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Aldenkamp, M.A. (2024) Soft Robotics Joystick using 3-D Printed Piezoresistive Sensors with Digital Avatar Interface.

Alst, L.W.D. van (2024) Patiëntparticipatie in onderzoek : De ervaringen, verwachtingen, belemmerende en bevorderende factoren en ondersteuningsbehoeften van onderzoekers werkzaam in onderzoeksconsortium CONTRAST.

Amorij, B.M.A.C. and Hendriksen, S.A. and lutke Schipholt, I. (2024) StreamFlex: Performance of a Steerable Laparoscopic Aspirator Irrigator in a Preclinical Setting : Evaluation of the Performance of the StreamFlex during Robotic-Assisted Hepatectomies.

Andreoli, D.S. (2024) Proteome secretion analysis from PCa cell lines using optical and electrochemical measuring methods.

Anthonijsz, Carmen Derya and Conijn, Mats Harmen and Lam, Marlène 't and Vreese, Jorrit de (2024) A standardized workflow for qualitative 3D models for patients who qualify for RAPN.

Arts, BSc L.A.P. (2024) Continuous transcutaneous diaphragmatic electromyography measurements in preterm infants.

Baeten, Kim and Bouma, Ward and Goeij, Femke de (2024) Voorspellers van de opnameduur in de geriatrische revalidatiezorg bij ouderen met een heupfractuur bepalen door middel van continue monitoring van fysieke activiteit met een MOX-sensor.

Bakker, J.R.P. (2024) Towards a software-based workflow for manufacturing 3D printed transtibial prostheses in Sierra Leone.

Barkel, M.S. and Bijlsma, A. and Boddeke, M.M. and Dragt, C.J.E. (2024) Gepersonaliseerde Predictie van Bloedglucosewaarden bij Opgenomen Diabetespatiënten.

Barmentlo, E. and Wijgman, C.W. and Tillaart, K. van den (2024) Betrouwbare en gebruiksvriendelijke semiautomatische bepaling van femorale anteversie vanuit CT.

Bartels, Britt and Pelgrim, Lewi and Wassenaar, Ilana and Heijkant, Anouska van den (2024) Tracking the waves : electrical wave mapping of atrial fibrillation.

Batenburg, C. (2024) Social, Cultural and Personal Determinants of Antibiotic Prescribing for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in West European Primary Care: A Systematic Review and In-Depth Interview Study.

Beek, E.J.A. van (2024) Variation in the use of ultra-hypofractionated irradiation in breast cancer in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beijersbergen van Henegouwen, D.G. (2024) Design of a 3D printed device for monosize microbubble production on a chip.

Berg, A.M. van den (2024) Automated skin prick test reading using digital photography: An optimized correction for the camera perspective and arm curvature for accurate wheal size measurement.

Berg, J. van den (2024) Cost-effectiveness of a self-management intervention for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and common comorbidities.

Berg, L.J.J. van den (2024) Advancing Bihormonal Closed-Loop Systems: The Role of Glucagon in Glucose Management of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.

Berge, Sam ten (2024) Hoe vetter, hoe better : Een exploratief onderzoek naar de toepassing van humor in leefstijlinterventies bij mannen ter bevordering van de therapietrouwheid.

Boersma, O.J. and Stal, B. ter and Simonides, R.M. and Haaren, Z. van (2024) Item availability restricted.

Bom, E.L. and Proost, Z. and Wolken, M.L. and Winterman, T.P.G. (2024) Kwaliteit, gebruiksvriendelijkheid en duurzaamheid van saturatiemetingen bij kinderen tot 1 jaar : Een pilotstudie naar het vergelijken van de saturatiesensoren en -monitoren in het Deventer Ziekenhuis.

Bonhof, Linde (2024) Kwalitatief onderzoek naar belemmerende en bevorderende factoren voor het gebruik van een thuismonitoring app in het zorgproces van patiënten met chronisch hartfalen.

Bouwen, Inez (2024) Recurrence analysis in T4 breast cancer in the Netherlands : A population-based study.

