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Enescu, Cristian-Radu (2024) Improving visibility of inventory risk at Company X.

Hoekstra, Jasper (2024) Building a dashboard for pre-deal evaluation of mergers and acquisitions.

Miocevic, I. (2024) Inventory policy design for chisel tips at Rottink Zuigerverenfabriek.


Agaart, M.J.J. (2023) Assessing the Effect of a Virtual Care Centre on Capacity in an OPAT Care Pathway.

Alberto, Delano (2023) Implementing a responsibility framework at Trioliet.

Almsick, Simon van (2023) Designing a Point-of-Sale System to Decrease Refunded Orders at E-Commerce Platform: Applying the Requirements Engineering Process to Provide Insights into Retailers’ Preferences.

Arens, B.G.J. (2023) Analysing the production waste at a printing company.

Aussaresse, Sarah (2023) Warehousing trends and innovations: best practices.

Bakker, Mirjam (2023) Workload Prediction for the V310 : An application of linear regression and time study to make an estimation on required man hours.

Balha, A. (2023) Increasing fuelling capacity of hydrogen trains while minimising costs at Provincie Groningen : Designing hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in railway.

Bergsma, J.R. (2023) An Optimization of the Reorder Policy at Turff.

Beumer, N.L.A. (2023) Improvement of the overall equipment effectiveness : Reduction in the mechanical changeover process.

Beurden, Jasper van (2023) Circularity and Credit Risk in the Construction Industry.

Bloemendaal, J.A.E. (2023) Improvement of the customer order fulfillment process.

Boekee, F.S.C (2023) Improving the alignment of the AGRI production process at Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Boekhoudt, Daan Fokko (2023) Variation reduction through PMC integration and evaluation.

Bollgoenn, Ole (2023) Assessing the capacity performance of virtual care pathways : a case study of stroke patients in Isala Hospital.

Bon, S.A. (2023) Optimizing tool management processes at Hankamp Gears.

Buursema, K (2023) Using Metrics for Sustainable Employment.

Cho, Halyn (2023) Terra Methodology Refinement: A Proposal of New Methodologies to Measure the Performance of Cement, and Automotive Sectors.

Damhof, Erik-Jan (2023) A combined method to solve the distribution centre location problem in a greenfield approach.

Dan, K. (2023) The optimization of the requesting procedure.

Dijk, Wessel van (2023) Creating insights into the vendor performance at Rodelta Pumps International by means of an interactive vendor rating dashboard.

Dobre, M.N. (2023) An economic evaluation of high-dose-rate brachytherapy utilization for prostate cancer in the United States of America.

Eekelder, L. (2023) The Optimal Model-Based Definition to Reduce Engineering Hours for Besi Packaging.

ElChiwy, M.M.S. (2023) Impact Of Incidental Findings on Radiology.

Elkhouly, Moaaz (2023) Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness of EliteClean Innovations.

Elsawaf, Ahmed (2023) Unlocking operational efficiency through reliable asset data : a case study of maintenance strategies in Company X.

Ergle, Ruta (2023) Enabling the eCMR signing process by implementing e-signature software for Vervo.

Gomaa, AMR (2023) Optimizing the Semi-Automated Production Process at Arvato SCS.

Goor, P.B. van (2023) Analyzing operational risks of the Source-to-Pay process at Nedap N.V.

Goorden, S.B.J. (2023) Determining Operating Room Capacity at Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Groot, Emma (2023) Efficient Allocation of Midwives at the New Setup of the Emergency Medical Center at Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Groot Koerkamp, Erik (2023) Feedstock Research : Feasibility of importing feedstock to the Netherlands.

Gruben, Max (2023) Optimization of inspection process for prevention-experts at a.s.r. Nederland.

Gunnink, B. J. (2023) Determining the Required Spare Parts Inventory to Ensure Military Vehicle Availability.

Haasewinkel, M. (2023) Improving the efficiency of the transfer press at Kvadrat High Performance Textiles.

Heinrich, Carl Vico (2023) Hand luggage overflow prediction at KLM.

