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Programme: Business Information Technology MSc (60025)

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Kat, V.B. (2024) Bridging the Semantic Gap : Semantic Interoperability for IoT Integrations on iPaaS Architectures.

Khoirunnisa, Elvin (2024) A Reference Model of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Strategies for Community-based Photovoltaic (PV) Microgrids on Small Islands.

Overvelde, R.M. (2024) Towards a method for improving the coherence between the reference architectures within the Dutch public sector.

Voorend, Rosalie (2024) Deep Learning Applications for Finding Geometric Constraints of Chronic Subdural Hematomas.

Zhao, Zhenqi (2024) Exploring Lexical Alignment Influences in Price Bargain Chatbot.


Adineh, Marzieh (2023) Exploring and Evaluating Alternative Models for Cross-Selling Recommendations.

Alur Mahesh, Medha Varsha (2023) The Design of a Performance Management Framework to Assess and Monitor the Performance of External Employees : A Quantitative Approach.

Amato, Alessandra (2023) Applications of Early Warning Systems for Customer Segmentation of Wholesale Banking Clients.

Berendse, S.E. (2023) Towards explainable machine learning for prediction of disease progression.

Bos, M. (2023) Continuously optimizing business process using process mining.

Bramer, B. (2023) Improving the effectiveness of the high-touch credit approval process.

Brouwer, R.J. (2023) Differentiating user groups within an educational dashboard using log data.

Contecha Montes, J.A. (2023) An Enterprise Architecture based Big Data Analytics Capability Deployment Reference Architecture to improve Business Value.

Dhawan, Sonakashi (2023) Hybrid Machine Learning (ML) Models in Banking : An Approach for the B2B Sector.

Dolas, R.S. (2023) Analytic-driven decision support in cybersecurity : towards effective IP risk management decision-making process.

Elsten, Julian M. (2023) Exploring the potential use of FaaS within an iPaaS infrastructure.

Firmansyah, Edo Belva (2023) Forecasting Customer Lifetime Value through Risk Prediction : An Explainable Machine Learning Approach for the Telecommunication Industry.

Gavriel, Stelios (2023) Design and Implementation of an Assessment Method based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

Giessen, D.R. van de (2023) Soil organic carbon mapping for farms in the Netherlands.

Go, M.L. (2023) Analysing the information technology and security risks of Epic : the difference in the risk perception of Epic between the literature and practice.

Govers, Ruben (2023) An Integrated Process Mining and Data Mining Approach for the Validation of Agent-based Simulation Models.

Hendriks, K.W. (2023) Data Governance Structures in Data Mesh Architectures.

Kazi, Raef (2023) Navigating Semantic Shifts : A Visual Tool for Exploring Word Meaning Change.

Kerssens, M. (2023) The FAIR-iT framework : Towards the adoption of the FAIR principles in an enterprise context.

Kokkeler, C.J. (2023) PROMISE : Process Mining for SMEs: a Methodology.

Lafranca, L.R.S. (2023) Item availability restricted.

Li, Jiayu (2023) Improving Decision Making in Warehouse : Data-Driven Forecasting and Storage Simulation.

Liu, Siyuan (2023) A Cloud-based platform Reference Model for Remote Control and Monitoring for Laboratories of Inspection and Certification Companies.

Loevezijn, J.P. van (2023) Aligning Information Systems Management and Risk Management to achieve Enterprise Resilience.

Michael, Michael (2023) Moisture Optimization and Heating Process Automation of Freeze-Dried Coffee Production: A Case Study at Jacobs Douwe Egberts Peet's.

Naik, Nilay Prashant (2023) Application Portfolio Management Maturity : A Grounded Theory investigation on the processes and expected benefits.

Oostveen, A.J.A. (2023) Environmental sustainability index : enabling comparison of companies on relevant indicators of sustainability.

Palanikumar, C. (2023) A process mining framework for continual service improvements.

Phan, T.H.G. (2023) An Implementation Methodology for Augmented Reality Applications.

Pinus, Valeria (2023) Integrating Carbon and Financial Reporting : Accurately Assessing the Financial Implications of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the European Oil and Gas Industry.

Preeti, Esha (2023) Digital Strategy in ESports - How can ESports teams build digital strategies to create value for sponsors.

