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Koerhuis, E.W. (2013) Item availability restricted.

Koster, Stephanie K. (2013) Item availability restricted.

Semeyko, Olga (2011) Training and affective commitment at MECAL.

Nasser, Marleen E. (2008) "De Business to Business relatie, een aanzoek zonder ringen" Een onderzoek naar het Customer Relationship Management van de Oracle unit van Atos Origin waarbij het intuïtiegevoel van medewerkers en de ervaringen van klanten centraal staan. Item availability restricted.

Straten, Seth van (2008) "Hi-speed flight operations" An evaluation of selected e-enabled applications.

Wanschers, M.A.R. (2009) "In search of discontinuous innovation".

Fransen, Thijs (2007) "MIS: a Management Information System or struggle?" : an analysis of the M.I.S. of ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia.

Hoorn, Frans van and Hoorn, Nick van (2011) "Mergers & acquisitions, firm performance and corporate governance": the impact of a firm's board structure on M&A and firm performance.

Kruse, Daniel J. (2013) "Probing into CEE - Investigating transparency and integrity in the domain of public affairs: comparative study between Germany, Poland and Hungary".

Iwema, Rickert (2007) "Regulatory (r)evolution, impacting products, processes and software applications within the Western-European banking industry" : a thesis on the different means of regulation that affects the way banks operate today.

Celik, Ahmet (2012) "Shaping active citizenship" : qualitative research about the implementation of the integration policy and the work oriented integration program of Enschede in relation to active citizenship.

Hagemeijer, Anke A.P. (2008) "Things are talking" : an estimation of innovative change for RFID based services.

Adrichem, J.C. van (2011) #Change @government : a plan of approach for implementing 'the new way of working' in the context of the Dutch central government.

Tijhuis, Sander (2008) 'Getting it measured'; design of a vendor rating system at ATAG Nederland B.V.

Kort, Tessa de (2008) (G)een weg terug: onderzoek naar de kwaliteit van de verwerking van retourpakkketten bij TNT Post Pakketservice en mogelijkheden om deze kwaliteit te verbeteren en de kosten te verlagen: verslag ter inzage voor externen.

Song, Y. (2012) 1 Protecting Fangxin biotechnology company from a hostile takeover.

Lemmens, Jasper (2010) A Climate Change towards Exploration: The obstacles to exploration in the context of the organizational climate.

Tangeman, Mark (2012) A Twente career?: successfactors of creating a regional internal labour market.

Sologuren, J. (2006) A case study of Small and Micro Enterprises in rural areas of Bolivia.

Yu, Rena (2013) A case study of employee engagement in AkzoNobel Corporate HR.

Vermeulen, Inge (2012) A case-based research to control costs at Wegener Media by applying (contractual) aspects of 'spend management'.

Sarmiento, Daniel Lee (2014) A conceptual framework for an interoperable online identity management system.

Moller, Klaus-Johannes (2012) A critical review of the megatrends and their implications for procurement.

Aykaz, Talar (2012) A cross country study in consumer buying behavior: standardized vs. adapted sales promotion strategy.

Boerkamp, S. (2013) A design-oriented research of Thales’ capital expenditure process : scrutinize the Capital Process and resolve occurring constraints.

Hogerwerf, R.J.J. (2011) A financial health test for Dutch hospitals : A research conducted to analyse the credit worthiness of Dutch hospitals.

Bouwman, H. (2008) A framework for an e-marketplace facilitator for home care services matching : the development of a framework for an e-marketplace facilitator for trading home care services matching demand with supply.

Waal, Joost van de (2008) A framework for assessing and analyzing project management software success: the power of methods and well-chosen software.

Keizer, Marije (2012) A knowledge integration approach within acquisitions : how to deal with innovative acquired firms?

Bokum, Auke ten (2011) A merger between SKWT and KOOS: How to integrate in order to remain jointly an independent organization.

Keuper, Steven (2012) A process innovation model at Company ABC R&D : developing an innovation model for explorative and exploitative process innovations in a manufacturing environment.

Li, Qianqin (2012) A qualitative study of job satisfaction among lawyer assistants in Zhongyan law firm, Guangdong, China.

Vermeij, Matthijs (2012) A requirements specification of an information system to support planned and unplanned use of shared meeting rooms.

