.

Kleijer, Marijn (2020) Research on Experience at Small Stations and Design of StationsOmmetje.

Mao, C. (2020) A design research on temporary traffic measures in the urban roadwork environment based on a scenario-based design methodology.

Raub, T. (2020) Linking user requirements to government goals in mobility-as-a-service concepts.

Ridder, L. de (2020) Integrating sustainability in product development through a strategy framework and supporting toolkit.

Tunc, S.S.S. (2020) Ibilight: Promoting social cohesion amongst older adults - A scenario-based design approach for co-designing remotely.

Verheij, L. (2020) A tool for facilitating User Research for the GriDD UX Lab.

Vries, T.D. de (2020) Configurator type selection improvement through multi criteria decision making.

Xie, Ziyun (2020) SnackBox: Research and Design of an Interactive Intervention for People at the Early Stages of TTM to Regulate Healthy Snacking at Home.

Zavrnik, S. (2020) Mixed reality conceptualization and prototyping.


Bloemberg, Marlin (2019) Enhancing brand storytelling by creating a design intervention via an end-to-end process.

Brons, D.G. (2019) Maintenance Planning at Twente Milieu.

Dommerholt, R.R.H. (2019) Developing an integrated system solution for early stage colorectal cancer diagnostics in a home setting : combining data analytics with consumer products creating future medical devices and improving quality of life.

Holtrup, R. (2019) Tuning liquefier dynamics : a strategy for accuracy improvement in extrusion based additive manufacturing with PEEK.

Klassen, Viktor (2019) How to design for Access : How experience and attachment affect product design for access-based consumption.

Kopinsky, Joël J. (2019) The design of an economic electric motorbike for urban commuting in the Netherlands : describing a design method that implements axiomatic design and is tailored to overcome the challenges of electrc motorbike design.

Krul, A. (2019) The research and conceptual design of a new moving/exercising concept for indoor sport accommodations.

Kunneman, Y.J. (2019) Data science for service design : an exploration of the opportunities, challenges and methods for data mining to support the service design process.

Spijkers, S.M. (2019) Designing a black box system for the management of tacit knowledge.

Ubbens, V.G.P. (2019) A study and design on sustainable technologies for houses and social interaction.

Vermaas, Alicia (2019) A product development success? : Providing insights in improvement of industry's product development maturity.


Bergsma, M. (2018) Development of a Framework for the design for maintenance solutions based on a biomimicry methodology.

Bildt, E.M. van de (2018) Storm water management solutions to improve urban climate resilience: a capillary water system.

Borgman, Iris (2018) The influence of packaging design features on consumers' purchasing & recycling behaviour.

Grevenstuk, O.A. (2018) Raw shaping form finding : seven tacit tangible interactive design experiments.

Li, Canxuan (2018) Design framework for integrating Internet of Things and Wearable Augmented Reality.

Oostewechel, T. (2018) Developing and applying a conceptual framework to translate and embed 'the curriculum' into an existing e-health application.

Simons, T.V. (2018) Interaction design for professional virtual reality training applications.

Yoe, P.C.A (2018) Analysis for a possible implementation of a machine learning algorithm in the packaging process.


Ceha, Alexander (2017) Tackling The Circular Economy: Aiding firms in the design and implementation of circular business models.

Hout, N.B. van den (2017) Developing a dedicated tool to support the development of domestic boilers for a circular economy.

Pekkeriet, D.B. (2017) Improvement of grip and durability of uneven bars.

Wolff, T.I. de (2017) The Design and Fabrication of a Biomimetic Lifting Aid.


Haar, W. van der (2016) Assessing the appropriateness of additive manufacturing : Development of a knowledge based assessment methodology to determine appropriateness of additive manufacturing for an organisation.

Weijermars, Wouter (2016) Mechanical behaviour of composite sandwich panels in bending after impact.


Haan, R. den (2014) The design of conceptual interactive play sets for the outdoor public environment.

Kodde, N.A. (2014) A new car body design for Carice.


Herrera Jaramillo, J.A. (2013) Development of a decision support model for building design : based on the cradle to cradle principles and the building Villa Flora.

Koeijer, B.L.A. de (2013) Cradle to Cradle Packaging Development: Method | Case Study.


Giesberts, Bob (2012) PONTAS : a new lower leg prosthesis for a mobile workshop in Indonesia.

Verloop, Thomas Gerard (2012) De Easydose.

Weerd, Lianne van der (2012) Wave-driven dynamics of Shoreward propagating acretionary waves in the nearshore.


Haanstra, W. (2005) Website Mobach Keramiek.

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