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Programme: Industrial Engineering and Management MSc (60029)

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Witmond, V. (2020) The survival benefit of using neoadjuvant therapy for resectable and unresectable tumours in pancreatic cancer patients estimated with multi-centred real-world data of the PURPLE registry.

Chen, Xinyi (2020) Data driven solution to predictive maintenance.

Slaa, Gunnar (2020) Increasing cardiac arrest survival by improving the volunteer alerting algorithm.

Behr, C.M. (2020) Headroom analysis and systematic review for big-3 screening.

Otten, Wouter (2020) Communicating in Scenarios: Towards Improved Participant Decisions Regarding Retirement.

Leijnse, N. (2020) Order fulfillment of spare parts during the end-of-life phase.

Schrader, A.H. (2020) Production planning of the 3PC department at Trivium Packaging.

Dekker, K.J. (2020) Maintenance Optimization Through predictive Maintenance: A Case Study For Damen Shipyards.

Köllmann, S.V.H. (2020) The IBOR Reform : A study on the basis spread between ARR and IBOR.

Rohaan, D. (2020) Prioritizing requests for quotation on sales potential.

Dam, I.E. van (2020) The redesign of the inbound exception process.

Hottenhuis, Bas (2020) Investigating an alternative approach to SaaS company valuation : using ‘Rule of 40’ metrics as indicators of Enterprise Value.

Kamp, S.A.M. (2020) Improving operating room utilization at Bergman Clinics: Evaluation of various surgery scheduling approaches using discrete-event simulation.

Hernandez Mallol, J. (2020) Optimizing the scheduling of elective cardiothoracic surgeries to reduce the variability of demand for intensive care beds.

Klück, A (2020) Estimation of Asset Correlation for Residential Mortgages.

Waardt, Martin de (2020) Spatial adoption patterns of residential heat pumps and their impact on the grid.

Beek, J.J.W. van der (2020) A Method for Combining Agile, Internal Control, and Stakeholders' Needs.

Prabakaran, D. (2020) Solving the barge routing and scheduling problem with a hybrid metaheuristic.

Haring, Mitchel (2020) Optimizing component availability at Hittech Multin.

Denekamp, H.J. (2020) Strategic capacity planning with workforce flexibility to deal with seasonal and variable demand : a case study in the agriculture sector at Company A.

Zadelhoff, L.D. van (2020) Assigning inbound flights to baggage retrieval belts: A simulation study on the impact of stochasticity on the performance of different assignment heuristics.

Ingen, F.P. van (2020) Applying text mining methods to classify maintenance conditions for Real Estate Valuation.

Nijholt, M.H. (2020) Predicting of project spending for an NGO.

Scholten, A.A. (2020) Optimizing the inventory control policy within an electronics production company.


Karis, J (2019) Linehaul Forecasting at TNT.

Mercado Luévano, Samara Xarenit (2019) From ‘just-in-case’ to ‘just-in-time’ : Modelling the optimal stock level of reusable instrument sets of Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Mentink, T.J. (2019) Redesigning after-sales services supply chain.

Verbraak, F.M. (2019) Universal Basic Income Reforms and Household Composition : A Behavioural Microsimulation Analysis.

Overmars, C.C. (2019) Production line improvement at Bosch Thermotechniek.

Dam, J. ten (2019) Health economic evaluation of continuous monitoring of vital signs at Slingeland Hospital : A discrete event simulation study.

Kuiper, D. J. (2019) Fleet Composition in Operational Time Slot Management.

Breed, I (2019) Hierarchical forecasting of engineering demand at KLM Engineering & Maintenance.

Harmelink, R.L.A. (2019) Computing threat points in two-player ETP-ESP games.

Groenveld, Stefan (2019) Determining test interval strategies for clients undergoing preventive screening.

Damveld, M (2019) Transcending the next level in plastics : what improvements can be made in terms of efficiency to the lay-out of the production facility of Timmerije to transcend the next level in plastics?

Hulshof, S.R. (2019) Creating a more efficient flow of goods within the warehouse, through the improvement of storage and order picking.

Oude Vrielink, MSc Jordy (2019) Valuable waste flows at company X : matching administrative and physical flows to improve their accountability and traceability.