Chen, Sheng-He (2009) A study of international students' life situation - a case study of the international students in University of Twente.

Schoppers, Marleen (2014) A study on sustainable employability of employees at 'Company X'.

Kolkman, L. (2011) A study on the factors of business incubation.

Wissink, R.B.A. (2012) A test of the virtuous cycle of corporate social responsibility: testing the relation between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance.

Koster, R.M. (2009) Aangenaam kennismaken : acht casestudies naar kennisdeling tussen HBO instellingen en MKB bedrijven tijdens stage- en afstudeeropdrachten.

Deiters, Dominik (2014) Adoption of online music : Differences between the Netherlands and Germany.

Aykaz, Kamer (2009) Agent/Distributor versus Foreign Subsidiary: “A study into the possibility of setting up a sales organisation for Hartman in Sweden, Spain, Russia & Dubai”.

Kattelaar, Joost ten (2014) Aligning HR Portal Use in a Shared Services Setting: A Structurational Approach.

Hartjes, B.J.G. (2010) Aligning employee competences with organizational innovation strategy: A case study at B.V. Twentsche Kabelfabriek.

Schilt, Effendi Marius Jan (2009) Aligning organizational strategy and employee role behavior with the help of performance management in a Dutch human capital solutions firm.

Wang, Xiaoyan (2010) An Empirical Investigation of Personal and Social Factors on Knowledge Sharing in China.

Kamp, Jos (2013) An analysis of the core competencies of the Case organisation Group and the importance of dynamic capabilities to manage core competencies.

Grigorian, Armen (2010) An analysis of the match between supply and demand of business incubator services: the case of IT incubation in Armenia.

Evers, F.J. (2009) An assessment of the contribution of an HR portal to HR processes : a case study within Isala klinieken.

Bos, Koen van den (2012) An exploration into the characteristics of accessibility based business models and its related difficulties of companies operating in B2C markets.

Oukes, Tamara (2013) An innovative SME managing its asymmetrical inter-organizational relationships - a time perspective.

Driezen, Wouter (2008) Analysis of the possible added value of Capgemini Outsourcings Dutch Applications management service center.

Nijhoff, Ebony (2013) Analyzing and capturing lessons learned in procurement strategy : a Kraljic portfolio matrix analysis of the Maasvlakte power plant 3 project.

Zittel, Karina (2013) Analyzing reasons for business model change.

Kneppers, Erik (2013) Analyzing the accuracy of input information to the "last time buy" decision process at IBM SPO. Item availability restricted.

Mengerink, Esther (2011) Antecedents and consequences of e-tourism.

Delic, Eldar (2011) Apeldoorn heeft antwoord : vindbaarheid van informatie op de website van Gemeente Apeldoorn.

Becker, Marten (2008) Approaching the local market for Fisherboats, Co., Ltd.

Lamers, Wouter (2013) Are the principles of effectuation applicable for novice entrepreneurs during the creation of a new venture? A real-life action research experiment.

Dalen, R. van (2013) Arguments, values and weight assessment: holistic versus analytical argumentation and cultural values in weight assessment processes.

Feliciano, Cheryl S. (2010) Aruba as an International Financial Center? A diversification strategy for the economy of Aruba.

Veltman, A.M. (2010) As authentic as Grolsch: Wish rostering as a flexible work schedule in order to improve work-life balance at Grolsch.

Steuernagel, Max (2009) Assessing the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises: evidence from the German food industry. Item availability restricted.

Bieze, Michel (2010) Assessing the marketing performance of online retailers: : a case study.

Vries, B. de (2012) Assessment of market potential for innovations with new technology in an existing market.

Veer, J.P.A. van der (2009) Assessment of the Annual Planning Process - Executing Strategy.

IJland, Luuk (2013) Attracting new customers using a right service position and relevant references - An example for organizations offering SharePoint administration services in an information technology market.

Akhter, Shamim (2010) Attracting young IT professionals: choosing between academic and other organizations.

Bloemen, O. (2013) Author context extraction for interpreting the external validity of opinion mining results.

Bakker, Yorrick (2010) Back to the Future of Human Resource Information Systems? “A survey towards the role of country differences regarding adoption and deployment outcomes of e-HRM”.