Preuß, Oliver Ludger (2023) Multi-Objective Algorithm Configuration on Multi-Modal Multi-Objective Optimization Problems.

Sajid, S. (2023) A methodology to build interpretable machine learning models in organizations.

Savitri, Dea Amelia (2023) Design and implementation of velocity in risk assessment with enterprise architecture modeling.

Tran, T.H.A (2023) Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Job Recommendation Systems.

Umamahesh Ritty, Nikitha (2023) Predicting product characteristics using neural networks.

Veenman, Fleur N.A. (2023) Navigating the Metaverse: A roadmap towards the design of Metaverse applications in enterprise context.

Vianen, S. van (2023) Design and development of a sports data warehouse for FC Twente.

Visweswara, Suraj (2023) An agile enterprise architecture methodology for digital transformation.

Weiss, Jonathan (2023) Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management in the Netherlands: Investigating Structural Elements and Drivers in the Context of EU-Cybersecurity Regulation.

Wiesner, M.L. (2023) From Component to Product Digital capabilities for the Digital Product Passport in the Production Sector.

Ye, D. (2023) Supplier Master Data Integration in Philips.

Zata Lini, Tifani (2023) Key Success Factors and Audit Maturity Level Evaluation in Organizations from Continuous Auditing Perspective.

Zenden, R. van (2023) The identity mangement solution that improves data sharing in logistics.


Alves da Silva, Sarah (2022) Knowledge Management System Design For An Agile Digital Agency : The Case Of El Niño B.V.

Bloemen, S.P.R. (2022) Designing a dashboard development methodology for heterogeneous stakeholders in Dutch nursing homes.

Boksem, Jorn (2022) Finding ways to improve the prediction accuracy of a model that predicts the outcome of a football match using machine learning.

Bosch, K.T.D. (2022) A hybrid recommender-system for startup scouting.

Bujorianu, Alex (2022) Developing a Recommendation Algorithm for Patients Using the Healthentia Platform.

Claßen, P. (2022) A practical approach to assessing critical continuity properties of assets in business & IT continuity management.

Cutinha, Jennifer Alice (2022) Classification of anomalous traces in audit logs using next activity prediction.

Hendriksen, S.J.F. (2022) Viability of anomaly detection aid for vessel traffic service operators.

Jacobs, M.J.F. (2022) A software development project ontology.

Jangamguravepalli Bramhanadareddy, Deepika (2022) Modern customer expectations and their effects on Digital Transformation in SMEs.

Janssen, N.E. (2022) The Evolution of Data Storage Architectures : Examining the Value of the Data Lakehouse.

Kerkhof, R.G. (2022) Benchmarking Car Dealership Efficiency using DEA NSBM.

Leemans, T.T.J. (2022) Towards Serverless Enterprises: Developing the Enterprise Serverless Assessment (ESA) to assess and improve an organization’s fit and readiness for Serverless technology.

Man, T. (2022) Modelling Security Architectures of Collaborative Networks.

Miu, Ioana (2022) A Reference Model for Decarbonising the Passenger Aviation Ecosystem.

Ramesh, S. (2022) The design of a data governance framework for quality, security and sustainability : a qualitative approach.

Riphagen, Quinten (2022) The deepfake problem : Developing a novel maturity model for forensic image authentication research.

Rizvi, Mohammad Abbas (2022) Automated Electronic Component Selection : a Machine Learning approach.

Ros, M.F. (2022) Exploring Fishing Vessel Activity Classifications using Machine Learning.

Saralaya, G. (2022) Implementation of ICT infrastructure in high schools of rural & remote regions.

Smits, J.J. (2022) Improving integration Platforms as a Service through the addition of enterprise data catalog features.

Stam, R.G.R. (2022) Assessing organizations’ readiness for Agile at Scale adoption.

Sureshkumar, H. (2022) Design of quantitative cost performance method for IT consumption in business ecosystems.

Vries, Ernst de (2022) Improving the creation process of digital platforms : a design pattern reference model.

Woudstra, Martijn (2022) Designing a container management solution to improve flexibility and portability, and reducing cost for iPaaS solutions.


Agustini, Try (2021) Sentiment Analysis on Social Media using Machine Learning-Based Approach.

Aravind, Neetu (2021) Aligning data architecture and data governance.

Boer, S.O. de (2021) Digital Identity; A cyber resilience evaluation of the European digital identity e-commerce requirements.

