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Programme: Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)

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Blöte, Stefan (2024) Controller Design for an MR-Safe Vane Motor.

Ding, BSc Daniël (2024) Upscaling Production of Monodisperse Microcapsules for Injectables by In-Air Microfluidics.

Greef, D. de (2024) Design improvement for a pneumatic soft inflatable actuator.

Roelofs, Stijn (2024) Developing a user-friendly design workflow for optimised designs in Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing at Royal Kaak.

Rooijen, T.L. van (2024) Towards Defect-Free Printing of High-Strength Aluminium Alloys.

Roosenschoon, N. (2024) Digital twinning development in manufacturing SMEs : the design of a supporting methodology and evaluation tool.

Tijman op Smeijers, T.J.C. (2024) Hybrid and disturbance-observer-based control of a peristaltic pump.

Veldhuizen, A.R.P. (2024) Reducing Pulsation in External Gear Pump Output for Rubber Extrusion.


Andersons, J.A. (2023) Exploring the benefits and limitations of multi-axis 3D printing for improved part quality and reduced waste.

Belshof, Koen (2023) A motion planning implementation and simulation for the Flux One.

Boer, Rens de (2023) Robust data-driven state-feedback synthesis from data corrupted by perturbations with bounded norms and rates-of-variation.

Boersma, P. (2023) Experimental validation and numerical modelling of train-bridge dynamics.

Bouma, L.J. (2023) Atmospheric sound propagation modeling with the Harmonoise model applied to wind turbine noise.

Bourgonndien, Maarten van (2023) Analysis and Simulation of Disruptions Within the Superyacht Hull Manufacturing Process.

Broeke, D.A. van den (2023) Particle detection and tracking in avalanches.

Brugman, Aniek (2023) Evaluation of the Reboocon Intuy knee.

Coulibaly, A.A. (2023) Test method for measuring electrical resistivity of UD CFRP materials with off-axis fibre orientations : A study towards a better understanding of the electrical behaviour within the complex fibre network of UD CFRP’s.

Dickhof, Iljar (2023) Wind tunnel measurements of a small scale wind turbine.

Eldesouky, Mohamed Ibrahim (2023) Enhancing Variants Management at Thales Hengelo.

Farkas, Marton (2023) Reliable specific heat capacity measurements of thermoplastic composites with differential scanning calorimetry.

Fernhout, M.M. (2023) A Deep Learning Approach for Assessing Micrographs of Fibre Reinforced Composite Laminates.

Fix, J.A. (2023) A Linearized Parameter Study Of A Friction Isolator System : Towards A Frequency Domain Design Guideline.

Frielinck, R. (2023) Learning Factory Configuration Tool: An Approach for Preserving the Value of Educational Learning Factories.

Gebbeken, J. (2023) Modelling of Fluid Flow and Mass Transfer in a Hollow-Fibre Membrane Oxygenator.

Goshtasbi, A. (2023) 3D weaving of continuous fiber reinforced soft robot.

Groote, Jasper de (2023) Predicting data center behaviour with transfer learning.

Hagen, Jason ten (2023) Optimization of flexure mechanisms using gradient-based methods.

Haido, Jan (2023) A Methodology for Transitioning from Jig-Based to Jigless MIG Welding Utilizing Articulated Robots.

Hal, T.P.J. van (2023) Controller tuning for disturbance suppression in a piezo damped large stroke flexure hinge.

Haverkort, Arthur (2023) The influence of hybrid reinforcements on Long Fiber Thermoplastic composites. An experimental approach on the production process of (hybrid) LFT pellets and static/dynamic mechanical testing.

Heeres, Roeland (2023) Creating an analytical model to predict the stiffness properties of a guidewire actuated bending tip.

Heineman, Paul (2023) Reviving Medieval Mechanisms: Design Study of Mechanical Escapements For Use in Space : What Parameters Influence Performance and How To Predict It.

Hendriksen, J.A.A. (2023) Developments in 2 degree of freedom fine force delivery by an assistive ankle orthosis.

Hernandez Garcia, M. (2023) Material selection process for flexible substrates in medical wearable device applications.

Heuvel, S. van den (2023) Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Vertically Rising Bubbles.

Hilhorst, M.G.C. (2023) Construction of a simulation model to assist in production planning and control processes.