Maarse, Bauke (2012) Backtesting framework for PD, EAD and LGD.

Gevers, L.M. (2012) Becoming customer oriented in municipalities: A cultural challenge.

Haas, W. (2011) Bed blocking at MST : Reducing variation and waste in the transition process from the hospital to aftercare institutions.

Mars, R.W.G. (2008) Bedrijfsopvolging, een kwestie van bewustwording ?

Wiersma, F. (2009) Bedrijfsoverdracht : verandert de perceptie bij de uittredende ondernemer gedurende het overdrachtsproces?

Kalkhaar, Thijs (2009) Bedrijfsoverdracht: de informatiebehoefte van ondernemers tijdens het overdrachtsproces.

Hoeflaak, Geert (2009) Bedrijfsoverdracht: invulling van de financieringsbehoefte bij bedrijfsoverdracht.

Feldmann, Barbara (2012) Behavioral profile of an effective German leader of a global health company: an exploratory video-observation study.

Weenink, L.A.M. (2012) Behaviors in highly effective continuous improvement teams : two types of video-analyses of three prototypical work situations.

Balkema, Robert (2011) Benchmarking for FINAN - A case study at FINAN Financial Analysis.

Bosch, J.M. (Joël) (2011) Better utilisation of the OR with less beds : a tactical surgery scheduling approach to improve OR utilisation and the required number of beds in the wards.

Scheepmaker, Mandy (2009) Bindende HR praktijken : voor de organisatie VDl ETG Almelo.

Sleen, Peter van (2010) Biomass Contracting: Biomass contract structures for digestion installations.

Overdijk, J.C.H. (2008) Blik op de toekomst : afstudeeronderzoek naar kerncompetenties en kernfuncties.

Rutjes, J.G.J. (2009) Bolletje, towards a multinational company: The investment entry decision for Romania.

Oude Voshaar, W.J.J. (2012) Booijink Veevoeders Internationalization. "Internationalization, step by step": are there business prospects for Booijink Veevoeders on the Russian market?

Pieniazek, A.L. (2013) Booting online trust perception: does the implementation of a reputation system foster he perception of trust on B2C online marketplece?

Brunninkhuis, Niek (2013) Brew new IT: lean in an IT environment: What are critical success factors for continuous improvement in an IT process environment at Heineken the Netherlands?

Elskamp, J.J. (2010) Bringing shop floor ideas into practice: research on the idea management process within a Dutch train maintenance company.

Riet, Melanie ter (2009) Building an HR architecture: a case study in the healthcare sector in the East of the Netherlands.

Otten, Danielle (2007) Bundeling doelgroepenvervoer in de gemeente Westland in de vorm van een persoonsgebonden budget.

Reezigt, Maarten (2010) Business and Science Park Organizations: Influenced or Influential? The case of Hermia Tampere (Finland) and Kennispark Twente (Netherlands).

Ben Allouch, M.A. (2012) Business development opportunities in the healthcare sector for western firms in the Gulf Region: The case of the Dutch healthcare sector in Kuwait.

Betlem, F. (2012) Business diplomacy in international firms : an extensive literature review and results from a survey.

Wolters, Tim (2012) Business diplomacy in multinational corporations: An exploratory qualitative study.

Berghout, J.B.M. (2012) Business model development for NextSelect : how can NextSelect create and capture value by taking a customer-driven perspective?

Zeegers, Maarten (2011) Business modeling TNO's urban strategy service.

Al-JouJou, Juma (2012) Business models on the context of educational online games.

Heerdink, Marlies (2012) Business process improvement An investigation of the editorial processes at the regional public broadcaster RTV Oost.

Schutte, B. (2011) Business strategies for a professional service firm, creating the best strategy for knowledge : a business case. Item availability restricted.

Gaalen, M. van (2011) Business transactions in the Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) market sector : A research study on the level of discrepancy between business value and transaction value.

Hoeven, E.T. van der (2012) CE-marking : creating a model for applying the EMC, LVD and machinery directive.

Schippers, Nick (2014) COST ALLOCATION FOR SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE MUNICIPALITY OF HELLENDOORN. “What allocation model should the municipality of Hellendoorn use to allocate costs and which variables, and in which way, influence the cost price to provide services?”.