Bolhuis, W.T.C. (2021) How Can (Large Scale) Agile be Effectively Adopted and Scaled Up in Dutch Public Sector Organisations.

Bruxvoort, Xadya van (2021) Towards the design of legally privacy-proof and ethically justified data-driven fraud risk assessment algorithms.

Dias, V.M. (2021) Smart KPI-ORIENTED decision support Dashboard for measuring the Digital Transformation success.

Firdausy, Danniar Reza (2021) A Service-Oriented Business Collaboration Reference Architecture for Rural Business Ecosystem.

Gort, BSc Ewout (2021) Developing a maturity model based approach supporting the decision to adopt International Data Spaces.

Guliker, B. Evert (2021) Spatial determinants of Real Estate Appraisals in the Netherlands: a Machine Learning Approach.

Haemers, MSc David (2021) Exploring Organinzational Network Analysis: A Case Study.

Hamelers, L.H. (2021) Detecting and explaining potential financial fraud cases in invoice data with Machine Learning.

Hogema, T.A.M. (2021) Health information exchange in the Netherlands.

Hulshof, Mike (2021) Information security certification in context : a strategy selection maturity model.

Jakkan, Shiva (2021) Designing a framework to develop capabilities for adopting AI/ML technologies in the supply chain.

Kerckhoffs, N.N.J.H (2021) Business process optimization: An approach for improving organizations by integration of external data.

Kotzias, Konstantinos (2021) Spatial epidemiology of diseases of the nervous system : A Machine Learning approach.

Loof, R. (2021) Improving Vehicle Detection Methods for Magnetometers using Machine Learning.

Menon, S. (2021) Item availability restricted.

Naarding, K.B. (2021) A Sustainability Assessment for Transport Routes in Container Transport.

Narain, S. (2021) A security risk assessment approach using enterprise architecture models to support decision-making at security operation centres.

Ogunjide, Oluwaremilekun Emmanuella (2021) Toward a healthy lifestyle : Siege Arena and how a gamified framework can be applied to the design of a game for managing and treating chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Pingel, M.S. (2021) Leveraging machine learning and process mining to predict anaemia with the help of biomarker data.

Pool, A.W. (2021) Digital Twins in Rail Freight - The foundations of a future innovation.

Putman, C.G.J. (2021) A Requirements Based Selection Model for Future Proof Non-Intrusive Authentication Technologies in the Office.

Richter, N.G. (2021) Zero-downtime PostgreSQL database schema migrations in a continuous deployment environment at ING.

Teunissen, T. (2021) Developing an Agile Digital Transformation Maturity Model and Assessment Instrument.

Tzani, Donika D. (2021) Using Enterprise Architecture for controlling complexity and improving business performance.

Ulici, Diana Laura (2021) Choosing a Suitable Query Engine for Providing Observability and Accessibility for Dynamic Reporting of Business Data.

Veen, R. van der (2021) Agile development of applications as a medical device in a small enterprise.

Visscher, C. (2021) Towards Cyber Incident Response on Naval Ships: The Cyber Incident Response Decision Model.

Yakushkina, Daria (2021) Digital Transformation in conditions of pandemic.


Alblas, H.J. (2020) Predictive maintenance of Dutch civil infrastructure: a structured approach.

Arnold, L.H.A. (2020) Security in V2I projects : incorporating security into a framework for communication between connected cars and infrastructure.

Azani, Maryam (2020) Supply Chain Control Tower Reference Architecture for Exception Monitoring and Real-Time Incident Management.

Boer, P.B. den (2020) Inner Join Privacy : incorporating functionality-privacy trade-offs in Mobility-as-a-Service Solution design methods.

Boersma, E. (2020) Intelligent process automation framework : supporting the transformation of a manual process to an automation.

Defize, D.R. (2020) Developing a Maturity Model for AI-Augmented Data Management.

Dijk, R.J. van (2020) Improving food safety by designing a decentralised traceability architecture in line with stakeholder concerns.

Egle, Vaicekauskaite (2020) Development of a method to implement the concepts of resilience in EA.

Garcia-Escallon, R.R. (2020) Enterprise architecture patterns : Supporting sustainable development.

Gijsen, Niels (2020) Balancing software maintenance effort as a technical debt management strategy : the design and implementation of a novel algorithm.