Hettema, V.L. (2023) Reducing the collection time of printing orders at Ipskamp Printing.

Hoogendoorn, Y.A. (2023) Using Queueing Theory and simulation to lower the access time to NPOs at UMCU RF&S department.

Huisman, E.H. (2023) A standardised layout data model and visualisation tool to showcase the performance of class-based storage policies in warehouses.

Huizinga, M.J. (2023) Improving the production schedule and scheduling process of ABI.

IJpma, C.F. (2023) Improving the delivery reliability from Company X to its customers by inventory optimization while limiting the increase in overall inventory value.

Ibrahim, M.I. (2023) Visualising Supply versus Demand at X Y Foods to avoid a stock-out situation : A holistic approach.

Jensema, S.J.J. (2023) Improving the storage capacity of Twence’s central warehouse by testing alternative layouts.

Jeurissen, S.G. (2023) Dairy side-stream valorization through the application of microbiological processes.

Jong, Stijn de (2023) Analysing workflows of high dose rate brachytherapy treatments for prostate cancer in the USA.

Kerbert, Coenraad (2023) A MILP Model to Optimize Staffing and Work Schedules with Reusable Resources at SIVO.

Kok, D. (2023) Towards the optimal maintenance process according with the EN-17007 standard.

Koppele, I. M. Z. te (2023) Dashboard on lead times.

Korfage, Stijn (2023) Improvement of the current Service Level Agreement of Denko-ICT.

Kortekaas, Jordi (2023) Optimizing Route Planning for Connected Green’s Customers.

Kraker, L.M. de (2023) Innovation Focus Areas for Cervical Cancer Brachytherapy Treatment in Academic European Hospitals.

Kruif, Iris de (2023) Designing a KPI dashboard for the test process of tape drives at Bluetron.

Langeveld, K.A. (2023) Increasing the revenue from service-provision through servitization.

Lohschelder, A.J.M. (2023) Finding the Impact of Demand Variability in Youth Psychiatry by Workload Forecasting.

Maaskant, R.D. (2023) Increasing the quality of information used in office IT applications by developing a Data Management System and Dashboard.

Nijkamp, L.H. (2023) Improving the 4M analysis performed at Benchmark Electronics.

Ochoa Barnuevo, Marco Luis (2023) Enhancing Baggage Handling Duration Predictions for KLM : A Data-driven and Machine Learning Approach Using Camera and Sensor Data.

Ozo, R.O. (2023) Providing recommendations for reducing mean and variability in attenuation of optical fibre cables at TKF’s end control.

Pedersen, J. (2023) Optimizing the dispatch schedule of Product Y.

Pelleboer, A.J. (2023) Validating results regarding changes in data strategies for Techspread.

Prins, T. (2023) Ordering process optimization of paint at Uw Onderhoudspartner Lenferink.

Putra Raja, Bhinawa (2023) Visualizing Transport Key Performance Using the Open Trip Model Data Messaging Format.

Russchen, Jilmer (2023) Improving production logistics.

Schipper, Kester (2023) Increasing process efficiency at RKT by improving structure and communication.

Schuppert, W.L.C. (2023) Optimizing computed tomography scan scheduling for sustainable energy usage : a simulation study at Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Segerink, Bram (2023) Improving the overall quality of the warehouse of Siers Installatietechniek.

Tanev, Nisho (2023) Optimizing Shipment Consolidation for a Logistic Hub at E. van Wijk Forwarding.

Teunissen, Wouter (2023) Investigating Financial Valuation Models of Newsletter firms.

Thiescheffer, J.H.C. (2023) Cost-Effective Energy Optimization at a Metal Processing Company.

Torken, E.J.M. (2023) Applying the principles of evidence-based management in Agile project teams : a case study of Post-NL e-fulfilment.

Trabitzsch, C. (2023) Optimizing Treatment Selection for Localized Prostate Cancer Patients in Germany.

Uden, B.W. van (2023) Allocation and scheduling of incident general leaders at ProRail.