Hoeksma, Mechteld (2023) Designing a locking mechanism for fixating a specific heating system in vacuum with high forces and a high temperature.

Hollaar, C.C.J. (2023) Modelling and improved design of a displacement converter for a thin sound source.

Jansen, J. (2023) Towards continuous material supply for friction screw extrusion and additive manufacturing.

Jansen, R. (2023) Designing a Quality Plan to enhance Production Process Quality at VMI Group.

Jong, S.D.M de (2023) A physics-compatible dual field discretization using domain decomposition.

Jong, T.M. de (2023) Developing guidelines for embedding codes onto products produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

Kajim, A.C.C. (2023) Conceptual design of a thermoplastic composite cross-car beam.

Kamphof, W.E. (2023) Design of a Flexible Hinge for an Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector.

Kleverwal, Koen (2023) Influence and implementation of static balance on a parallel leaf spring mechanism.

Lagerweij, A.B. (2023) Development and production of a new prototype tire and rim for remote controlled model racing cars.

Lange, T. de (2023) Towards an Efficient Multigrid Algorithm for Solving Pressure-Robust Discontinuous Galerkin Formulations of the Stokes Problem.

Legters, D.F. (2023) Item availability restricted.

Leth, A. de (2023) Design of a cell-based straight guidance.

Lopez Aguado Alvarez, José Pablo (2023) Automation of a High Precision assembly process.

Maat, Daniëlle (2023) 3D Simulation of a wind turbine rotor in axial inflow conditions.

Maat, M.M. van de (2023) Guiding the implementation of Predictive Maintenance Projects : by developing a Predictive Maintenance Implementation Process.

Mesu, J. (2023) Development of a methodology for efficient determination of process parameters in Pulse Electro-Chemical Machining.

Mooij, Q.J. (2023) Building a knowing maintenance organization by introducing a Knowledge Improvement Process for predictive maintenance at the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Mulder, L.H.W. (2023) Investigating the effect of misalignment on the efficiency of fiber array to grating coupling to support the design of a sophisticated passive degree of freedom alignment system.

Mulder, R.H. (2023) Financial viability of metal additive manufacturing in automotive industry for production of functional parts in high volume.

Nijhuis, M.F.H. (2023) Passive photonic chip-fiber alignment with a flexure-assisted micro-kinematic coupling.

Nijland, Lorenzo D. (2023) Optimization of product handling in the agricultural sector of an underactuated flexure-based gripper by using Bayesian estimation.

Nizamudeen, M.S. (2023) Computed Torque Control of Flexible Multibody Systems.

Nooijen, S.M.P. (2023) Concept study on novel gripper concept for in-hand rotational manipulation of poultry products.

Oosterveld, S.W.S. (2023) Momentum-based control for compliant link quadrupeds.

Parvangada Chinnappa, Uthaiah (2023) An Approach for Risk Mitigation and Safety During Human-Robot Collaboration.

Patel, A. (2023) Numerical Investigation On The Thermal Behavior Of Li-ion Batteries Under Various Cooling Methods.

Perizonius, F.C. (2023) Theoretical modelling of liquid fractions and flow regimes during the first-stage startup of steam transport pipelines.

Ploeg, Maurice van der (2023) Improved Range of Motion of a Redundantly Actuated 3-DOF Planar Manipulator with Flexure Joints.

Rezelman, SA (2023) Compounding and characterization of tire tread compounds using funtionalized rubber.

Schouw, C.Q.G. (2023) Replacement of Carbon Black by Renewable Fillers in Natural Rubber.

Schriemer, B.Sc. D. W. (2023) Numerical Validation and Modelling of Inversely Tracing of Particles to Locate Emanating Sources.

Schrijver, Jesper / J.E. (2023) A novel framework to aid in the design of automated systems at veal abattoirs : a case study.

Smit, T.S. (2023) Linking safety hazards to control measures for NS rolling stock.

Solombrino, Caterina (2023) Aerodynamic investigations of flatback airfoils and novel add-ons for modern wind turbine blades.

Stevens, F.H. (2023) Design, implementation and validation of a viscoelastically overconstrained flexure mechanism for increased dynamic performance.

Stoop, Jasper (2023) Additive manufactured enhancement for Two-phase CPU cooling.

Strik, D.H. (2023) Influence of print speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AA6060 FSEAM builds.