Haller, Stefan (2020) Automatic Short Answer Grading using Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer Model.

Harms, J.R. (2020) Research and Design of Collecting and Analysing the Customer Journey in a Collaborative Software Tool.

Hartvelt, S.J. (2020) Assessing the impact of data availability on parking prediction accuracy : a case study using a simulation-based Approach.

Hofman, N. (2020) Enterprise social software acceptance : overhauling the "One Size Fits All" approach to explain social intranet usage.

Huijts, Joep W. (2020) Developing a measurement item to assess the Smartness of Cities across the world.

Imhof, T. (2020) Home telemonitoring acceptance for eye care patients.

Iseke, Ann-Cathrin (2020) An Enterprise Architecture Approach Towards Sustainability and Environmental Performance.

Kakodia, Deepak (2020) Gamify your digital strategy : designing a board game by using gamification as a tool.

Kant, M.W.E. (2020) Authorization, privacy and informed consent : who is allowed access to which medical information? : The development of an authorization model for the Datakluis application.

Kruistum, G.M. van (2020) Determining the projected frontal area of cyclists using motion capturing data.

Kuil, E.D. van der (2020) A Data Integration Design Approach for the Planning Process of a Public Transport Operator.

Nijzink, H.J. (2020) Data-driven Decision-making Maturity.

Plas, W.J. van der (2020) Edge computing : a business model for tele monitoring IoT applications for diabetic remote care.

Riesewijk, M. (2020) High availability orchestration of Linux containers in mission-critical on-premise systems.

Rozo Carreño, Daniel Felipe (2020) An enterprise architecture framework for digital transformation.

Spijker, B.C. van 't (2020) Classifying Classical Piano Music Into Time Period Using Machine Learning.

Steinebach, Teresa (2020) Web Accessibility : incorporating user requirements into a guide for usable web accessibility.

Sterken, G.T. (2020) Developing an Agile performance management information system.

Teunissen, G. (2020) Machine learning for all : a methodology for choosing a federated learning approach.

Tsigkou, Maria-Elena (2020) Criteria of information value in information retrieval : the context of Housing Corporation Risk Management.


Ahmad, Fajri (2019) Enterprise Architecture Mining.

Aulia, A. (2019) Designing a Mobile Digital Payment Application for Gas Stations in Indonesia.

Badea, Florentina (2019) A method to improve the application portfolio m anagement decision-making process through stakeholder involvement.

Berkel, A.R.R. (2019) Integration of clinical decision support systems in Dutch radiology departments.

Bolscher, R.T.J. (2019) Leveraging serverless cloud computing architectures : developing a serverless architecture design framework based on best practices utilizing the potential benefits of serverless computing.

Chapparadalli, N.L (2019) Designing a dashboard to support the decision process of dynamic pricing.

Das, Amit (2019) Towards a hybrid customer classification and clustering scheme for effective target-group based marketing.

Gemmink, M.W.T. (2019) The adoption of reinforcement learning in the logistics industry: A case study at a large international retailer.

Goossens, Bjorn (2019) Decision-Making in a Microservice Architecture.

Heijden, L.M.A. van der (2019) Classification-based Approach for Question Answering Systems: Design and Application in HR operations.

Hendrikse, B. (2019) Data-driven IT : tackling IT challenges with data management in a financial institution.

Ibrahim, Arief (2019) Forecasting patient demand and predicting inpatient admission via machine learning techniques in acute care domain.

Jansen, Joost (2019) Communication of Incident Severity between Customers and Analysts in a Security Operations Center.

Karimah, Fania Rahmanawati (2019) Redesign IT Organisational Structure: Case study of Centre for Data and Informatics Infrastructure (CDII), Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia.

Kloppenburg, G.W. (2019) The adoption of intelligence amplification in the slotting process : a case study in the data validation automation of a Dutch Retailer.

Kolner, Thomas (2019) Applying machine learning on the data of a controltower in a retail distribution landscape.

Koridon, M.S. (2019) Security by decision-making : a decision-making capability model for security countermeasures.

Lammers, Mick (2019) A QA-pair generation system for the incident tickets of a public ICT Shared Service Center.

Lenderink, R.J. (2019) Unsupervised Outlier Detection in Financial Statement Audits.

Merdi, Agathi (2019) ICT Use by Refugees : The Role of Technology in Refugee Mobility.

