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Coco Martin, F.S. (2024) Characterization of IRONSperm clusters : the effect of frequency actuation, concentration, shape and composition.

Mooiweer, R.A.E. (2024) Assessing Motoneuron Model Optimization and Parameter Sensitivity by Gamma-Factor.

Mulder, Iris (2024) Localization and Planar Control of Nanoparticle-Coated Sperm Cells In Vitro.

Rietveld, M. (2024) Impact of surrounding mediums on the chemical stability of iron-loaded alginate beads.

Wit, L.F. de (2024) Comparing different reconstruction algorithms by determining the MTF of the reconstructed images from a breast CT.

Zandstra, T.J. (2024) Hoffa's Fat Pad-on-Chip: Adipogenic differentiation of immortalized MSC's in Dextran - Hyaluronic acid - Gelatine hydrogels.


Alink, J.W.M. (2023) Quantification of nanoplastics in a baby bottle and a reusable water bottle by Fluorescence Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy.

Baars, N.H.M. (2023) De invloed van normoxia en hypoxia op de adipogene, osteogene en chondrogene differentiatie van humane mesenchymale stamcellen.

Beek, E.J.A. van (2023) Development of a bladder phantom of materials which can be analysed by OCT and a miniature camera for the next-gen in-vivo project.

Berg, S.C. (2023) Design of device for treating of oesophageal bleeding for hospital in Malawi.

Bloxs, Mohan (2023) A trade study of biohybrid microrobots: comparing actuation and localization of ironsperm.

Boer, Kylar de (2023) The adaptation of balance of able-bodied humans when exposed to balance perturbations.

Bos, M. (2023) Combining needle arthroscopy with near-infrared spectroscopy to assess articular cartilage quality.

Braks, R.J.M. (2023) Motion control of IRONSperm clusters in a vascular model.

Bree, K.D.E. de (2023) Development of a convolutional neural network for the detection of the levator plate : a U-net based structure for MR image segmentation.

Buijs, F.A.H. (2023) The effect of charged single chain polymeric nanoparticles on alpha-synuclein aggregation in SH-SY5Y cells.

Derks, F.M.P. (2023) Influence of dynamic flow field on untethered robots controlled by a magnetic field.

Doest, S.L. (2023) A dynamic heart phantom based on Polyvinyl Alcohol Cryogel for Temperature Validation after Radiofrequency Ablation.

Donker, Lianne (2023) 4D-CT based motion analysis of a polymer-endograft combination after prophylactic sac filling, an in vitro study.

Ekkelkamp, Ilse (2023) Bounded Propulsion of Helical Device with Near-Zero Angle of Attack.

Elderhorst, Anouk (2023) Analysing the Intracellular Crowding of Primary Chondrocytes from Passage 2 to Passage 8 using Holotomography.

Erftemeijer, S.J.M. (2023) Inhibiting the activity of MMP-13 in osteoarthritis using llama VHHs.

Fakkert, R.W.M. (2023) Drug targeting inflammatory macrophages in the synovial membrane using VHH coated LNPs.

Geraets, E.K.W. (2023) Isolation of HepG2-derived extracellular vesicles in spiked human blood serum using magnetic beads and click chemistry.

Geurink, B.M. (2023) Active MR Tracking in a Static Phantom using a GRASP-sequence.

Gijzel, B.E.M. (2023) Quality of posture of a humanoid character in a reactive stepping animation obtained using inverse kinematics.

Graaf, Robert van der (2023) Evaluation of double pulse stimulus types with varying inter pulse intervals for improved observation of the nociceptive function using the NDT method.

Groot, Sietse J. de (2023) Redesigning a Gait Detection Algorithm Based on Linear Accelerations to Include Gyroscope Data.

Han, N.I.C.L. (2023) The Effect of α-Synuclein Phosphorylation on the Chaperone Activity of 14-3-3.

Have, Laura ten (2023) Identification of Type 1 Diabetes Phenotypes through Glycemic Features based on Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data.

Heer, Inge de (2023) The influence of viscoelastic properties and surface roughnesses in an alginate-based hydrogel on the behaviour of hiPSC-CMs.

Heijblok, M.S. (2023) MATLAB database creation and visualization for a pediatric asthma cohort multiple randomized controlled trial.

Hoekstra, Femke (2023) Measuring activity intensity with heart rate using Fitbit Versa 3 and Zephyr HxM : a validation study.

Hoff, A.W. (2023) Evaluation of Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms and Glycemic Variability Indices for Predictions of Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on Continous Glucose Monitoring and Activity Data.

Hornman, A.E. (2023) Parametric Study of Scaling Rules for a PEM Fuel Cell in Untethered Microrobots.