Braam, I. and Goedhart, B.W. and Posthumus, F. and Pouwels, S.J. (2024) Preoperative 3D patient-specific imaging of individual pulmonary segments based on intersegmental veins compared to bronchopulmonary segmentation for minimally invasive resection of lung tumours.

Brink, F. van den (2024) De invloed van de energiecrisis op de motivatie tot het energiebesparend gedrag van jongvolwassenen.

Broeke, J.E. ten (2024) The miniECG, towards implementation into clinical practice.

Brouwer, S.E.P.G. and Loomans, S.G.A. and Ron, J.I. (2024) Monitoring preterm infants : how should monitoring data be interpreted?

Buijs, H.R. (2024) The impact of enhanced recovery on opioid intake after colorectal and small bowel surgery.

Burg, J. P. van der (2024) Determination of the durations and variations in the workflow of brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer according to the EMBRACE II protocol between academic centres in the Netherlands and analysis of the impact of MR-imaging on these brachytherapy workflows.

Chatrou, J.F. (2024) De invloed van methodeafhankelijke factoren op het behalen van een convectievolume van ≥ 23 L bij hemodiafiltratie bij patiënten met nierfalen van het dialysecentrum te Apeldoorn.

Coco Martin, F.S. (2024) Characterization of IRONSperm clusters : the effect of frequency actuation, concentration, shape and composition.

Corbiere, L.B. (2024) Item availability restricted.

Dalen, E.M. van (2024) Prediction of post-induction hypotension using machine learning.

Dalenoord, F. (2024) Item availability restricted.

Dam, R.E. (2024) Controlling metal-protein interactions : the effect of molecular spacer and encapsulin on picocavities.

Damen, D. (2024) The power of play; Developing and evaluating a sensor enhanced plushie as an interaction tool to robot MiRo to improve and assess the wellbeing of post-operative children.

Dielis, IJf and Peet, Sven van der and Verlaak, Mats (2024) Sub analysis of skin sympathetic nerve activity in healthy subjects : Design for conducting non-invasive measurements of the skin sympathetic nerve activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.

Diermen, N. van (2024) Examining the timeliness of clinical discharge letters : evaluating processes for dispatching letters within 24 hours.

Dirks, E.H.M. (2024) Towards a Digital Twin of the Epileptic Brain Network in Patients with Medically Refractory Focal Epilepsy.

Dol, Karlijn (2024) The Success of Citizen Initiatives in Residential Care for the Elderly : Exploring the factors and barriers to the implementation and sustainability of citizen initiatives in the Netherlands.

Dorp, Y. van and Engelen, G. van and Hendriks, B. and Verberkt, M. (2024) Innovative treatment of Aspergillus infecting a lung cavity.

Dubbink, G.D. (2024) Betrekken van patiënten bij onderzoeken van onderzoeksconsortium CONTRAST : Het realiseren van participatiebehoeften en –wensen.

Duikersloot, Eline M. (2024) The Potential of Interactive Virtual Reality Technology to Improve the Guidance of Forensic Inpatients : A Qualitative Study.

Elbers, J.S. and Grob, R.L. and Jansen, T.R. and Schouteten, D.R.J. (2024) Zuurstoftherapieën en diabetische voetulcera; de weg naar een representatief fantoom.

Folkert, L.S. (2024) Evaluation of variation in oesophagus and gastric cancer care and the impact of supra-regional multidisciplinary team meetings in the Managed Clinical Network in the Northeast of the Netherlands.

Franke, Myrthe (2024) The feasibility of virtual reality as exercise therapy for axial spondyloarthritis in a home and a physiotherapy setting (a mixed method study, from a multi-disciplinary perspective).

Gaethofs, Damian (2024) Adaptive control of kinova assistive robotic arm.

Gelinck, H.M. (2024) De invloed van patiëntafhankelijke factoren op het behalen van een convectievolume groter dan 23 L bij hemodiafiltratie bij patiënten met nierfalen van het dialysecentrum te Apeldoorn : Een retrospectief kwantitatief cohortonderzoek.

Geurtsen, A.E (2024) Optimizing the design of a dynamic cardiac phantom for MR guided intervention training.