Uil, D. (2023) Towards a testing standard for intralaminar fracture toughness of CFRPs : Determining the longitudinal Mode I intralaminar fracture toughness and crack growth consistency of a Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymer with a Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) approach.

Uiterweerd, Eline (2023) Improving information traceability in high-tech contract manufacturing environments.

Uğurlu, Deniz Alp (2023) Enhancing Untethered Robot Localization : A Fusion Approach Integrating Magnetic Coupling Localization and Ultrasound Imaging.

Veldhuis, J.J. (2023) Development of a Cabinet Side Cooler for Application on a Naval Ship.

Ven, C.J. (2023) Investigating the possibilities of a flexible manipulator in Amesim to predict reaction forces.

Vis, Eng. J.M. (2023) Ultrashort pulsed laser ablation in mass production of small metal parts, increasing ablation efficiency and reducing heat input.

Vloedgraven, B.T. (2023) System role of energy hubs in the North Sea by an energy system optimisation study.

Weekamp, Bram. J. W. (2023) Performance Comparison of Optimised Flexure-Based Translational Mechanisms for Easier Design Decision-Making.

Weijden, Wiard van der (2023) Integrating sensor and material modeling to interpret eddy current sensor readings.

Werff, S.J. van der (2023) Towards a ball bouncing demonstration for the T-Flex.

Westerbeek, J.J. (2023) Item availability restricted.

Yadhukrishnan, (2023) Designing and Optimizing a flexible Battery Pack Manufacturing Process Incorporating Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells: Key Factors and Strategies.

Zijden, BSc C.W.J. van der (2023) Analysis of an active tagline trolley system for offshore single blade installations with floating vessels.

Zijp, S.F. (2023) Remaining useful life estimation framework for maintenance improvement of a helicopter main rotor shaft using fracture mechanics.


Berg, Maarten van den (2022) Optimisation of the pultrusion process for carbon fibre reinforced polyurethane spar caps.

Brink, A.P. van den (2022) Recharge yourself An autonomous drone charging solution.

Brink, E.W. van den (2022) Design of an adjustable torque device for XS-TOR implant.

Ekris, B.W. van (2022) Identifying dynamic critical components of a gantry based lasercutting machine using a validated FE model.

Forkink, L. J. (2022) Condition Based Maintenance : Improving the RAMS performance of movable bridges - A case study.

Jansen, S.L. (2022) Towards a parametric optimization tool for hydrofoil design.

Jong, H.N. de (2022) Design for stiffness constrained by additive manufacturing design rules : case study for an electronics enclosure.

Kerk, J.J. van de (2022) A Semi-Analytical model for Mode I delamination prediction in bolted bonded composite joints.

Kouwen, R.T.S. (2022) A novel methodology for robust projection-based alignment of automotive matrix-type LED headlights.

Kuiper, Stef (2022) 3D Printing of Continuous Glass Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites.

Lakshmi Narayan, P. (2022) Influence of industry 4.0 on manufacturing facility design process and outcomes of the facility layout.

Langen, I.N. van (2022) Development of patient-specific finite element models for the simulation of strain adaptive tibial bone remodeling after total knee replacement.

Luten, T. (2022) Characterization of the Onset of Boiling for Ammonia in Minichannels.

Maat, R. van der (2022) The use of a fully recyclable, biomass based thermoplastic as a wood coating.

Manten, Dion Jean François (2022) Technology roadmapping to develop the innovation strategy in engineering consultancy.

Moester, M.T. (2022) Development of Metamaterials for a Custom-fit Bicycle Helmet Liner.

Nijkamp, A.H. (2022) Modelling of laser beam absorption in powder-based sintering processes.

Piening, P.V.L. (2022) Low frequency calibration of an acoustic vector sensor using immersive wave propagation.

Pindi Nataraj, P. (2022) Airfoil self-noise predictions using DDES and the FWH analogy.

Postmes, Jonne F. (2022) Maximizing energy absorption properties of 3D printed programmed auxetic metamaterials.

Roozendaal, R. (2022) Computational modeling of interstitial fluid in the brain neuropil for an improved understanding of solute transport in the brain.

Roubos, T.J. (2022) Design of an articulating joint distractor for implantation of a metacarpophalangeal implant.