Jansen, W. (2019) Efficient Routing and Planning within the Complex Logistical Network : Based on the Integration of a New Warehouse, AGV Transports and Increased Transportation Rates.

Voorwinden, D.L. (2019) Reducing waste of chocolate spread generated during production at Brinkers Food B.V.

Edens, M.L. (2019) Improving the productivity through cycle time reduction.

Bussche, J.W. van den (2019) Dynamic spare part control for performance-based service contracts : a discrete-event simulation study.

Fennis, J. (2019) Machine learning solutions for exception handling.

Poblocka, Iwona (2019) High Frequency Trading: highway to financial hell or economic salvation : a comprehensive review of the High Frequency Trading literature.

Demkes, B. (2019) Redesign of the layout of AEM's production area at Mainfreight.

Roosmalen, J.J. van (2019) Forecasting bus ridership with trip planner usage data : a machine learning application.

Bemthuis, T.J. (2019) Dynamic three-dimensional resource space allocation in a multi-item inventory environment.

Vegt, Mick van der (2019) Using data to improve financial behavior : designing the personal finance platform.

Dommerholt, W. (2019) Financial effects of moving patients from an inpatient to an outpatient setting : providing financial insight in the effects of discharging patients the same day as surgery instead of keeping them overnight.

Peijl, S.P.W. van der (2019) How to improve the project planning of a dwelling construction project?

Vlaming, B.J.S. (2019) Proposing a method to reduce technical downtime at Quaker Oats.

Grootens, D.S. (2019) Additive Manufacturing for SRU production in a maintenance environment.

Oldemaat, T.A.B. (2019) Improving the Internal Big Volume Transport Logistics at Bosch Thermotechniek Deventer.

Hof, Irene van den (2019) Optimisation of a component replacement policy at KLM E&M using Predictive Maintenance.

Ruitenberg, P.L. (2019) Adapting a Hierarchical Gaussian Process model to predict the loss reserve of a non-life insurer.

Veniero, Ruggero Jan (2019) Improving the price control phase and developing a bid price control model at Tata Steel Tubes.

Roerink, M.H.W. (2019) Liability Reduction through Demand Forecasting Improvement.

Ensink, E.S. (2019) Logistical improvements of the arrival process at CSI Twente : A process-wide analysis providing improvement options at three ambition levels using a timeslot allocation system.

Ginneken, C.L. van (2019) Settlement of cross-border transactions through Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) : analysis from a risk management perspective.

Baars, L.A.C.P. (2019) On determining a minimum and maximum arrival rate to decrease overcrowding at a nursing ward.

Kara, Orkide Nur (2019) Environmental and economic sustainability of Zero-Emission Bus transport.

Jurriëns, Stefan (2019) A Decision Support Tool for the Medium Voltage Networks Expansion Problem.

Heijnen, W.J.P. (2019) Improving the waste collection planning of Amsterdam.

Bos, K.E. (2019) The LIBOR rate transition : On the implementation of transition approaches from Interbank Offered Rates to Risk-Free Rates and the corresponding value impact.

Schoon, A.L. (2019) Multi-Criteria Decision Support for Transportation Network (Re-)Design at Outbound Logistics, Tata Steel Europe.

Arents, A.M.M. (2019) Survival Analysis in LGL Modelling for Retail Mortgage Portfolios.

Heukers, F (2019) Investigating the Dynamics of Coalition Forming in Industrial Symbiosis Systems.

Tjeerdsma, S. (2019) Redesign of the AutoStore order processing line.

Mesman, BSc S.P.M. (2019) Optimisation of patient blueprint schedules with downstream departments and uncertain care pathways.

Weg, Inge van der (2019) A generalized Risk-based maintenance model to plan road maintenance.

Bussmann, N.H. (2019) Predicting Arrival Times of Container Vessels : A Machine Learning Application.

Kortenhorst, N.J. (2019) Improving the internal sequencing logistics at Scania Production Zwolle.

Schrader, I.M.W. (2019) Process Design of the Flexarm Assembly Line at VDL ETG Almelo.

Veneklaas, W. (2019) Decision support for design, implementation, and feasibility of an admission lounge.

Tijhuis, A. (2019) Improving the inventory control policy of TenCate Grass.