Vennegoor, S.R.J. (2023) Lot-sizing methods for purchasing materials.

Verheul, Pim (2023) Transforming Digital Ordering : Enhancements for Improved Customer Experience.

Vermeulen, B.H.W. (2023) A simulation study for improving the warehousing strategy at Pentair X-Flow.

Vlastuin, A. van (2023) Using Machine Learning to Improve the Cost Estimation Process at a Versatile Manufacturing Company.

Wang, C.Q. (2023) Minimizing deviations in projects regarding Infrastructure & Mobility at Witteveen+Bos.

Water, G.H. van de (2023) Designing a framework to gain insight into the automation of defect management at NLR.

Weibull, C.R.P. (2023) Introducing Block Scheduling in a Home Care Environment at TWB.

Wijlens, Y.M.A. (2023) A Literature-based Approach to Improving the Digital Matchmaking Tool of BedrijvenWijzer.

Wossink, D. (2023) Inventory management at Veld Koeltechniek B.V.

Zandschulp, L.J. van de (2023) Design of a framework and warehouse facility at ROSEN Europe.


Abdelmaksoud, Omar (2022) Assessing the Impacts of Remote Patient Monitoring on the Capacity and Financial Performance of Isala Hospital.

Aldayeh, A. (2022) Spare-parts costs and process management optimization.

Aleksandrov, A. (2022) Evaluating the sustainability of a technology by performing a supply chain analysis.

Assink, J.G. (2022) Estimating workload through forecasting and monitoring processing times.

Baas, T. (2022) Creating standardized process mining applications based on the open trip model.

Bakker, I.J. (2022) Creating insight into the performance of the warehouse processes of a logistics company with a dashboard.

Bansal, A. (2022) Building a value-assessment framework for 4Industry.

Beurs, J.A. de (2022) Decreasing the time spent on administrative actions in the scheduling process of TenCate Geosynthetics.

Blankenvoorde, N.J. (2022) Optimization of the order-to-cash process.

Boer, Nick (2022) Increasing insight into manufacturing operations by developing a reporting strategy.

Bon, X.T.M. (2022) Humanitarian Drone Logistics after a flooding event : assessing the effects cargo drones can have on relief operations.

Borggreve, P.J.P. (2022) Designing a Cash-Flow Model to assess Service Requests.

Borren, J. (2022) Supporting an agile working environment for the Information Provision Department at Menzis.

Broekman, Davy (2022) Implementing third-party logistics to decrease the lead times of Flying Fish eFoils.

Brouwer, B.A. de (2022) From Candidate To Employee : optimizing the job application process at Ecare.

Derwig, M.H.B. (2022) Saving Space and Improving Efficiency in the Assembly Department.

Diepenmaat, L.G. (2022) Improving the cost estimation process at VDL Energy Systems.

Diermen, M. van (2022) Improving the production planning of Gietart Kaltenbach.

Eid, Sherif (2022) Yard Management Improvements in the Outbound Logistics Department at PepsiCo Veurne.

Eldik, J.E. van (2022) Using forecasting to improve production planning at Wouter Witzel.

Engelen, Julian van (2022) Improving routes of a repair company.

Flach, M.A. (2022) Reducing the number of failures during piston ring production.

Franken, D.G.M. (2022) Designing a dashboard for the sales department of Company X.

Goeij, M.A.A. de (2022) Improving the production process of shuttering slabs at Company X.

Groot, G.J.L. de (2022) Evaluative study on the maturity of Bender Groep's information systems utilization.

Groot, M.J.A. de (2022) Sustainability of the HVAC systems in the clinical operating room department.

Harperink, Ferran (2022) Improving process efficiency by applying lean.

Hobbelink, K.W.H. (2022) Standardisation quality improvement process and management reporting.

Horn, D.M.J. van (2022) Process improvement using machine learning.

Idema, N.B. (2022) Improving the utilisation of AI Ops analyses by improving the quality of incident logging data.