Heerze, A. (2010) CSR in the architectural branch: An explorative research on how architectural enterprises can organize and communicate about CSR.

Klein Ikink, Marleen (2013) Can novice entrepreneurs use effectuation during the creatio of their first real-life venture? An action research experiment.

Meyer, P.B. (2011) Capability profiles of (Corporate) venture teams in their growth phase.

Koning, M.C.M. de (2007) Capaciteitsmanagement voor de cilinderafdeling : hoe Power Packer de optimale inzet van machinecapaciteit bij de cilinderassemblage nu en in de toekomst kan bepalen.

Kleine, Stefanie (2010) Capacity building for the future primary health care of mothers and children in Iraq.

Rödel, H.A. (2013) Capital structure: Evidence from Dutch firms.

Morren, K. (2014) Capturing the way in which risk appetite is integrated within the bid/ no bid heuristics of a contractor’s business unit.

Vincken, Robin Cornelis Gerardus (2009) Capturing value in a commoditizing market : how to approach the flexible packaging market for food products?

Vlietman, Erik-Jan (2010) Care concepts, working hours and employment contracts within the elderly care, home care and maternity care.

Pot, J.J.M. (2014) Causation versus effectuation in entrepreneurial decision-making: the impact of family resources, family business background and education.

Michalowski, E. (2008) Challenges and constraints of micro, small and medium enterprises : a case study of GRATIS Foundation's clients in the food-processing and metal sectors. Item availability restricted.

Bouius, M. (2013) Change for a chance: a plan of approach for implementing the new world of work in dutch municipalities.

Cranenbroek, S.W. van (2009) Changing business processes : changing the business process of renting out and reselling of accommodation units at De Meeuw Bouwsystemen B.V.

Pot, T. (2013) Changing the game: a different approach on customer marketing at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Seidel, Claudius Emanuel (2012) Characteristics of companies' decision-making to support social organizations: Does the provisioning of an innovative impact assessment method potentially increase selection likelihood?

Berge, R. van den (2009) Clean coal technology in China : a strategy for the Netherlands.

Lamers, F.C.R. (2009) Click today, lead tomorrow: organizing exploration at fast growing internet technology organizations.

Telman, R.V. (2013) Clustering tenants based on the business model ontology to study the influence of business models on tenant utility.

Tijmes, A.H. (2010) Co-creation and firm performance: innovation success enhancing effects of and motives for customer involvement.

Mercanoglu, M. and Iskandar, F. (2008) Coffee for the UK Healthcare sector : Research for DECS. Item availability restricted.

Jansen, Mark (2010) Collaboration portfolios and outcomes of nanotechnology research projects: a study of economic value creation and utilization of nanotechnologies in the Netherlands.

Lavieren, Oscar Robert van (2008) Collaborative consolidation centers : exploration of horizontal collaboration as an emerging supply chain trend in the physical distribution network of Procter & Gamble.

Haaf, W.R.A. ten (2010) Commercial diplomacy and the role of embassies, from a target group perspective: in the case of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Malaysia.

Sinnige, Erwin (2012) Commercial diplomacy from a capital theory perspective.

Krabbenbos, Tim (2013) Commercialization strategies in football.

Hofmann, J. (2013) Commerical diplomacy in the European Union: barruers and opportunities in deploying institutional powers.

Zweerink, Jan Willem (2008) Committing the consultant : the effects of participation on the employee's intention to stay, through commitment.

Grevinga, Kim (2013) Common Measure Bias in the Balanced Scorecard: an Experiment with Undergraduate Students.

Morais, Diego (2010) Companies as Independent Agents of Social Change: A Rawlsian Approach.

Bouman, Marianne (2012) Competence based approach of employability at ... Item availability restricted.

Nap, E.W. (2007) Competent meten : ontwikkeling van een meetinstrument om competentiemanagement voor verpleegkundigen te beoordelen naar effectiviteit.

Slot, H.R. (2013) Competing for the private sector: shedding light on Ziut’s possibilities.

Vos, Frederik (2013) Competitive Dynamics in Global Sourcing.

Stadman, Annette (2012) Competitors or collaborators: a comparison of the commercial diplomacy policies and practices of EU member states.

Hollink, B. (2010) Concretiseriing van MVO biij BAM Infratechniek.