Ebrecht, L. (2019) A framework to select and assign a CODP and corresponding inventory control policy to the different end products in food processing industry.

Antonides, L. (2019) Improving the on-time delivery performance at PM.

Kemper, B.P. (2019) Implications of a generic no-arbitrage condition on restructuring missing data.

Wiersma, M. (2019) Basel III, does one size fit all? : The implications of Basel III for different banking business models.

Tijhuis, L.J.B. (2019) Cycle time reduction by inventory management.

Stanca, Edith-Ioana (2019) Strategical Capacity Planning For Two Of Sensata's Automotive Departments.

Engh, G.W.F. van den (2019) Maximising independent model validation effectiveness for Aegon.

Nijland, L. (2019) Matching workload and workforce requirements using simulation in FlexSim.

Köllmann, M.P.H. (2019) A blueprint to change the cost culture of Entity X.

Verduijn, Jesse (2019) Enlarging the cleaning capacity of the NS.

Platenkamp, T.J.W. (2019) The impact of a new filling line : a multi-scenario discrete event simulation at Company X.

Zomerdijk, J. (2019) Lead time reduction in the transport of reverse parcels.

Cornelissen, Pim (2019) A modular lifecycle service approach : applicable to non IP owned medical devices.

Gaaij, C.A. de (2019) Operational and tactical production planning at a production company.

Ommeren, Coen van (2019) Reduce the variance and duration of outsourced repair lead times.

Noordstar, Leon (2019) The Road to Forecasting Success by means of Classification : A Case Study at Wavin.

Kerkdijk, J.S. (2019) Forecasting promotional demand volume.

Combé, B.G.K. de la (2019) From data to insights : An advice to improve the capacity planning of temporary employees at CEVA Logistics Benelux.

Goday Verdaguer, A. (2019) Assessment of a pods system to reduce waiting and throughput times in an Emergency Department.

Kroep, S. (2019) Application of Adaptive Large Neighbourhood Search for a Rich and Real-World Vehicle Routing Problem.

Plomp, B.I. (2019) A bottleneck analysis to increase throughput at Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Rijst, J.C. van der (2019) The assignment of clinical departments to wards.

Steenbergen, R.M. van (2019) New Product Forecasting with Analogous Products : Applying Random Forest and Quantile Regression Forest to forecasting and inventory management.

Seydel, MSc. T.J. (2019) Optimising online capacity-to-patient assignment: a case study in the Oncological Centre Deventer.

Wieren, R.J. van (2019) Developing a screening methodology for the corporate credit universe.

Ooms, L.A. (2019) How can we cure the care sector? : optimization of the health care logistics of Ambiq for the benefit of their clients.

Brunetti, M. (2019) Applying simulation to wind rotor blade manufacturing: process alignment in an international environment.

Knol, E.J. (2019) A dynamic life cycle analysis for a Defined Contribution pension plan.

Boogert, S.E. (2019) Redesign of the planning strategy.

Liu, Zhanxu (2019) Analysis of path-dependency in option value enhancement.

Clerkx, N.P.M (2019) Improving vehicle routing by utilizing realisation data : a case study.

Lettink, S.A. (2019) Using Tabu search to investigate the utilization of stackable crates in a large retailer's supply chain.

Dofferhoff, A. (2019) The Sustainability of the Dutch Social Care System.

Buter, R. (2019) Minimizing travel time in a Neonatal Care Network.

Keppels, E.H. (2019) Dynamic product routing in a hybrid flow shop.

Jeurissen, T.A.J. (2019) Research to the lead time performance in an uncertain make-to-order environment.

Weersel, S. van (2019) Preference learning: What defines an optimal shift schedule?

Wichink, R.H.J. (2019) Improvements in Production Layout and Internal Logistics.

Voetdijk, N.J. (2019) Assessing the life cycle costs of an investment strategy.

Tijink, N.G. (2019) Streamlining the material handling flow at Bolk Logistics.

Bossink, K (2019) Feasibility of an Automated Offline Repacking Solution at Grolsch.

Amtsfeld, Jonas (2019) An assessment of wind power forecasting models and its financial implications for the traders.

Salomons, Tim (2019) Item availability restricted.

Manen, R van (2019) Automating the capacity planning process for a distribution centre : comparing heuristic and integer programming approaches.