Just, E.N.J. de (2023) Characterizing a spring-based inductance sensor and investigating external object interference.

Kappeyne van de Coppello, L.A. (2023) Creatinine removal from full human blood by in-house modules during recirculation dialysis experiments.

Kiewiet, Sander (2023) An implementation of an open-source MRI sequencing platform framework.

Kompagnie, N. (2023) Design and Development of a Haptic Feedback Controller for Enhanced Precision in MRI-Guided Biopsies using the Sunram7.

Loenen, N.A. van (2023) The effect of lung tumor cluster-derived extracellular vesicles on the integrity of a mono- and multi-layered vessel on a chip model.

Lookeren Campagne, M.J.A. van (2023) Laser Doppler Flowmetry, using in vitro phantoms to study skin microcirculation.

Meevis, Y.H.W. (2023) Quantitative spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging using reference fluence method.

Nguyen, Quang (2023) Design of a Transport System for the EVE R3 Robot.

Nijhof, I.A.T. (2023) Material investigation for direct 3D printing of a photoacoustic breast phantom.

Ong, C.G.Y (2023) Innovatie van modulaire reservoirs van microvloeistoffen voor “Orgaan-Op-Chip”: verbetering op gebruikersvriendelijkheid, herbruikbaarheid en vloeistof bemonstering.

Ooms, Puck (2023) Hand-oog coördinatie kalibratie : het bepalen van de rotatie en translatie componenten van de transformatie tussen de camera en de end effector.

Oude Voshaar, Maartje (2023) Short-term effects of electrical stimuli on engineered skeletal muscle tissue growth.

Pietersma, D.N. (2023) Design of a User-Friendly Optical Controller for the Sunram 7 with Safety Features to Assist Radiologists in MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy.

Putman, E.J. (2023) Real-time 3D MR-Thermometry using a Stack-of-Stars Gradient Echo Pulse Sequence.

Reuver, I.K.E. (2023) Increasing the selectivity of hypermethylated DNA enrichment by a two-step washing process.

Roekevisch, Babet (2023) The effect of variant glucose and oxygen concentrations on the differentiation of humane mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC).

Ronduite, A. (2023) Simulating and testing of the movement of a millirobot influenced by a static magnetic field.

Scheffer, Lars (2023) Hoffas’s Fat Pad-on-Chip : Optimization and Characterization of Dextran- Hyaluronic Acid - Gelatin Hydrogels to Mimic the HFP Extracellular Matrix.

Scholten, J.N. (2023) Isolation of fibroblast derived extracellular vesicles using magnetic beads and click chemistry.

Schulte, H.J. (2023) Automatic 3D pelvic landmark detection and 3D bladder segmentation from low-field MRI using 2.5D ForkNet.

Sombroek, E.S. (2023) Establishing a TCP connection between a Graphical User Interface and the controller of a robot.

Toebes, Isabel (2023) The design and analysis of an onboard control system of a tetherless miniature magnetic robot.

Toet, M.J. (2023) Development of a Ligament-on-Chip Aligning PDL-hTERT cells on a PDMS membrane.

Tolsma, C.S. (2023) Testing the applicability of the Omi perfusion device for research into circulating tumour cells : Research into the possibility of circulating tumour cells and the effect of flow on cell culture on chip models using the Omi perfusion device.

Valk, Nuhamin (2023) Relaxivity assessment and T1 mapping of ex vivo lymph nodes.

Verhoeven, J.P. (2023) A Controller for Corrective Stepping for a Bipedal Exoskeleton Robot.

Visscher, Lisa (2023) A cell model to study the effect of SARS-CoV-2 infections on α-Synuclein aggregation.

Vliet, Annemiek van (2023) Combining CRISPR/Cas12a and gold nanoparticles to detect low sample concentrations of nucleic acids.

Vos, R.T. (2023) Genomic profiling of sex-specific differences in an osteoarthritis-on-chip model : design of an organ-on-a-chip holder.

Vries, M.D.A. de (2023) Assessment of pelvic organ prolapse extend during the day using PCA : An MRI study.

Wasser, Rens (2023) Performing gait phase detection on healthy and post-stroke subjects using joint angles derived from IMU sensor data.

Weber, Lianne (2023) Frequency actuation of different concentrations IRONSperm in in vitro situation.

Weening, N.A. (2023) The development of single layer hollow fibers based on PES and PVP K90 for outside-in dialysis.

Weerd, G.J. van de (2023) Development and comparison of open- and closed-loop control of untethered microrobots in a tuneable magnetic trap.

Wiggerts, Stijn (2023) Optimalisation of mpeg length and MPEG/DNA densities for AUNP functionalization.

Wijland, Casper van (2023) Deuterium NMR and Intracellular Tumour pH Measurement.