Gringhuis, M.J.H. (2024) Non-Contact Measurement of Heart Rate Independent of Skin Tone and Environment Light Using Near-Infrared Illumination.

Grotel, Silvie van (2024) Combining breath analysis and clinical variables for improved diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

Haanschoten, J. (2024) Implementation analysis of a second generation pulsed water jet device for precision tissue cutting.

Harbers, J.R. (2024) Design of an Electric Circuit using Thin Film Transistors and Fuel Cells to Generate a Magnetic Moment.

Haren, S.L. van (2024) The effects of NR-TMS language mapping on brain activity using HD-EEG : from setup to analysis.

Hassing, Lize (2024) Coupling and release of MMP9 VHHs in HA-TA/Dex-TA Hydrogels and the effectiveness of the VHH in vitro.

Heegde, K.G.H. ter (2024) Design and Development of a Computational Framework for Patient-Specific Preoperative Planning of Robotics-Assisted Minimally Invasive FEVAR Interventions.

Heiligenberg, J. van den (2024) The Assessment of Morphologic Bilateral Asymmetry in Knees with and without Trochlear Dysplasia.

Heres, R.L. (2024) Cerebral hemodynamics in a population at risk of dementia​.

Hester, BSc L. (2024) The dynamics of the infrarenal neck after endovascular aneurysm repair of infrarenal aortic aneurysms.

Hilbrants, ir. MSc K.Y. (2024) Development of a Machine Learning Model to Detect Freezing of Gait in Parkinson Patients.

Horsthuis, Nina (2024) Relatie tussen het gebruik van het telerevalidatieportaal en de mate van empowerment en zelfregie van ouders waarvan het kind revalideert.

Hove, J.H. ten (2024) Analyzing the protein complex formation of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein and α-Synuclein.

Hove, Peter ten (2024) School social work : from an individual approach towards a collective approach.

Huisman, M.A. (2024) Prototype recommender system for patients with cardiovascular disease : making physical activity recommendations.

Hutten, H. and Kruijs, B.W.H.J. van de and Riel, V.S.A. van and Stougie, A.T. (2024) Item availability restricted.

Jager, ir. K.E. de (2024) Assessment of a smart sensor to measure nocturnal erections.

Jong, B.Z. de (2024) Assessing changes in EEG functional connectivity after dual-site transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation for varied phase lags.

Jonkman, L. and Rubingh, D.B. and Schipper, J.W. and Wigger, V.S. (2024) Het effect van fototherapie op de temperatuur van (extreem) prematuren met ongeconjugeerde hyperbilirubinemie in een couveuse.

Joostens, E. (2024) Investigating the effect of the digital Patient Benefit Assessment Scale, a goals-based tool, on patient-centered outcomes in the healthcare process.

Kaishev, Simeon (2024) Converting OntoUML Diagram Images into Machine-Processable Formats to Enhance the Usability of Models.

Kamperman, Lieke (2024) Exploring Stride-Specific Transitioning Functions to Estimate Ground Reaction Forces and Joint Moments Based Solely on Inertial Measurement Units: A Proof of Concept.

Kamphuis, Danique (2024) Women's Experiences from Breast Cancer Diagnosis to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy at MST (CABRIO-Study).

Karstanje, Eline (2024) Virtual surgical planning in DIEP flap breast reconstructions : How to plan DIEP flap volume?

Keurhorst, J.A. (2024) Enhancing Diabetic Foot Ulcer Risk Assessment in the VVT Sector : The Added Value of Thermal Imaging in Periodic Screening.

Khasuntsev, P. (2024) Effectiveness of phishing in healthcare: A meta-analysis.

Kloppers, Rianne (2024) Gezondheid op maat: het personaliseren van lifestyle-apps voor een betere geestelijke gezondheid.

Kolk, A.D. van der (2024) Bevorderen patiëntenregie en gezamenlijke besluitvorming.

Kolkman, S.W.L. (2024) Delphi onderzoek: Identificatie van maatgevende indicatoren bij het Beweegpark in Denekamp, Elke Tukker Bewust Gezond.