Gajendran, A. (2019) The journey towards local redeployment of returns.


Warmerdam, M.T.M. (2018) The effects of planimetric and altimetric changes on tidal amplification in coastal plain estuaries.

Dijksterhuis, A.W. (2018) Improving the planning of engineers and programmers at Romias.

Nazarian, Arthur (2018) Optimizing the deployment of automated external defibrillators by a data-driven algorithmic approach.

Balistreri, G. (2018) Spatial Analysis of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Incidences.

Kruijff, O. de (2018) Using additive manufacturing for rapid tooling of obsolete spare parts in the aerospace industry.

Nijenkamp, B. (2018) Designing the inbound warehouse process.

Seidel, Laura (2018) Interest rate risk in the banking book goes ballet : balancing between earnings and economic value volatilities.

Kamp, K. (2018) Inventory control at Grolsch : a master thesis which analyzes inventory control at Grolsch and proposes a model to determine optimal levels of safety stock.

Korpershoek, L.C. (2018) Improving the receiving processes at Hamifleurs.

Hesselink, M. M. J. (2018) Developing a Forecasting Model for the Power Production of Wind Turbines.

Oosterbroek, Joost (2018) Improving the tax compliance rate in the Caribbean by redesigning the enterprise architecture with the application of information technologies.

Grit, K.G.J. (2018) Forecasting and levelling workload for a part feeding system at the automotive industry.

Groot, R.W. (2018) Forecasting the transaction fees per client : In search for client segmentation.

Groenestein, Michiel (2018) Mechanisms for socially sustainable public task allocation.

Huizingh, E.H.R. (2018) Planning first-line services on a NS service station : an exact approach.

Andringa, R.J. (2018) OR Optimization at Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal.

Wopereis, D. (2018) Reduction of variation in bed occupation by optimizing the Master Surgery Schedule : an adaptive large neighborhood approach.

Oude Weernink, A. (2018) The assessment of pooling intensive care and high care units at the neonatology department of Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis.

Luinstra, J.M. (2018) Reducing workload fluctuations through causal forecasting : a case study in the plaster room of Sint Maartenskliniek.

Knook, Laurent (2018) Improving the planning of train infrastructure maintenance : creating insight in the experienced nuisance and financial impact of track possessions by optimizing the maintenance planning.

Giersch, Marten (2018) Inefficiencies of Business Internal Carsharing : Proposing Revenue Management Concepts to Achieve Financial and Environmental Benefits.

Kikke, N.Y.S.A (2018) Optimal capacity planning with uncertain supply in a whitefish processing plant.

Lubach, B. (2018) MDL department without waiting times?

Cornelissen, M.A.P. (2018) Applying machine learning to the prediction of defaults in loans.

Wiegink, S.J.M. (2018) Atezolizumab as first-line treatment for selected patients with advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma.

Jansen, S.K. (2018) Industry 4.0 Opportunities at Scania Production Meppel B.V.

Muis, J. (2018) An individualized Tontine pension on the blockchain : a blockchain enabled way of sharing longevity risk.

Hiddinga, A.K. (2018) Decision support for matching import and export flows of hinterland container transportation: Teubooker hinterland.

Pannekoek, Arjan (2018) Reducing access and waiting time for orthopedics.

Lippok, B. M. (2018) Optimizing the surgical patient flow in a German Hospital.

Barels, E.W. (2018) Collaboration in transport of healthcare related materials.

Oude Nijhuis, K.A. (2018) Monitoring and controlling critical process parameters at the retort production line of Abbott Zwolle.

Teunissen, J. (2018) Improving production planning by flow shop scheduling algorithms : A case study at ForFarmers.

Bergsma, C. (2018) A cure for the queue : scenario based optimization at ZGT's radiology department.

Pijnappel, B.T.A. (2018) Master thesis, optimizing the reverse process of PostNL pakketten.

Hofma, Phylicia (2018) The introduction of risk management within Company X.

Hoek, Tom (2018) Distributing Police vehicles across Noord-Holland : distributing emergency and civilian vehicles to maximise the mobility.

Ritmeester, C. (2018) An elaborate approach to game winning strategies and player ratings in football.