Isnaynizahra, N. (2022) Dashboard as a decision support tool to minimize empty miles in shipping network : locating region for improvement.

Kazaferi, A. (2022) UAVs for humanitarian aid : simulation study for Dhading and Nuwakot (Nepal 2015).

Keur, J.H.J. (2022) Improving throughput rate of handling return shipments at DHL Parcel (E-Commerce).

Kijk in de Vegte, A. (2022) The impact of product Y of company X on corporate social responsibility.

Klaassen, M.A.M (2022) The Optimization of the Planning Process of Company X.

Klein Koerkamp, D. (2022) Designing a tool for emission forecasting at construction projects.

Kondova, L.D. (2022) Optimizing the Internal Processes by Implementing a Project Management Software System at ASG Nederland.

Koobs, B.A. (2022) Determining the best maintenance strategy per asset using failure rates at Allinq.

Kosters, S.W.L.G. (2022) Increasing the throughput by designing the logistical process.

Kroep, K. (2022) Optimizing the inventory replenishment planning policy at Mantel Arnhem BV.

Looms, T.J. (2022) Improving the automated dosing system of an industrial food production company.

Lubbers, Lars (2022) Logistics implementation of colon surgery in day-care at Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Lute, S. (2022) Improving retailers' inventory updates in an online shopping platform : establishing a method for real-time inventory connection.

Mastebroek, M. (2022) Developing a more advanced and insightful cost price model.

Mayer, Tom (2022) Improving the Service Level by Implementing a Nearshoring Sourcing Strategy.

Meulenbroek, N. (2022) Improving reliability of the supply of building materials at Dura Vermeer.

Miedema, M.N.G. (2022) Creating insights, KPIs, visualizations and a dashboard of the operational residual streams’ performance regarding the circularity goals of Company X.

Mulder, P.P.G (2022) Getting insight into the value of Port of Twente for the region of Twente.

Nicklin, J.M. (2022) Improving forecasting using imperfect advanced demand information.

Nieuwenhuizen, Thomas (2022) Optimizing production performance of the Filling Lines of Euroma.

Nijs, Luuk (2022) Impact of the weekday-effect on stroke care in Slingeland Hospital.

Ommeren, M.A.J. van (2022) Investing in repacking.

Oost, E.C.M. van (2022) Improving the storage process of aluminum at Twentsche Kabelfabriek : reducing quality issues.

Petkova, B.D. (2022) Impact analysis of a modal shift for EMONS 2WIN cargo business unit.

Phijffer, S.R. (2022) Decreasing the down time in the factory due to delivery delays after moving to a new dedicated distribution center.

Pol, S.J.B. van der (2022) The visualization of efficiency and performance with the use of dashboards.

Prins, S.A. (2022) Creating a Tailored Analysing Methodology for VMI.

Renskers, G.A.W. (2022) Improving the lead time of consumable deliveries at Company X.

Ruiter, J.B.C. de (2022) Reducing process variation on the Coating line at TKF by implementing a statistical analysis method.

Sowareldahab, M. (2022) Reducing Isala’s operating room waste: A case study with a circular approach.

Staal, L.K. (2022) Improving the appointment scheduling at the day-care ward : a simulation study.

Tijink, K.E. (2022) Enlarging the warehouse capacity by improving the layout and the storage policy.

Tong, Mr. Su (2022) Improving the outbound ability and efficiency at Jingdong Logistics (Netherlands) B.V.

Toorn, L.J. van der (2022) Improving the Client Contact Centra, a BPMN approach.

Traas, Max (2022) Disturbance Maintenance Labor Hour Modeling.

Turkstra, Daniëlle (2022) Visualize the carbon footprint of MSG.

Vaatstra, H.S.J. (2022) Optimising the safety of crossing railroads to aim for a safer rail net.

Veenman, F.N.A. (2022) Realigning the tactical- and operational information systems within Gietart Kaltenbach.

Veldhuis, Justin (2022) Improving the Travel compensation plan of Betsy.

Verkerk, Lotte (2022) Improving the planning process by developing a forecasting model : predicting future demand based on historical information.