Kolsteeg, I.M. (2024) The position of self-governance and recovery centres in implementing the IZA mission to realise a national network of low-threshold support centres.

Koopmans, Sophie (2024) Release of microplastics from plastic baby bottles.

Koops, I.S. and Laar, A.H.S. van and Zaagsma, J. (2024) Eindsystolische Druk-Volume Relatie tijdens Positieve Drukbeademing.

Kramers, I.M. (2024) Design and Assessment of an XR-guided MRI Interface and Intuitive Scan-plane Control.

Kroese, Niels J.J. (2024) A novel 3D-bioprinting platform for the formation of dense tissue fibres from dilute Newtonian bioinks deposited into thixotropic Xanthan Gum Embedding Baths.

Krom, Rogier (2024) Predicting Length of Stay after nephrectomy.

Kuijpers, F.R.R. and Rooij, E.S. de and Bremmer, A.N. and Brok, M.F. den (2024) Analysing the relation between surface electromyography and oesophageal measured electrical activity of the diaphragm as a way of monitoring mechanically ventilated children.

Lammens, Vera (2024) Designing and developing a working prototype for measuring the flowrate and composition of human breast milk.

Lange, Roos de (2024) The use of invasively-measured haemodynamics to assess paravalvular regurgitation during transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Leeraar, Ilse and Mulder, Bernard and Spiegelenberg, Thijs (2024) Differences in EMG pre-processing between ReSurfEMG and Polybench in Patient-Ventilator Asynchrony detection for individualised tailoring of mechanical ventilation in critically ill children.

Lemmens, L.F.P. (2024) Needle tissue interaction modelling for enhancement of feedback accuracy during biopsies.

Loohuis, J.A.N. (2024) Fysieke lifestyleapps en gedragsverandering: Een analyse van gebruikersmotivaties en -ervaringen.

Loosveld, L.H.G. (2024) Source reconstruction of ANT-DBS induced evoked potentials and epileptiform discharges in patients with refractory epilepsy.

Lubbers, N.S. (2024) The effect of skin pigmentation on the imaging performance in photoacoustic breast tomography.

Lubbers, N.S. (2024) The effect of skin pigmentation on the imaging performance in photoacoustic breast tomography.

Luft, Renske (2024) Beïnvloedende factoren op het gebruik van het telerevalidatieportaal door zorgverleners bij de revalidatiebehandeling van patiënten met chronische pijn.

Mamuzic, Ms. Monica (2024) Gamification en voedingsproblemen: effecten op motivatie, betrokkenheid en gedragsveranderingen.

Martens, Thomas J. (2024) Comparison of different electrode meshing methods regarding the electric field simulation of deep brain stimulation.

Meijering, P.A. (2024) Multi-responsive multisegment shape memory polymer structure: a proof of concept.

Mijle Meijer, Joep K. van der (2024) Advancing Control Methods for Biohybrid Microrobots : A Focus on Vertical Rolling Locomotion.

Mooiweer, R.A.E. (2024) Assessing Motoneuron Model Optimization and Parameter Sensitivity by Gamma-Factor.

Moussally, Naya (2024) An assessment of operating room scheduling practices in Dutch hospitals : Why is surgery scheduling still a manual task?

Muijen, Nienke (2024) Objective assessment for tracheomalacia severity in neonates born with an esophageal atresia.

Mulder, Iris (2024) Localization and Planar Control of Nanoparticle-Coated Sperm Cells In Vitro.

Mört, Jelle (2024) The influence of shear stress on Human Mammary Fibroblast to induce CAF-like characteristics.

Nab, L.D. (2024) Attitudes van zorgmedewerkers in de epilepsiezorg ten opzichte van de ontwikkeling en implementatie van generatieve artificiële intelligentie.

Nijrolder, Dewi (2024) Innovaties in wondbeoordeling : Het potentieel van digitale wondbeoordelingstechnologieën bij Marga Klompé.

Noort, Luc van (2024) Sensor Framework For Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Ankle Foot Orthosis : Development and Technical Validation.

Oonk, K.T. (2024) APTw imaging in Paediatric low-grade Gliomas during Treatment at 7T.