Nurlatifah, Eva (2019) Information audit triangle for practitioners.

Plant, O.H. (2019) DevOps under control : development of a framework for achieving internal control and effectively managing risks in a DevOps environment.

Prakoso, Dimas Wibisono (2019) Semantic-aware EWC Code Recommender System for Industrial Symbiosis Marketplace.

Psalmerosi, Febriya Hotriati (2019) Applying Text Mining and Machine Learning to Build Methods for Automated Grading.

Radstaak, J.M. (2019) Developing a DevOps Maturity Model: A validated model to evaluate the maturity of DevOps in organizations.

Salamah, Siti Yaumi (2019) Predicting demand of replacement cars for breakdown cases using machine learning techniques.

Spijkerboer, E. C. (2019) Blockchain based transaction processing system : a reference architecture for an integrated blockchain based transaction processing system.

Staring, R.J. (2019) Cross-project collaboration in the Construction Sector : a 4C Control Tower for Construction Supply Chains.

Sterrenburg, L.G. (2019) Design of an implementation method for customizable SaaS solutions.

Verhoeven, P.L. (2019) Adaptability by Design: Incorporating Adaptability Constructs in the Design of Digital Business Ecosystems.

Versloot, C.W.A. (2019) Amplifying the Analyst: Machine Learning Approaches for Buried Utility Characterization.

Vries, L. R. de (2019) Barge Collaborations within Container Logistics : A collaboration to increase the efficiency of barges and barge planning.

Yasmin, Fitri Almira (2019) Enhancement in process mining : guideline for process owner and process analyst.


Aker, W.J. (2018) Towards a reference architecture for privacy aware health care organizations.

Bakker, Alexander (2018) OSSUM : a framework for determining the quality of Information Security Assessment Methodologies.

Bannink, S.N. (2018) Risk Management in Cloud Environments: Towards the Adoption of Continuous Auditing and Assurance With EU-SEC.

Bloo, F.W.C. (2018) Towards updatable smart contracts.

Bosdriesz, Y. L. (2018) Towards a Reference Architecture for BIM (Building Information Model) Integration in the Construction Industry.

Bosdriesz, Y. L. (2018) Towards a reference architecture for BIM (Building Information Model) integration in the construction industry.

Brinkkemper, F.L. (2018) Decentralized credential publication and verification : a method for issuing and verifying academic degrees with smart contracts.

Charismadiptya, G.C. (2018) The design and implementation of situation aware smart logistics in perishable food transportation.

Court, M.A. de la (2018) Will we let computers determine what music we listen? Exploring user acceptance of music recommenders.

Felix, P. (2018) Data-driven retail food waste reduction : a comparison of demand forecasting techniques and dynamic pricing strategies.

Groot, R.J.M. de (2018) Detecting deviant behaviour in information systems by using outlier detection on logs.

Haq, Muhammad Yasir Muzayan (2018) Predicting Loan Default in Retail Credits: The Case of Indonesian Market.

Harleman, R.J.S. (2018) Optimizing Online Advertising using Dynamic Pricing.

Keppels, J.H. (2018) Qualitative Measurement of BI Maturity in a SME ICT Organisation.

Kluitenberg, H.F. (2018) Evaluating Quality of Open Source Components.

Lamers, David (2018) Possibilities for blockchain in the energy transition.

Luo, Zhipeng (2018) Network research : exploration of centrality measures and network flows using simulation studies.

Monteban, J. (2018) Measuring Architectural Complexity : Quantifying the objective and subjective complexity in enterprise architecture.

Muller, D.W. (2018) Predicting the performance of business partners, using issue data of the iSense system : mapping a perception to data using machine learning.

Overbeek, E.B. (2018) Development of a platform strategy framework.

Overink, F.J. (2018) How social are social Intranets in the Netherlands?

Panman de Wit, J.S. (2018) Dynamic detection of mobile malware using real-life data and machine learning.

Raaijen, Thomas (2018) CRM success through enhancing the project management approach.

Seippel, H. S. (2018) Customer purchase prediction through machine learning.

Simmons, D. (2018) Social Cohesion and Sport in Overijssel : A Social Network Analysis.

Verburg, J.G.J. (2018) Supporting the Innovation Process of Industrial SMEs Using Mobina: The first design cycle using mockups and a validation focus group.