Wezendonk, T.P.T (2018) Combining patient centred processes and anaesthesiologic optimisation for the preoperative assessment clinic : discovering patient arrivals and facilitating timely screening at preoperative assessment clinic in Amsterdam Medical Centre.

Abdul Nour, Haya (2018) The role of risk in IS/IT projects valuation : risk quantification and real options.

Perez Adroher, Arturo (2018) Model Selection.

Rusch, Nina (2018) Optimizing and Implementing the Inventory Control Policy of Finished Products within Bolletje’s ERP System.

Bronsvoort, Sandra (2018) Long-term replacement planning for Royal Schiphol Group : an Integer Linear Programming model.

Speldekamp, T.J. (2018) Disability insurance : predicting accurate inflow probabilities in an imbalanced data setting.

Wisse, T.C. (2018) Modelling the FRTB’s Default Risk Charge with a factor copula setup.

Abeniacar, K. (2018) Optimizing purchasing and distribution decisions at Fugro : a mathematical programming approach.

Posthumus, J.A. (2018) Predicting and preventing ED crowding : combining linear regression and discrete event simulation to predict and prevent ED crowding.

Muller, I.J.T. (2018) Improving the service control tower with proactive decision making : a two-staged alert and intervention generating model for proactive lateral transshipments in an after-sales supply chain.

Wisselink, W.J. (2018) Future Flamco : a scenario-based simulation approach for smart intralogistics.

Jakubeit, Nina (2018) Asset life cycle management at PPG AC EMEA : the design of an asset life cycle management tool to prioritize asset lifetime impacts based on the lifetime impact identification analysis (LIIA).

Caspari, Saskia (2018) Valuation of Mortgages Without Prepayment Penalties.

Noordhuis, RE.. (2018) Lead time reduction by production planning and control.

Binnenmars, N.J. (2018) Implementing dynamic clustering of maintenance activities at AIS Airlines.

Koot, Martijn (2018) Optimizing the Integrated Emergency Post in Enschede by the development and application of a solution validation framework.

Broeze, H.G. (2018) Measuring supplier performance : introducing a supplier performance measurement system at Odin Groep.

Harmsen, M.J. (2018) Improving the internal control system at Company X : a qualitative approach.


Alferink, K.M. (2017) The quantitative and qualitative differences between the locations of an Acute Medical Unit.

Rooij, B. de (2017) The effect of different CoCo structures on the funding costs of a financial institution.

Visser, G. de (2017) The impact of evolving lending channels on the measurement of lending competition.

Wit, M.L. de (2017) Algorithmic investing within the philosophy of the Basis Zero experiment.

Sproates, C.L. (2017) Internal risk components validation : indicative benchmarking of discriminatory power for LGD models.

Hafkenscheid, R.J. (2017) Trip assignment for the retail industry.

Hoegen, Y. (2017) Item availability restricted.

Sonnenberg, K.R. (2017) Improving transport of elderly and people with disabilities in Drenthe.

Merckel, W.B. (2017) Developing a stress testing model for the credit risk exposure of a leasing company.

Barends, M.G.H.W. (2017) Improving order fulfilment of intermediate core products.

Boer, T.M. de (2017) The CVA trade-off: Capital or P&L.

Weierink, N (2017) Forecast accuracy improvements at a fast moving consumer goods company : How to improve the Raws and Packs material requirements forecast to reduce procurement losses.

Reimert, M.H.A. (2017) The impact of Additive Manufacturing on the life cycle cost of one-off parts at Thales Hengelo.

Putten, F.M.J. van der (2017) Supply Chain Network Redesign.

Jezuita, Lena (2017) Improving the overall customer service level : a case study at Philips.

Gorter, D. (2017) Added value of machine learning in retail credit risk.

Klok, A.B. (2017) A look at energy procurement strategy at an animal feed company.

Samuel, L.N. (2017) Computations in Stochastic Game Theory : large sets of rewards in games with communicating states and frequency-dependent transition probabilities and stage payoffs.

Hof, I (2017) Scheduling all patients within their desired access time by determining a reservation level for the consultation hours.

Stuyver, R. W. (2017) Assessing and redesigning processes in the pharmacy to improve pharmaceutical care.