Veuger, D.H.W. (2022) A Research on which panel bender Pan Oston should implement in the production process.

Voogt, P.S. (2022) Building a Business Intelligence system for the UnionShop to support managerial decisions.

Vroemen, S.H.J. (2022) Reducing throughput time of static Machine Support Frames at Mecal.

Wagner, M. (2022) Redesigning the service supply chain network of ASML in the United States.

Wang, C. (2022) Improving the efficiency of the return process : the case of JD Logistics warehouse.

Wijst, N.J.M. van der (2022) A new decision support system for managing spare parts : avoiding unplanned downtime.

Willems, M.C.M. (2022) Increasing utillization by using autonomous production at a gear production company.

Zheng, Y.F. (2022) Process mining on FIFA controller data.

Zuidema, Dennis (2022) Work Breakdown Structure as a method for planning and control at Nijhuis Bouw.

Zwiers, M.A. (2022) Improving the production rate and decreasing the variation within the delivery times of Instalsolutions.


Abbink, R.J.C.M. (2021) Optimizing operations at an orthopaedic hospital. Forecasting patient distributions and implementing strategies.

Akgül, E. (2021) Improving inventory management through demand forecasting at Bronkhorst High-Tech.

Ambergen, T.J. (2021) Visualizing supplier quality performance in an interactive dashboard.

Beekman, Y.A. (2021) The perfect forecast for cycling.

Beermann, Bart (2021) Optimising the ordering policy for overseas-transported products by quantitatively forecasting demand.

Beltman, J.F. (2021) Predicting construction costs in the program phase of the construction process: a machine learning approach.

Benneker, Bram G. (2021) Development of a Cost Price Model to Support Bid Price Estimation.

Berenpas, V. (2021) Faster to the loading dock : the movement of pallets with paper.

Berg, S.C.B. van den (2021) A simulation-based serious game in appointment scheduling for service facilities in health care.

Best, Sarah de (2021) Improving the decision-making process of sustainable renovation projects in the construction sector.

Beusenberg, Mick (2021) Optimising the Customer Service and Support Department of BrixCRM.

Blume, M. (2021) Service for craft brewing industry : finding an optimal after-sales service provision for a new beer membrane filtration system.

Bos, Maxim (2021) Improving production performance.

Bos, T.W. (2021) Improving Circularity of the Plastics Supply Chain in The Netherlands.

Boxel, N van (2021) Reducing waiting times in an engineer-to-order production environment.

Brink, J.J. van den (2021) Developing a new storage allocation method for Company X’s order picking warehouse.

Cate, M.H.W. ten (2021) Providing insight into the price deviations between purchase orders and invoices at Company X.

Chen, D.T. (2021) Development of geometric quality indicator for railway switches.

Cijffers, C.J. (2021) Productivity in the transport hall.

Dasbach, A.C. (2021) Getting insight into the bookkeeping department at Emons Group : analysing processes and making them more efficient.

Derkx, L.L.J. (2021) Developing a maturity model for Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland by identifying needs, to create a supporting base and cooperation between the units.

Duwe, Sven (2021) Clarifying the unknown workload in a startup using Business Process Modeling.

Ekeris, K.C.H. van (2021) Creating a planning tool for company X.

Elsafty, Mohamed (2021) Process Optimization for the Order Management Department at Emons Group B.V.

Feddema, J.B. (2021) Optimising the data acquisition and data delivery of the WenS process at ProRail.

Geerts, F.M.P. (2021) Optimizing the online customer journey of Sentio.

Graf zu Ortenburg, C.A.A. (2021) The alignment between business departments and the IT by means of processes.

Greenan, M.A.T (2021) Cost Price Calculator : recommendations on improving the quotation process.

Grootte Bromhaar, I.G.H. (2021) Improving the labour utilisation in the product finishing process.

Haan, W.J. (2021) How can process mining be used to identify Robotic Process Automation opportunities?

Hazewindus, Thomas (2021) Realising sustainability policy goals through green public procurement.