Schalk, Laurens (2022) Investigation of Leading-Edge Vortex Formation on a Robotic Bird’s Wing.

Schermer, F.W. (2022) Computational modelling of cerebrospinal fluid flow in perivascular spaces.

Schuttert, W.J. (2022) Design and Optimisation of Roller Coaster Elements using Reinforcement Learning.

Siebers, E. (2022) Development of a method to assess the environmental impact of a system with a long life cycle : a case study on train films at Fleetshield.

Smit, G.J.F. (2022) Development of a Maintenance-based use policy and application to HNLMS Johan de Witt.

Stolwijk, B.A. (2022) Improving the ferrohydrodynamic pump for a magnetocaloric refrigeration cycle through modelling and experiments.

Thije, S.A.M ten (2022) Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach: Conceptual Design of the Powertrain for a 3D Motion Compensated Crane.

Tiggelen, Jip van (2022) An investigation on the nonlinear dynamic behaviour of jointed space structures.

Visser, F.F. (2022) Enhancing the Ti-PEKK hybrid joint by changing the PEKK crystal morphology.

Wetsteijn, D. (2022) Characterization and Analysis of the MINIject Eye Implant.

Wielens, J.M. (2022) Steering System Design for Asphalt Drum Dryers.


Aalten, Thijs van (2021) Online optimization of EMG using a hybrid model approach.

Arendshorst, M.G. (2021) Micro-pump optimization for applications in CubeSats.

Ariës, R.C.G. (2021) Exploratory research of friction stir extrusion additive manufacturing using AA6060 T6.

Bos, M.C. (2021) On pulsation in external gear pumps: CFD analysis and experimental investigation of pulsation in external gear pumps.

Bos, W. (2021) Design and implementation of a coaxial laser triangulation sensor in a laser metal deposition set-up.

Buiteveld, J. (2021) Techno-economic evaluation of a novel biomass pyrogasification process with an integrated sorption-shift system : a process for the conversion of waste to high-quality biochar and hydrogen with carbon capture and hydrogen upgrading.

Busink, K. (2021) 2D PIV experiments of oscillatory flow in a stenosis : a study into the physics of flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Chua, EuChieh (2021) Management of safety hazards in residential buildings with multiple electrical energy storage systems.

Deo, P.V. (2021) Item availability restricted.

Derkink, T. (2021) An insight in the planning of the maintenance process of wheel axles at Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Ghantasala, Udaya (2021) Rain erosion performance of the material to be used as the leading edge protection of the wind turbine blades.

Harish, Ashuthosh (2021) Estimation of the Frequency Response Function of a defective bearing from a measured uni-axial vibration signal.

Hoek, Jan van der (2021) Computational modelling of flow in the liver vasculature using the Lattice Boltzmann method to study microsphere distribution.

Hofsteenge, J.W. (2021) Implementation and Validation of FGM in CFX for the Description of Turbulent Non-Adiabatic Premixed Combustion.

Hooghiemster, A. (2021) Additive Manufacturing of Inconel 718 for Aerospace Applications : Towards Process-Microstructure-Property relationships.

Hop, Michael (2021) Design of an innovative natural ice skating rink.

Huizingh, M. (2021) Extensions and simulations of numerical model for picosecond laser-material interaction in bulk sapphire.

Janardhan, Gautam Geeta (2021) Simulation of rain droplet impact and erosion on leading edge protection of wind turbine blades.

Jurjens, R.R. (2021) Repair/replace decision for ultra-precision milling machine.

Kaal, Joris (2021) Enabling Chip Characterization & Providing Chip Information : Characterizing fluid flow in a microphysiological system using PIV-experiments, Lattice-Boltzmann and COMSOL Multiphysics simulations and creating a tool to provide this information to users with a scenario-based rapid-prototyping co-creation process.

Kelder, R. (2021) Active Vibration Isolation with an Active Stage.

Klomp, E.J. (2021) Design of a flexible hollow hinge for a cryogenic environment.

Koets, Kelwin (2021) Design of an Innovative Siltation Removal System for Rolling Gates.

Kooistra, E. (2021) Prediction and validation of galling behavior in hot sheet metal forming processes.

Korenblik, J. (2021) Minimal sensing approach of an underactuated flexure based gripper for agri-food applications.