Altena, Thijs (2017) Better to prevent than regret : gain insight in how to measure the performance of Bolletje's Technical Department to create a preventive maintenance plan.

Veldhuizen, Johan Matthijs (2017) Improving retailers' service level: incorporating the order line size distribution and preventing unsellable stock levels.

Roebers, T. (2017) The impact of interest rate risk-taking on a bank’s profitability : a new dimension to balance sheet improvement.

Voort, Sophie Johanna Maria van der (2017) The assesment of the implementation of the kanban and two-bin method in the logistic process of Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Veenstra, R.F. (2017) Upload! : transportation planning and marketplace for inefficient trips : Construction of the mathematical intelligence of the ‘Upload!’ route planning and marketplace.

Gerdes, S. (2017) Optimising internal benchmarking of mail delivery at PostNL.

Pannekoek, Richard (2017) Bestelstrategie Groothandel.

Dijkstra, J.E. (2017) Improving session planning in the plaster room of Sint Maartenskliniek.

Groot Dengerink, M. (2017) Optimisation strategy of the incoming supply in the sorting process at PostNL depot Hengelo.

Veerbeek, G. (2017) Exploring the influence of multiple parameters on incomplete packages : a simulation study on the influence of multiple parameters and variables at assembly and outbound logistics.

Harder, W.J. (2017) Key Performance Indicators for Smart Grids Master Thesis on Performance Measurement for Smart Grids.

Thomasson, S.A. (2017) Improving forecast performance of LPG demand.

Gijzen, R. (2017) Valuation of an exoskeleton based on the capability approach.

Erp, Giel W. M. van (2017) Applying the Flow Optimization Model: Dynamic Charging on the Dutch National Roads.

Looman, J.H.A. (2017) Mobile applications on the work floor : The use of mobile applications in fast moving consumer goods warehouses.

Ruiter, Bryan (2017) Towards a continuous auditing philosophy.

Vegt, F. van der (2017) Cost analysis of the Wound Expertise Centre at the Isala clinics in Zwolle.

Vreriks, S.F. (2017) New Integrated Warehouse Design Framework And its application at ATAG Benelux BV on the redesign of the distribution warehouse.

Bartels, P.H.G. (2017) Using Quality Improvement Science: Improving theatre operations and minimising the cancellations on the day of surgery due to patients being declared unfit.

Markhorst, E.R. (2017) Simulating the histology laboratory : evaluation of organizational interventions for the histology laboratory through the development of a generalizable Discrete-Event simulation model.

Groeneveld, J. (2017) Developing a routing algorithm and a prediction method for the turtle rescue problem.

Klinkers, L.R. (2017) Non-linearity issues in probability of default modelling.

Haan, H. de (2017) Market Analysis for Unique Featured Heavy Cargo Transportation Vessels.

Schultz, Pim (2017) Using machine-learning models for operational exception handling : a case study at IBM.

Chung, Wai Tun (2017) Modeling ORSA scenarios at APG Group level.

Visser, R. (2017) Increasing flexibility : transition towards anonymous stock : a simulation study on the flow of goods at Voortman Steel Machinery.

Hoogterp, H. (2017) Crop harvesters feed us, but how do we feed them?

Arendshorst, B.J. (2017) The dynamics of IFRS9 on the capital ratio of banks given different economic scenarios.

Dijks, J.P. (2017) Optimization of replacement times of soft parts in gas pressure control systems.

Snijders, T.G.A. (2017) Redesigning a food assembly process at KLM Catering Services.

Pieterse, R.G.M.G. (2017) The use of a marshalling area in the warehouses of Albert Heijn.

Haafkes, W. (2017) More bang for the buck.

Klein Teeselink, J (2017) Empirical study on the existence of Tuned Risk Aversion in option pricing.

Zadelhoff, L.C.S. van (2017) Sound Management at Comfoor - reducing throughput time by simulation based on mathematical capacity modelling.

Bemthuis, R.H. (2017) Development of a planning and control strategy for AGVs in the primary Aluminium industry.

Sterkman, Casper W.J.M. (2017) Planning deviation reduction at HNS.

Schutte, Mayke (2017) In(ventory) control of spare parts at the warehouse of the TD of Bolletje Almelo.