Hoogendoorn, J.A. (2021) Design of a developer tool to make the impact of events or decisions visual at Senz Interim.

Hoogenraad, Willemien (2021) Improving the process of in- and outgoing goods at a construction company.

Hopman, R. (2021) Manual assembly line efficiency improvement.

Hoxhaj, Noel (2021) Measuring performance objectives of "Planning" department at Emons Group.

Huizingh, Tom (2021) Improving a Vehicle Routing Problem algorithm at Districon.

Ipskamp, Maarten (2021) Centralizing the logistics of De Voedselbank.

Jansen, W.S. (2021) Visualizing incoming goods and suppliers.

Jongejan, M.R. (2021) Introducing maintenance performance management at dairy producer X : managing the adaptation of preventive maintenance for the maintenance department.

Kaak, S.S.J. (2021) The flow at Van Raam.

Kamberi, Kevin (2021) Improving cost tracking and allocation methods at Emons Group.

Keen, J.A. (2021) Is the implementation of material T feasible, in technical and financial terms?

Keijzer, A.L. (2021) The improvements in inventory management with a service control tower.

Kessel, M. van (2021) Improving a data conversion process.

Kienhuis, W.J.A. (2021) Creating a method which improves the implementation and content creation process within the ProductivityPerformer.

Kingma, Leon R. (2021) Optimization of the relation between financial and sportive performance for football club Go Ahead Eagles.

Klaas, Ruben (2021) Minimizing the internal costs for the new battery container at Company X.

Koers, Roy (2021) Decreasing the error-susceptibility of the current administration process of PMC 1 at the company.

Kok, L.W. (2021) Modelling the total cost of ownership of stock materials at VDL Energy Systems.

Korkut, E. (2021) Logistics and cost analysis at CORE Chemistry.

Kruger, M. (2021) Creating a portfolio of the applications at Traffic Today.

Kruit, M.N. (2021) Increasing the EMVI score by developing a dashboard.

Kösters, D.M (2021) An improvement to the refill process of vending machines : a thesis about demand analysis, product range improvement and review period calculation.

Laak, T. ter (2021) Improving the flow of production materials at company X.

Laar, A.C. van (2021) Improving a data management process using business-to-business integration.

Lamers, B.G.H. (2021) Reducing waste by improving sheet metal efficiency.

Lanjouw, Mirthe (2021) The road to preventive and predictive maintenance for the CombiPlast.

Leeuwe, N.I. (2021) Textile waste reduction : a case study for TexPlus.

Leuverink, J. (2021) The eggficient Prinzen, Insights in the throughput time.

Lupulescu, Marius-Adrian (2021) High-tech Venture Capitalist’ Investment Criteria for early- and late-stage ventures in the Origination Phase of the Investment Process.

Mansour, Noor (2021) Developing a Digital Serious Game for Healthcare Logistics: Appointment Scheduling of Elective Surgical Patients in the Operating Room.

Mussche, G. (2021) Improving the overall equipment effectiveness of a cutting and planing line by eliminating short stops.

Nijhuis, C.G. (2021) Analyzing the production capacity of Company X.

Nonhof, Lisa (2021) Designing the Current ERP System of Gietart Kaltenbach.

Oosterom, M.T. van (2021) Barriers regarding information-exchange required for the performance management of canal lock maintenance by RWS Oost.

Pelgröm, F. (2021) Waarom staat de productie stil? : Het herontwerpen van een productieproces bij DCW.

Peters, S. (2021) To save, spend or invest : working towards a more balanced view of a municipality’s performance.

Plomp, M.A. (2021) The next step in the electronics manufacturing supply chain : reducing obsolete components at Global Electronics B.V.

Post, L.J.M. (2021) Methodology Development for Cycle Packaging : creating a method and corresponding software for a logistical problem within VDL ETG Almelo.

Prinsenberg, F.N. (2021) Redesign manual clamp control.

Rienstra, Wessel (2021) Choosing between centralized and decentralized logistics for food banks in the region Twente-Salland.