Vermeij, Jaap (2018) Creating an IT risk maturity model for distributed ledger applications.


Aggelen, J.M. van (2017) Using virtual reality to support substance use disorder treatment in people with an intellectual disability.

Bonnes, Kevin (2017) Predicting mortgage demand using machine learning techniques.

Buis, J.T.P. (2017) Applying intelligence amplification to the problem of schema matching.

Dijk, F.W. van (2017) Adopting the Cloud: A multi-method approach towards developing a cloud maturity model.

Kusumaningrum, Marcella Cindy (2017) Modeling and analyzing digital business ecosystems.

Masyhur, Latifah Helmy (2017) Multi-Criteria and Model-Based Analysis for Project Selection : An Integration of Capability-Based Planning and Project Portfolio Management.

Mocking, R.A. (2017) Standardizing the requirements engineering process for a software product vendor.

Smit, Floris (2017) Applying data science to improve municipal youth care.

Sondermann, Matthias (2017) Demand Response Interoperability for the residential European Energy Market - Identifying Standardization Gaps between a Demand Response pilot project and a proposed best practice.

Wielstra, L.M. (2017) Managing Information Within the Three Lines of Defense to Ensure Valid Audit Trails - Financial Sector - A Practical Organizational Framework.

Wuthe, Christopher-Martin (2017) Strategic IT alignment in public sector organisations : extending the strategic alignment maturity model for the German public sector.


Baars, D.S. (2016) Towards self-sovereign identity using blockchain technology.

Boerdonk, R.A.C. van (2016) Pensioenbewustzijn: Kan IT hieraan bijdragen?

Bol Raap, W (2016) The design of a common data model for generic synchromodal cargo-tracking in logistics using web scraping and big & open data.

Febriani, T.R. (2016) Strategic Planning Using Reasoning Tree-Based Approach.

Franck, T. (2016) Towards an Integrated Model of Smart Manufacturing Enterprises.

Hessels, Stefan (2016) Bridging the gap : from process mining to business process simulation.

Hulsebosch, M.A.C. (2016) Cloud Strife : an analysis of cloud-based shadow IT and a framework for managing its risks and opportunities.

Langen, S.F. van (2016) An architectural design for LAN-based web applications in a military mission- and safety-critical context.

Lazarov, B. (2016) Efficient and effective utilization of limited resources : scheduling of MRI development test environment, a case study at Philips Healthcare.

Lijbers, J.M. (2016) Predicting parking lot occupancy using Prediction Instrument Development for Complex Domains.

Liu, Luyao (2016) Applying intelligence amplification in decision making.

Man, Shen Yi (2016) Data driven banking : applying Big Data to accurately determine consumer creditworthiness.

Mentink, Fons (2016) Machine driven predictions of the socio-economic status of Twitter users.

Teerenstra, G.H.G. (2016) The start of IT Governance in a Dutch Academic Medical Centre.



Berg, A.W. van den (2015) Improving customer satisfaction through personalization.

Blommendaal, Chris (2015) Information Security Risks for Car Manufacturers based on the in-Vehicle Network.

Bogaard, J.A. van den (2015) Predicting the performance of ERP in a changing and challenging energy market.

Brinkhuis, M.E. (2015) Improving the Medicaid eligibility determination process using big data.

Cheng, Miss Shu (2015) Translating strategy into implementation via capability-based planning.

Dietz, W.S. (2015) A Reference Model Method to align the development of one software system with multiple Hinterland Container Terminals.

Egberink, J.G.H. (2015) The influence of trust on inter-organizational information sharing in logistic outsourcing relationships.

Hensema, M.A. (2015) Applying Agile in Enterprise Architecture.

Hoener, P.M. (2015) Improving the Processes and Safeguards for Fraud Detection and Prevention in US Medicaid.

Huls, C. J. (2015) A scenario planning for interbank payments and Decentralized Ledger Platforms.

Jhanjhan, W.S.S. (2015) VICA: The Dutch Windmill - Towards a Contemporary Business Information Management Maturity Model.

Jutten, M.G. (2015) The Fit between Business Processes and Process Mining related Activities: a Process Mining Success Model.

Koenen, S.K. (2015) Assessing the level of security of an organization by analyzing the enterprise architecture : a methodology.