Wentzel, S.J. (2017) Improving warehouse layout design : A study to optimize the warehouse of the hospital of Aruba.

Pris, M. (2017) Developing and Evaluating SIMM Forecasting Models.


Waegemakers, M.W.H. (2016) Validation of the loading constraints in vehicle routing problems.

Erian, Nanda (2016) ESG issues in the palm oil investments : an event study on the listed palm oil companies in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Vinke, P.J. (2016) Dynamic consolidation decisions in a synchromodal environment : Improving the synchromodal control tower.

Bijl, Ir. P.M. (2016) En-route rescheduling of home deliveries : a case study on the home delivery operation of a large retail organization in the Netherlands.

Brummelhuis, Bob (2016) Coping with Variability: Improving the Inbound Process of the VMI Holland Warehouse.

Bedem, S.G. van den (2016) A constructive tool to predict timetable feasibility under user defined constraints.

Sark, E. van (2016) Care on demand - Improving the coordination between the members of the multidisciplinary team of Endocrine Oncology.

Berge, B.B.G. ten (2016) Hoe haalbaar is een tijdige levering van het Bedieningsvoorschrift?

Wit, T.R. de (2016) Collateral damage : creating a credit loss model incorporating a dependency between PD and LGD.

Huurne, T.S. ter (2016) Analysing and improving the performance of the pallet break down process by SUEZ for Scania.

Veger, A.A.L. (2016) Managing the agri-food supply chain - Transporting wheat from farmers to producers.

Smit, T.O. (2016) Designing a corporate bond.

Krediet, A.C. (2016) Developing and testing an APP model for Air Spiralo.

HOL, S.A. (2016) From Straightforward Purchasing to Well-Organized Supply Management in a Decentralized Environment.

Merrienboer, I.A.A.F. van (2016) Reducing production lead time at Zodiac Galleys Europe.

Jong, R. de (2016) Estimating the financial impact of data quality issues.

Hovius, I.C. (2016) Improving purchasing performance of the UMCG : Developing a checklist to identify opportunities for improvement to the health care purchasing process.


Hoeven, M.K. van der (2016) Improving the phasing in and out process at Company X.

Wit, N. de (2016) Development of a Reliable Prediction Method for Urgent Infra-Failure Recovery Times at ProRail B.V.

Scholten, Peter (2016) Efficiency analysis and improvement of the canning line at Grolsch.

Heijndijk, J.J (2016) Performance analysis of New Assets projects at TenneT: A scenario-based simulation study.

Spruijt, T.A. (2016) Increasing capital investment transparency across a multinational matrix organization.

Aalst, G.R. van (2016) Structuring a Whole Life Cost model for the automotive sector.

Zwieten, W. van (2016) Assessment of an innovative outpatient ward: the Lounge.

Brenk, D. van (2016) Reducing waiting times in the pre-anaesthetic clinic of VU University Medical Center.

Hooijman, T.H.J. (2016) On the risk-free rate.

Fontijn, Sven (2016) Internal delivery planning of materials at the tile plant of Struyk Verwo Infra.

Benou, A. (2016) The effects of increased regulation on the performance of pension funds.

Olde Meierink, A.H.R. (2016) Research to practice gap: A qualitative study into the use of visualisation when implementing a new technology.

Boeve, B. (2016) Optimization of the inbound process at Wavin NL : Dealing with variability from dock to stock.

Haring, Mitchel (2016) Omsteltijden bij Coldenhove Papier.

Tijhuis, Ruben J.J. (2016) Improving the handling of special orders at Scania Production Meppel.

Rozema, L. (2016) Extending the control tower at ShipitSmarter: Designing a tool to analyse carrier performance and perform what-if analyses.

Koopman, A.C. (2016) Improving Newminds’ visual scheduling tool; automation of scheduling.

Peltenburg, T.A. (2016) Applying Time-Driven Activity Based Costing in International Mail.

Sisso, T.J.C. (2016) Adaptive and Scalable Urban Traffic Control in an Indian Metropolis.

MULDER, A.L. (2016) A forecasting model of multidisciplinary rehabilitation therapy demand.

Sommers, M.H.P. (2016) Emergencies in planning and planning emergencies : Research to the operating room planning for emergency patients at UMC Utrecht.

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