Zaidouni, S. (2023) Revealing protein vibrational modes using plasmonic surfaces.

Zantingh, O.I. (2023) Transcutaneous electrical stimulation modulates persistent inward currents in spinal cord injury subjects: a model-based study.

Zeegelaar, Ricco (2023) Model of Chondrocyte Differentiation using ANIMO.


Beek, Puck van de (2022) Determining the flow of breast milk using echo PIV : building a setup.

Bos, Jonathan (2022) Heating Solution for a variable Stiffness Surgical Manipulator.

Bosch, S.W.T. (2022) Implementing a green fluorescent protein tag coupled to Zonula Occludens-1 in brain endothelial cells.

Brandsma, D.S. (2022) The impact of posterior tibial slope on knee biomechanics as predictor of flexion contracture in total knee arthroplasty.

Brandsma, Jildert A. (2022) Implementation of Social Service Robots in Dutch healthcare.

Bruijnis, C.J. (2022) Improving detection depth of DiffMag handheld probe : optimizing excitation parameters.

Doets, M. (2022) Mechanically activated in-vitro muscle model.

Endhoven, Krissie (2022) The effect of histamine and cetirizine on endothelial cells : The effect of histamine and its antagonist cetirizine on the permeability of a monolayer of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs).

Heegde, Koen ter (2022) Preventing back injuries by monitoring lumbar muscle activity of factory workers.

Helm, Quinty van der (2022) Development of a Shape Memory Polymer-based Zigzag Structure by Magnetic Actuation.

Hoen, R.Y. (2022) The effect of mechanical stiffness and the novel ITGA5 targeting peptide in fibroblast activation.

Jelsma, L.M. (2022) Redesign of an off-loading ankle brace.

Jong, E. de (2022) Development of a Nikkiso Dialysis Device Protocol for In-house Dialyzers.

Jong, J.C.W. de (2022) Comparison of two algorithms to detect change in aerobic capacity over time.

Jong, M. de (2022) Selective pick-up and placement of single cells.

Kleinlugtenbeld, B.L.H. (2022) Size controlled nanogels : development of size controlled nanogels for biomedical applications.

Klomp, Sander (2022) Transportation of Injured Athletes.

Koekkoek op Munsterhuis, K.A. (2022) De detectie van slikbewegingen met de Hexoskin longvolumesensor na inname van voedsel met verschillende structuur.

Koopmans, J.T. (2022) The effect of external compression on fainting incidents.

Kroon, Evelien (2022) Effect of phototherapy on fat-fed hepatocyte.

Masselink, L.M. (2022) Accuracy of metrics measured with IMU sensors during a reach-to-point movement in healthy adults.

Meijer, M. (2022) EEG alpha power in acute and subacute patients with mild traumatic brain injury.

Michorius, M.X.R. (2022) The use of Rayleigh-Raman scattering to investigate milk fat globules.

Pasterkamp, M.M. (2022) Modeling the heart-brain connection using innovative organ-on-a-chip technology.

Pater, S. (2022) Development of hollow fiber membranes prepared with the green solvent Agnique® AMD 3L for haemodialysis.

Plakke, A.L. (2022) Transparent transducer for photoacoustic imaging: Making a 2x2 array using PVDF coated with ITO.

Poelarends, R.J. (2022) Channel reduction for EEG recordings of nociceptive evoked brain activity.

Pouw, Fienie (2022) Oxygen sensing in a 3D cell culture using an oxygen-sensitive dye based on a Ru(II) complex.

Rona, M. (2022) Simulation and analysis of E-fields of dual-site tACS at various phase-lag values.

Schennink, M.W. (2022) Development of a full blood hemodialysis study protocol.

Steenbergen, J.J. van (2022) Implementation of proximity ligation assay to quantify low protein concentrations in low volume samples.

Tijburg, Alette J. (2022) Design of a temperature-controlled breast phantom for investigations into the temperature stability in a photoacoustic tomographic breast imager.

Veldman, O.P. (2022) Investigating 14-3-3’s Binding Site upon Interaction with α-Synuclein Through Microscale Thermophoresis Based Competitive Assay.

Vente, Gerko de (2022) Clinical Feasibility of a Shape-Memory Polymer aimed at Targeted Drug Delivery.

Verhees, D.A.G.B. (2022) Optimizing a polydopamine coating protocol to adhere a hydrogel scaffold to a PDMS chip for application in a heart-on-chip model.

Weernink, C.J.H. (2022) Light fluence marker for quantitative photoacoustic imaging.

Wesselink, M. (2022) Analyse van slikgeluiden bij volwassenen voor verschillende bolusvolumes.

Wilde, M. de (2022) Heart rate response to body movement: insight into the recovery of elderly after hip fracture surgery.