Roelink, Daniël (2021) Improving the batch handling of the container-series line at Easy Sanitary Solutions.

Roelofs, B.G.J. (2021) Optimal management of delivery costs.

Rusch, N.D. (2021) Core decisions for anchoring circularity ambitions into workable measures or practices for the construction sector at Witteveen+Bos.

Sambeek, G.J. van (2021) Improving the end-to-end process flow of the repair service at Thales Naval Netherlands.

Santen, J.J. van (2021) The Integrated User Experience.

Sanz González, Ernesto Luis (2021) Production lead times analysis at Vernay.

Scalzotto, M. (2021) Using enterprise architecture analytics to improve order management : a case study.

Schotman, M. (2021) Improving the decentral performance management.

Segerink, Anton (2021) Ontwikkeling van een BPM IT-oplossing voor productiviteitsvisualisatie in een magazijn.

Sikosek, R.L. (2021) Implementing product-service systems at Koskamp.

Slavova, S.I. (2021) Predicting the occupancy rates of truck parking locations : a machine learning approach.

Smellink, E.M.L. (2021) Improving ordering and acquisition of learning resources.

Snieder, D.A. (2021) Finding a common understanding surrounding lead times : a procurement process analysis in a make-to-order setting.

Stokkers, D. (2021) Monitoring the cost accounting at Company X.

Sturm, Hanna .E (2021) Preventive maintenance and inventory model using failure rates.

Thelen, E.A.H. (2021) Evaluating the return process of international books at Company X.

Ungrund, Philipp (2021) Developing a Web-based Tool for Teaching the Effects of Pooling on Queueing Systems.

Vafi, M.A. (2021) Process mining applied to League of Legends to achieve performance insight by using API data extraction.

Vegt, C.R. van der (2021) Analysing and visualising data to improve the productivity level of an Agile organised company.

Vincent, Willem (2021) Reducing inventory while attaining the desired service performance.

Vlaswinkel, Emma A. (2021) Monitoring the Repeated Calls at IKEA.

Wieringa, J.K. (2021) Bot for continuing airworthiness : proof of concept for passenger carrying drones.

Wit, L.J. de (2021) Optimising the planning process for the field service of REMONDIS Smart Infra.

Yaǧci, I.T. (2021) Performance measurement by implementing Key Performance Indicators for the Gemeente Enschede.

Zanechalová, R. (2021) Improvement of information sharing within the maintenance reporting process.

Zentveld, B.N. (2021) Optimising the batch sizes and inventory parameters for Twentsche Kabelfabriek BV.

el bou Messaoudi, Ferial (2021) Supporting Infotopics in finding user cases to apply a business Process Mining solution.


Baalbergen, M.M. (2020) Monitor KPIs with a performance dashboard.

Beeldman, Sander (2020) The automation of the material handling process at company X.

Berg, D.A.B. van den (2020) Whether wetter weather is better.

Boer, R. de (2020) Woven PP supply chain optimization.

Boerman, D.A. (2020) Reporting on Cybersecurity Performance.

Bont, D. de (2020) Een nieuwe planningsmethode en de iMPact op planningsmanagement : de toegevoegde waarde van een probabilistische benadering.

Brink, Wessel Van den (2020) Purchasing performance measurement through selecting and implementing key performance indicators.

Cheret, Quentin (2020) Production line efficiency improvement.

Dongen, J.A. van (2020) Reducing the throughput time at machine-builder X.

Dort, D.J.A. van (2020) Changing webshops as we know them : supporting customers to be in control.

Eerden, P. (2020) The potential of unmanned cargo aircraft for a logistics service provider.

Egberink, J.T. (2020) Optimizing the processing of purchasing invoices.

Eidhof, M.S. (2020) Optimising the ATQP-process at Company X.

Eijk, M.W. van (2020) Increasing the accuracy of cost accounting at company X.

Evers, DSR (2020) A formative evaluation, of a workflow management system to integrate contracting and procurement processes at Company X, a case study.

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