Oosterbroek, Bram (2024) Optimization of the Implican Colorectal Anastamotic Device.

Oosterling, D. (2024) Reactive Balance Recovery during Perturbed Walking in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Patients.

Ottens, T.L. and Groot, L.T. de and Bode, N.L. and Engel, R.B. van den (2024) Een nieuw hybride concept van Total Contact Cast een patient specifieke zool voor offloading van plantaire diabetische drukulcera : voorkomen van onnodige amputaties?

Oude Griep, G.J. (2024) Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion with Virtual Surgical Planning : Early Cost-Effectiveness analysis from a Dutch Societal Perspective.

Peters, Okke (2024) Probing the vibrational modes of proteins diffusing on a charged plasmonic surface.

Pilon, A.J.M. (2024) Advancements in the classification of orbital fractures.

Radhakrishnan Senthilkumaran, Swathika (2024) Arrhythmia-on-a-chip : Modeling cardiac arrhythmia on chip: Investigating anti-arrhythmic drug responses and assessing the impact of structural deformities on signal propagation.

Rakers, S.J.R. (2024) Generatieve AI in de gezondheidszorg : Sociale-, technologische- en organisatorische factoren die invloed hebben op de houding van zorgmedewerkers tegenover generatieve AI-technologieën op het gebied van diagnose van hart- en vaatziekten.

Ramselaar, M.S. (2024) Personalized 3D printed offloading insole to reduce plantar pressure at high-pressure areas.

Reus, J.A.M. (2024) Exploring Smartphone-Based Digital Phenotyping in Monitoring and Detection of Late Effects in Female Breast Cancer Patients.

Rezai, M.S. (2024) An early Health Technology Assessment into the expected impacts and potential cost-effectiveness of the LoaD e-Health application to combat knee osteoarthritis.

Riel, Sophie van (2024) Exploring the influence of virtual reality technology on the occupation of physiotherapists in treating chronic low back pain: a qualitative study on the perspective of physiotherapists.

Rietveld, M. (2024) Impact of surrounding mediums on the chemical stability of iron-loaded alginate beads.

Rijntjes, J. (2024) Quantitative single-photon emission computed tomography for dose calculation of radioiodine therapy in benign thyroid diseases.

Rooij, R.N. de (2024) Cardioprotective drugs to inhibit DOXO-induced cardiotoxicity in combination with trastuzumab for HER2-positive breast cancer treatment.

Rorink, W.F.G. (2024) The effect of an external magnetic field on an antiferromagnetic two-dimensional square Ising model with anisotropic nearest neighbour interaction.

Sauër, B.K. (2024) Five-Mode Photon Distillation.

Scheeren, Mark (2024) Quantification of aerosol deposition in the nasal cavity.

Scheffer, S.J. and Dechesne, F.C.V. and Visser, S.L. de and Salomons, S. and Brus, M.M. (2024) Continue monitoring bij patiënten na Oesophagosresectie : kunnen ECG-karakteristieken klinische achteruitgang voorspellen?

Schilt, Elise (2024) Accelerating MRI with optimized sampling patterns in Pulseq.

Schipper, Jonathan (2024) Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring with Wearable Wireless Sensor Technology in Critically ill Patients at a Mixed Surgical Intermediate Care Unit.

Schippers, D. (2024) Understanding the Value and Adoption of the International Patient Summary : Exploring Clinical Value, Facilitators, and Barriers.

Schrijver, J.G. (2024) Het effect van gestructureerde instructiemomenten over eHealth bij het revalidatieproces op de acceptatie en adoptie ervan door poliklinische revalidanten.

Schuurbiers, M.L. (2024) Neural control of breathing in Parkinson's disease: an exploratory study.

Screever, Hieke (2024) Verbetering van wondbeoordeling bij Marga Klompé : Leren van externe organisaties.

Sinnema, M.M. and Balgobind, J.M. and Bottema, W.B. and Heuven, F.M.H. van (2024) Slimme luier met paperbased humidity sensor : Onderzoek naar de potentie van de sensor voor klinische toepassing.