Wissink, S. (2022) Visualizing And Quantifying Lipid Droplets For A Fundamental Understanding Of Non­-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease In two­-dimensinal monolayer and three­-dimensional heterospheroid hepatocyte cultures.


Bolding, F.K.H. (2021) The effect of fatigue on leg- and joint stiffness during running.

Bree, Fabian de (2021) Assessing the generalizability of FRAP by comparing results from two confocal microscopes.

Dalenoord, F.R.A. (2021) The effect of nitric oxide on macrophage polarization in the synovial membrane.

Dijksterhuis, Thirza (2021) Local enhancement of BMP-7 concentration by using growth factor capturing VHHs in a hydrogel platform.

Elbert, Thieme (2021) Using FRET probes to determine state of disassembly of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus.

Fentsahm, P.J. (2021) Optimizing azide-alkyne cycloaddition reactions in terms of toxicity, reactivity and reaction rates.

Hagen, L. P. (2021) Creating a multiplexed Gut-on-Chip with individually addressable chambers.

Hiemstra, J. (2021) Developing and evaluating release systems for VHH nanobodies based on hydrogel systems.

Hoorne, L. A. van (2021) Cytodex-3 microcarrier particle suspensions as bioactive embedding baths for 3D biorpinting.

Katgert, E. (2021) Using lung-on-a-chip model to study the differences in translocation of nanoplastics through lung epithelium.

Kempers, M.H. (2021) The effect of anthracyclines on the gene and protein expression of transcription factors IRX4 and HAND2 in cardiomyocytes.

Noort, L.M. van (2021) Pain scales in monitoring functional recovery of patients with hip fractures.

Pol, E. van den (2021) What will be the effect of different ambience conditions on the accuracy of balance recovery measurements using a camera based system.

Rook, J.W.A. (2021) Test-hertest betrouwbaarheid van metrieken gemeten met een handsensor tijdens een reiktaak bij gezonde proefpersonen.

Schwieters, Sven (2021) Motion artefacts in handheld LSCI Detection of on-surface movements employing optical flow and its relation with speckle contrast.

Sprik, P.J. (2021) Surface charge of single chain nanoparticles and protein adsorption : the effect of zwitterionic ligands on the formation of a protein corona.

Sterckel, Sem A. (2021) CRISPR-Cas genome engineering explained from A to T : Understanding CRISPR genome engineering via a rainbow human embryonic stem cell reporter line to identify pacemaker cells and a MEF2c construct production.

Timmerije, R. (2021) Protocol assessment for flow and shear stress applications in 3D microfluidic hydrogel-based ’vessel-on-a-chip’ systems.

Tjepkema, W.W.A. (2021) Design of a surgical manipulator using smart materials.

Waard, j.j. de (2021) Developing a Thyroid Phantom for Radiofrequency Ablation.

Wieriks, K (2021) Validatie voor regurgitatie fractie bepaling voor flow MRI.

Wijk, R.S.M. van (2021) Imaging the ovarian veins with a 0,25 T tiltable MRI scanner in upright position.

Willemsen, B. (2021) Recognition of crystals in synovial fluids by a neural network.

Woerd, L.G. van der (2021) Adhesion of cardiomyocytes on functionalized lipid bilayers.


Bloemendaal, B. (2020) Defining the resolving power and detection depth of the DiffMag handheld probe.

Duijndam, J.M. (2020) Design and implementation of an in-vitro carotid artery flow circuit with pulsatile flow conditions.

Rietberg, M.T. (2020) Modelling nanoparticles and their magnetic response in various environments.

Visser, M. (2020) Assessment of the immunoprotective character of β-cell laden PEG-TA microgels over time.


Ambrosius, J.I. (2019) The design of a validation experiment for the Tissue Active SLAM model.


Doan, Kevin Quang (2017) Pluripotent stem cell derived beta cells for treating diabetes type 1.

Hudepol, C.E. (2017) Novel markers for detection of CTCs without EpCAM expression.

Nies, S.H.G. (2017) Force sensing with an acoustically transparent pressure sensor to improve robotic assisted breast biopsy.


Geijs, D.J (2015) Geautomatiseerde beeldanalyse van morfologische kenmerken en de motiliteit van een individuele spermatozoon.

HEUMEN, L. VAN (2015) Improving the 'Arm Usage Coach'.


Alblas, Nander (2014) Measurements on cortical human, cortical bovine and simulated cortical bone.

Baumgartner, Wolfgang (2014) Modeling of protein secretion by cells.


Vermeulen, Huub (2012) Investigation of the influence of the scattering coefficient on acousto-optic modulation efficiency in turbid phantoms.


Siero, C.J. (2011) Raman analyse van lipide in cellen.

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