Kruize, Hendrik J. (2021) Improving Methanol Powered Solid Oxide Fuel Cell – Gas Turbine Power Units for Naval Support Vessels through Fuel and Heat Recovery.

Lübbermann, Thijs (2021) Design and control of a magnet placement tool.

Masmeijer, T.C.P. (2021) Vibration fatigue testing and modelling for identification of damage initiation and propagation in fiber reinforced plastics.

Naik, Pratik (2021) Generating Sythetic Training Images for Instance Segmentation using Salient Object Detection and Image Compositions.

Nethe, Eamon G. (2021) Electrostatics for mobile glass cleaning robots.

Oosterveld, F.R. (2021) Investigation of delamination crack under vibration fatigue exploiting simulation driven dynamic testing in digital environment.

Palthe, A.M. (2021) Substructuring in flexible multibody dynamic models.

Peperkamp, M.W. (2021) Design and optimization of the pultrusion process toproduce reliable and recyclable wind turbine blades.

Sikkelbein, D.B. (2021) Process modelling for Model Predictive Control of Incremental Sheet Forming.

Stöver, P. J. (2021) Building a test setup for pulsed laser ablation in liquid flow.

Venkataramana, Shrikanth (2021) Effects of surface treatment on co-bonded wind turbine blade spar caps.

Wieringen, Seth van (2021) Transitioning to cost-optimal renewable energy systems under uncertainty.

Yang, Jinyi (2021) Towards process optimization of spar caps made of carbon fiber reinforced polyurethane composites used in wind turbine blades.

Zijl, Roy van (2021) Rate-Dependent Properties and Failure Behaviour of Glass Fiber Reinforced Isotactic Polypropylene Composite Laminates under Impact Conditions.


Akbari, Maryam (2020) Expediency of ATO in heavy rail : a decision-making framework.

Alag, Gunish (2020) Evaluating the Performance of Intel Realsense T265 Xsens Technologies B.V.

Anturkar, Rohan (2020) Item availability restricted.

Basavraj, Akash (2020) Mechanical investigation of thermoelectric cooling.

Bermperidis, Georgios (2020) Item availability restricted.

Blaauw, J.B. (2020) Structural dynamics simulation of a swinging fairground attraction using a novel implementation of reduced order modeling.

Boggelen, C. van (2020) Removal of volatile organic compounds and other odourous compounds using ozone generated by UV-C light in aerobic digestion installations.

Boiten, D.A. (2020) The development of a non-migrating knee orthosis.

Boro, Asutosh (2020) Theoretical and numerical modelling of sorption compressor system in a heat pump.

Chrysanthou, M. (2020) The effect of a novel orthosis on ankle kinematics in simulated sprain.

Dafedar, Sajeed (2020) Develop and improve modelling capabilities of reactor vessel internals using ansys.

Esselink, F.S. (2020) Optimization of the Laser-Assisted Tape Winding process using an Inverse Kinematic-Optical-Thermal model.

Froner Back, Lucas (2020) LES Analysis of coherence in a turbulent shear layer of an open jet wind tunnel.

Grafen, LN (2020) On the applicability of the mandrel peel test to characterize the fracture toughness of non-symmetric interfaces.

Jilderda, Christiaan (2020) Fatique in tubular structures: developing design tools that assist in analysing and optimising tubular structures that are subject to fatique.

Krabben, I.G.W. (2020) Determination of the source term disturbing bounded flow performing practical Large Eddy Simulations.

Lerink, C.W. (2020) Visualisation of fouling during oil-in-water filtration using tubular ceramic membranes.

Liu, Jen-Wei (Luke) (2020) Towards an engineering approach of pool fire modelling with CFD.

Loobergen, K. van (2020) Identification of damage precursors in 3D-printed aluminium alloy after fatigue testing.

Mekers, R.L.J. (2020) Structural dynamics of roller coaster structures: transient analysis.

Olthuis, M. (2020) Relevance and development of new rubber technology competences for a sustainable automotive industry.

Reuling, M.C.T. (2020) Mechanical interlocking of hybrid PAEK joints using additive manufactured : a study on mechanical interlocking performance and interlocking phenomena enhanced metallic surfaces.

Sharma, Y. (2020) Rain erosion damage assessment using ultrasonics.

Simanjuntak, Denny Hariadi (2020) Derivation of crack growth law from high cycle fatigue vibration testing in thermoplastic-based composites.