Slebos, M.R.A. (2024) Een Kwalitatief Onderzoek naar de Ervaringen met de Toepassing van de Benadering Positieve Gezondheid Binnen de Pilot Hof Gezond.

Slettenhaar, J.J. (2024) Predicting Survival and Recurrence-free Survival in GIST Patients Using Deep Learning.

Slettenhaar, L. (2024) Prioriteit voor thuismonitoring van de late effecten na een borstkankerbehandeling.

Stal, D. ter and Bongers, M.T.M. and Postma, S.F. and Vrenegoor, S.I. (2024) Artificiele Intelligentie bij het bepalen van technische uitdagingen bij rectumchirurgie.

Ster, J.D. van der (2024) Het ontwerpen van een EMA-vragenlijst vanuit het perspectief van behandelaren en cliënten van Thubble om welbevinden dagelijks en digitaal te meten bij mensen met een mentale stoornis : een mixed methods studie.

Strating, A.J.E. (2024) Effectiveness of information-security awareness training to prevent success of social engineering in healthcare : a meta-analysis.

Teggeler, Q.B. (2024) Cost-effectiveness of 3D-guided corrective osteotomy compared with 2D-planned corrective osteotomy for patients with malunion of the distal radius from a Dutch societal perspective : an early economic evaluation.

Tekirdag, M. (2024) Towards more standardized diagnostic breast cancer care pathways.

Timmer, Koen (2024) Bevorderen patiëntenregie en gezamenlijke besluitvorming.

Timmerije, Rick (2024) Extracellular vesicle-associated DNA in neuroblastoma : hitching a ride for tumour progression?

Ubbink, S.G.A. (2024) Examination of Holmium-165 microsphere distribution patterns for intratumoral treatment of patients with brain tumours.

Valk, Jeroen (2024) Applying machine learning to diagnose obstructive coronary artery disease.

Van As, F.M. and van Gaasbeek, S.Q. and van der Weijden, L.S. and Tabak, T.M. (2024) Automatische echoscopische follikelmeting bij kinderwens.

Veen, K. van der (2024) The perioperative occurrence of hypoxia and the balance between oxygen supply and demand in aortic arch surgery patients.

Velde, D.E. ten (2024) Responsiveness of the K-Force Grip dynamometer and the feasibility of interactive games in patients diagnosed with ICU Acquired Weakness.

Veldman, D.J.M. (2024) Belangrijkste barrières bij het open source publiceren van gezondheidseconomische modellen.

Ven, A. van de (2024) Weekly versus daily adaptive goal setting to improve physical activity: A single case experiment.

Verder, Resa and Dogger, Nikki and Miltenburg, Geert (2024) Patient-specific prediction of the fluid responsiveness through a cardiovascular and respiratory model at the ICU.

Verver, L.D.M. (2024) Slokdarmkankerpatiënten over ontslag uit het ziekenhuis en begeleiding naar zelfredzaamheid in de thuissituatie na een curatieve operatieve behandeling.

Veuger, E.A. (2024) Designing a soft sensory actuator for minimally invasive surgery with the focus on sensor behaviour.

Vialle, F. (2024) Dynamics of ultrasound-driven coated microbubbles confined in viscoelastic capillaries.

Visser, Adrie (2024) Real-time analysis of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound for catheter position optimisation in Transarterial Radioembolization : a proof-of-concept study in an ex-vivo perfused porcine model.

Voer, A.J. de (2024) Werkwijze en rapportagemethodes bij wondbeoordeling in verpleeghuizen, verzorgingshuizen en de thuiszorg : Het verbeteren van de wondzorg bij ouderenthuiszorg organisatie X.

Vrielink, Manouk (2024) Diagnosing spondyloarthritis by means of an exhaled breath analysis.

Waard, J.J. de (2024) Detection of DNA Methylation using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Weenink, M.J. (2024) Walk in Nature: exploring the potential of Virtual Reality as exercise therapy in the management of axial Spondyloartritis: a mixed methods approach.

Westerbeek, M. (2024) Differences in EMBRACE II Brachytherapy Procedure Processing Time of Dutch Physicians and the Contribution of Tenure and Caseload.