Krisnawati, Anastasia Maria (2015) Project portfolio valuation with Enterprise Architecture.

Lange, T.C.B de (2015) IS/IT integration in mergers & acquisitions: a framework for a systematic approach.

Leeuwen, M.M. van (2015) Agile Scaling @ Topicus : s caling scrum with help of Agile Scaling frameworks at Topicus Finance.

Meints, A.P. (2015) Improving the dock and staging lane capacity within the warehouses of Albert Heijn by a dynamic allocation during the day.

Paauw, Tim (2015) Analysis of unstructured data at GGD : text mining semi-medical notes to predict childhood obesity and abuse.

Piggott, J.J.H. (2015) Identification of business travelers through clustering algorithms.

Staring, A.J. (2015) Business models & business cases for point-of-care testing.

Vettorel, Diego (2015) Design a platform for providing home-based services concerning: care, safety, comfort and fun.

Vorstenbosch, S. (2015) On-premise to SaaS Integration Risk Mitigation A framework to gain insight in the risks, and recommend mitigation strategies, specific to on-premise to SaaS integration.


Bolscher, P.S. (2014) Automated external fraud prevention in the public sector.

Bookholt, Erik (2014) The Impact of Enterprise Architecture on Business Performance.

Boom, N. (2014) XRM at a bilateral trade organisation.

Bosch, S.F. van den (2014) Designing Secure Enterprise Architectures A comprehensive approach: framework, method, and modelling language.

Jochemsen, M.C. (2014) An exploration of content-driven commerce.

Keeris, P.J.C. (2014) Improving the boarding process of external insiders in large organisations.

Kurniawan, Iwan (2014) Enterprise Architecture Transformation: Roadmap Plan Analysis and Visualization.

Nienhuis, J. (2014) Using Change Management to improve CRM User Acceptance.

Papazoglou, Anastasios (2014) Capability-based planning with TOGAF® and ArchiMate®.

Roditi, Alexandra (2014) Quantifying the Contribution of Enterprise Architecture to Business Goals.

Schramm, M.L.J. (2014) Success-driven application portfolio management.

Spruijt, Robert (2014) Selecting a BI Architecture that fits Organisation's Requirements.

Utomo, Diana (2014) A framework for cloud adoption from Enterprise Architecture and Business Perspective: Validation case study: The implementation of cloud-based contact distribution in Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Veneberg, R.K.M. (2014) Combining Enterprise Architecture & Operational Data To Better Support Decision-Making.

Waalewijn, Dennis (2014) Cyber Security in the Supply Chain of Industrial Embedded Devices.

Wagenaar, J.C.N. (2014) Collaborative Cyber Security in the Retail Sector.

Westenberg, R.M. (2014) Managing customer innovation in the financial services industry: A technology acceptance perspective.

Wielstra, Biense Adrianus (2014) Assessing the Impact of Business Process Redesign Decisions on Internal Control within Banks: A Methodology.

Witte, N. (2014) Technology Acceptance of Business Meetings in a 3D Virtual Environment Supported by a Content Management System.


Alberts, Berend (2013) Technology appropriation revisited - Mediation theory as a new philosophy of technology for information systems research.

Bassett, Konrad G. (2013) Garantiecontracten, wel of niet doen? Waarderen en vergelijken van garantiecontracten in het kader van pensioen.

Bovenmars, Leon (2013) Measuring and analysing customer satisfaction : a case study at Nibag B.V.

Brand, Allard (2013) Improving interoperability between electric mobility and the electricity system - Towards a reference architecture for charging electric vehicles.

Brande, J. van den (2013) The value of ontologies for developing semantic standards.

Dijk, D. van (2013) Exploring sourcing strategies in the midst of an ‘unknown’ sourcing object : the large-scale sourcing of biomass.

Dijk, Roland van (2013) Dealing with changes to shared software components.

Gerrits, B. (2013) Demand forecasting for spare parts at Stork.

King'ori, R. (2013) Explorong social media in organizational processes: a task-technology perspective.

Kulcsar, I.Z. (2013) The characteristics of a new semantic standards development approach: the Pressure Cooker method.

Leunissen, R. (2013) Business process management value map.

Priyanto, Agung Adi (2013) Bringing enterprise architecture to the boardroom.

Roest, J.E. (2013) The relationship between enterprise architecture, business complexity and business performance.

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