Smink, J.S. (2020) Investigation of Behaviour of Jet Shear Layer in Tandem Dual Jet Injection in Supersonic Crossflow using Schlieren Images.

Voorthuizen, K.L. van (2020) Uncertainty quantification in flexible multibody dynamics.

Wessels, B.J. (2020) A numerical study to help understand the effects of Nasal High Flow Therapy using the Lattice Boltzmann Method.

Wijk, BSc. Cedric F.C. van (2020) Design of a Small Wind Turbine Rotor and Hub for Wind Tunnel Testing.

Wijk, R.F.O. van (2020) Design of a Small Scale Wind Turbine Nacelle and Tower for Wind Tunnel Testing.


(2019) Item availability restricted.

Anagally, Gaurav shetty (2019) Flexible welding table design for sheet metal parts.

Anagol, Akil (2019) Universal solution for functional test of the valve under pressure (K-010 TEST 10).

Arendshorst, M.G. (2019) Validating the effect of vertically staggered wind turbines in the entrance region of extended windfarms.

Babu, Joe Joseph (2019) Item availability restricted.

Balt, Vincent (2019) Item availability restricted.

Barts, Sjoerd (2019) Item availability restricted.

Bemthuis, Tom (2019) Item availability restricted.

Berg, Menno van den (2019) Item availability restricted.

Bergen, M. van (2019) Multiple framework modelling and controller design of 4 link snake robot.

Beurden, E. van (2019) Item availability restricted.

Bhapkar, A.B. (2019) Item availability restricted.

Bisschop, J (2019) Applying discrete particle simulations to industrial-sized problems using MercuryDPM.

Blaauw, Jurjen (2019) Design of new test setups for characterization experiments of adhesives.

Boerrigter, G.J. (2019) Item availability restricted.

Boggelen, C van (2019) Waste Treatment Technologies : Design of a wastewater treatment plant for Anaerobic Digestion systems.

Boonk, K.F.J. (2019) Internship at Qirion: internship report.

Boro, A. (2019) On Mathematical modelling of multiphase damping of pipes.

Bos, W. (2019) Item availability restricted.

Brader, S. (2019) Item availability restricted.

Chengappa, Rakshith Mukkatira (2019) Innovative sunlight driven thermal storage slurry for direct absorption solar collectors (DASC).

Dasselaar, R.J. van (2019) Experimental and structural load assessment in wind turbine drive trains.

Dragman, T.C. (2019) Identifying Dynamic Nonlinearities due to Damage Precursors in Flexible Structures.

Goerres, J. (2019) Framework for comparing and optimizing of fully actuated multirotor UAVs.

Harmsen, J. (2019) An analysis of the section building process at Damen Shipyards Galati.

Herpen, N. van (2019) Measuring relative bone pose inside a bi-lateral ankle exoskeleton using A-mode ultrasound.

Hoorn, H.E. van den (2019) Analysis of Dynamic Loads induced by Spinning Gondolas on a Roller Coaster.

Kalter, Louweris Rémon (2019) Characterisation of damage in composite materials using infrared thermography.

Karuppusamy, Karthikeyan (2019) Development of physics of failure based prognostics feasibility tool for predictive maintenance.

Koers, Laurens (2019) Modelling of a ducted fan and its contribution to drag on a PAV hull.

Koopman, F.B. (2019) Improvement of longitudinal tracking and the addition of turning control of an underactuated moment exchange unicycle robot.

Linschoten, D. (2019) A Computer Aided Innovation Tool for Generating Solutions for Mechanical Engineering Functions.

Lotlikar, A. (2019) Design of a modular display trolley.

Maksane, A.R. (2019) A Decision-Support Methodology to design Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems.

Overmars, K. (2019) Modelling of water wave propagation with FUNWAVE-TVD.

Polman, Harmen (2019) A Code for Refractive Index Matched Scanning Data Processing.

Rajanna, S. (2019) Item availability restricted.

Reekers, F.A.D. (2019) Internal logistics tire parts and material handling equipment : A discrete event simulation study for control rules.

Roeplal, N. S. D. (2019) The application of a functional approach for detecting wind turbine failures from SCADA-data.

Schepers, P. (2019) Application of a process model to define potential operational functional failure conditions.