Wille, D.L. and Arnold Bik, F.C.L.J. and Zeilstra, A.S.W. and Kaiser, N.E.A.N. (2024) Het ontwerp van een biomimetisch pulsatiel systeem aan de hand van een Simulinkmodel ter preservatie en monitoring van een levende homograft.

Willemen, M.C.C. (2024) The development of a patient specific CPAP mask to optimize treatment for OSA patients.

Willemsen, B. (2024) Development of a deep learning algorithm to identify mammograms with increased risk of lesion masking.

Wit, L.F. de (2024) Comparing different reconstruction algorithms by determining the MTF of the reconstructed images from a breast CT.

Witteveen, Robin (2024) Factors Influencing the Implementation of AI-Based Lifestyle Monitoring in Extramural Care within a Healthcare Organization That Currently Does Not Use the Technology : A Qualitative Case Study.

Zandbergen, Y.M. (2024) The Impact of Wall Effects on Motion Control and Velocity of a Microrobot.

Zandstra, T.J. (2024) Hoffa's Fat Pad-on-Chip: Adipogenic differentiation of immortalized MSC's in Dextran - Hyaluronic acid - Gelatine hydrogels.

Zee, P.F van (2024) Het identificeren van barrières met een DCE voor participatie van cybersecurity trainingen in de zorg.

Zijlstra, M.A. (2024) The influence of fluid flow on trapped protoplast in a microfluidic device.

Zijp, Timon van (2024) Correlation between chronic complaints in mild traumatic brain injury patients and quantitative electroencephalography.

Zutphen, R. van (2024) Towards Quantitative Reflectance Analysis in a Combined OCT and Imaging Spectroscopy System.


Adiprakoso, Dhirendra (2023) Using Machine Learning to Predict the Future Fatigue of Patients with Colorectal Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Multiple Lymphoma Types.

Alink, J.W.M. (2023) Quantification of nanoplastics in a baby bottle and a reusable water bottle by Fluorescence Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy.

Ariëns, B. (2023) Improving MR thermometry-based assessment of the ablation zone during laser interstitial thermal therapy of glioblastomas.

Arling, Rianne and Beerens, Juul and Kogel, Niels and Meijer, Michelle (2023) Voorspellen van neurologische uitkomst van postanoxische comapatiënten met een wiskundig beslismodel.

Arunajatesan, Sainivedhitha (2023) Estimation of Joint Stiffness via a Musculoskeletal Model Driven by Motor Neuron Twitch Properties.

Aukema, L.M.N. (2023) Optimization of a navigated fibular cutting guide.

Baars, N.H.M. (2023) De invloed van normoxia en hypoxia op de adipogene, osteogene en chondrogene differentiatie van humane mesenchymale stamcellen.

Bachem, S. (2023) AI use in healthcare : Exploring how healthcare AI impacts work practices and collaborative work among healthcare professionals.

Bakir, Merve (2023) Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar het bevorderen van Positieve Gezondheid bij hartpatiënten binnen het Thoraxcentrum in het MST.

Bakkal, Melis (2023) Netwerk governance en samenwerking binnen de Netwerken Palliatieve Zorg Twente : Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar het verband tussen de vorm van netwerk governance, de condities en de kwaliteit van de samenwerking binnen de Netwerken Palliatieve Zorg Twente.

Bakker, J.P.J. (2023) Towards the automatic Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) workflow for Orbital Prosthesis.

Barts, K. and Debets, M. and Nijhuis, N. and Erve, T. van het (2023) Ontwikkeling van een ademhalings-EMG wearable voor jonge kinderen met astma.

Batterink, I.M. and Otte, B.B.R. and Spoelder, N. and Verhoeven, M.H.M. (2023) Trend analyses Of Patient-Specific respiratory Physiological INteractions for weaning decision support - SpatiOtemporal diFFerences in the diaphragm measured with a 32-leads sEMG (TOPSPIN-OFF).

Beekman-Teeuw, M.M. (2023) High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy and Scaled Tidal Flow Volume Curves in Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction of Children with Asthma.

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