Schilder, W. P. (2019) Design of a flexure-based tip-tilt-piston mechanism with high support stiffness.

Spanjer, S.T. (2019) Acoustic and vibration analysis of an electric powertrain for passenger cars.

Spee, J.G. (2019) Validation of Eilmer4 by a 3D boundary layer problem.

Timmer, Rick Nando (2019) Project Manager at Schrader T+A Fahrzeugbau: Redesign of production process.

Vaart, Bram van der (2019) Item availability restricted.

Valk, Y.A. de (2019) A novel construction of wind tunnel models for wind energy applications.

Vermeulen, J.J. (2019) Flexible multibody dynamics of an Afterburner-type fairground attraction.

Veul, Xavier (2019) Item availability restricted.

Werf, MSc S.IJ. van der (2019) Macroscopic single contact properties of cohesive silanized glass beads.

Wijk, C.F.C. van (2019) Numerical Simulation on Interface Instability under Reshock.

Wijk, R.F.O van (2019) Thermodynamic Optimization of Organic Rankine Cycles for Co-Generation from Low Enthalpy Ultra-Deep Geothermal Reservoirs.

Wilpshaar, Martijn (2019) Conceptual design & experimental validation of Mars helicopter.

Zanon, Andrea (2019) Toolchain Development for Gas Turbine Optimization.

Zhou, He (2019) The Reliability of Hot Axle & Hot Wheel (HAHW) Detection Data : analysis, possible main factors and possible solutions.

Zuiderduin, E.R. (2019) Optimizing Geometric Parameters of a Coaxial Nozzle for Direct Bubble Writing.


(2018) Item availability restricted.

Abbas, Y. (2018) Surface wettability investigation of the CVT components.

Akker, B.P.H. van den (2018) Durability of co-bonded stiffened CFRP panels subjected to post-buckling fatigue.

Ballal, Anish (2018) Item availability restricted.

Barreto de Matos, J.A. (2018) Integral boundary layer parameters : aerodynamics division of Suzlon blade technology AERODYNAMICS DIVISION OF SUZLON BLADE TECHNOLOGY.

Beelen, S.J. (2018) Lagrangian Trajectories Method with Bubble Dynamics for Cavitation Inception Predictions.

Berns, L. (2018) Item availability restricted.

Beugels, F (2018) Non-destructive testing of solid propellant rocket motors.

Bianchi, Filippo (2018) Friction stir welding of aluminium-lithium alloy for next generation European launcher. Feasibility study on redesign, analysis and implementation on Ariane 6 first stage (VUAB).

Bjarnason, V. (2018) Item availability restricted.

Boer, N. (2018) Effect of Particle Erosion on the External Collapse Pressure of a Steel Production Casing Used in Oil and GasWells.

Braakman, Patrick (2018) Item availability restricted.

Braam, L. (2018) Do simplifications in the intitial set-up matter?

Bruinsma, S.J. (2018) Development of a diagnostic tool based on Continuous Scanning LDV output spectra.

Chengappa, Rakshith Mukkatira (2018) Charcoal cooling.

Chidambaram, N (2018) Ultrasonic non-collinear wave mixing for the detection of ageing in PVC pipes.

Cornelissen, Robin and Pouwels, Astrid (2018) Item availability restricted.

Desai, A.S. (2018) Modular pallet design.

Desai, Amit (2018) Threaded plug & ring-assembly station design.

Diepeveen, H. (2018) Redesigning the evaporator for the Triogen ORC (Organic Rankine cycle) for use in the containerized version of this ORC (the so called Triogen E-box).

Dijk, W. van (2018) Item availability restricted.

Dijkhuis, N. (2018) Item availability restricted.

Duesmann, J.B.C. (2018) Validating CFD surfboard models to experimental results.

Ettema, Bart Robbert (2018) Experimental Determination and Validation of Pressure Through a Porous Medium.

Etxeberria Echávarri, A. (2018) Redesign of the MASMini.

Evertzen, Luc (2018) The aerodynamic design of RED Shift : Solar Team Twente’s 7th solar car.

Ganseij, M. (2018) Item availability restricted.

Geerlings, N.M. (2018) Design of a high-level control layer and wheel contact estimation and compensation for the pipe inspection robot PIRATE.

Gerritsen, J. (2018) Item availability restricted.

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