Maasacker, Marjorie van (2010) Conditions to assess the future performance of Dutch hospitals.

Westerduin, Alexander Johannes (2011) ConnectING leadership styles : leadership in 'the new way of working' at ING bank Nederland.

Harmsel, J. ter (2011) Consequences of using pre-recorded video interviews as a (pre-)selection tool : results of interviews and an experiment combined.

Kerkveld, Marije (2009) Consulting the supply chain : development of supply chain services for the food manufacturing industry.

Prakken, J.I. (2006) Contact op lokaal niveau : het maatschappelijk middenveld en het contact met de lokale politiek volgens het sociaal kapitaal en het communitarisme.

Spanjer, Elise (2012) Contextgedreven werken door de wijkagenten in Tubbergen: in hoeverre werken de wijkagenten in het team Tubbergen zelfstandig, contextgedrevan en alle taken uitvoerend?

klein Tank, Koen (2011) Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring in a Broader Perspective The Performance Management Potential of CA & CM.

Keuper, T.M. (2011) Continuously improving customer satisfaction in an ICT PSF.

Geerdink, P. (2011) Controlling employee performance with a direct effect on the achievement of the organizational objective.

Geerdink, Pim (2011) Controlling employee performance with a direct effect on the achievement of the organizational objective.

Alink, J. (2013) Convergence, crossvergence, divergence : the Influence of institutional pressures on the transfer of HR practices : the case of Coulisse Inc. Miami.

Zubair, S.M. (2010) Corporate Disclosure and Investor Relations In Electronics Industry.

Kolkman, D.M. (2014) Corporate Identity strength and its perceived influence on Halal food certification adoption.

Goorhuis, P.J.A. (2011) Corporate governance and convergence : in cross‐border mergers and acquisitions.

Kerkenaar, M.L. (2013) Corporate social responsibility in Peruvian company: creating shared value or a cosmetic virtue?

Santos, Paulo dos (2011) Corporate social responsibility: a review of Dutch sustainability reports.

Riani, Anisa Esa (2012) Corporate sustainability framework for an international engineering service-based company: a case study at MECAL BV.

Lanhenke, Tobias (2008) Corporate venture capital portfolio management: a case study at DSM Venturing.

Altink, R.G.J. (2010) Cost allocation and customer profitability at TKF, from ABC to CPA.

Slot, Rob van de (2009) Cost control in outsourcing relationships: tight or loose? : a research into the cost control function of mars' contract-packing activities. Item availability restricted.

Diepenmaat, B.A. (2012) Covering the globe by cross-border acquisitions : what is the impact of previous cross-border acquisition experiences on the acquisition implementatino regarding the acquired firm's autonomy, communication, retention and knowledge transfer?

Kroes, R.J.B. (2012) Creating harmonisation in cost accounting practices at Wavin.

Waenink, Elles (2012) Creating innovative employees : the effect of competences on innovative work behavior and the moderating role of human resource practices.

Akker, Daniëlle van den (2011) Creation of an umbrella national branding strategy.

Wassenaar, C.G. (2009) Creative? Not at my level: how Accenture Oracle Consulting can add more innovative value.

Geerdsen, S.V. (2007) Criminaliteit in de transportsector : een verkennend onderzoek naar de objectieve en subjectieve aard en omvang van de criminaliteit en overlast in de transportsector met betrekking tot Oost Europese vrachtwagenchauffeurs.

Doeven, C.W.T. (2012) Critical success factors for rolling forecasting in the consumer packaged goods business.

Westrik, Renate A.M. (2012) Critical success factors of CRM execution within a subsidiary from luxury brand: a case study at a Benelux subsidiary.

Huisman, Alyanne (2012) Critical success factors of customer relationship management in a service-oriented business.

Coes, D.H. (2014) Critically assessing the strengths and limitations of the Business Model Canvas.

Lankester, A. (2009) Cross-culturele aanpassing van expatriates in India.

Aarntzen, Andre (2010) Crossing Educational Borders: An examination of educational and business entry strategies focusing on the Russian market.

Korteweg, B. (2007) Crossing the Chasm : exploring RFID adoption characteristics in South African industries.

Dehling, S. (2013) Crowdfunding : a multifaceted phenomenon.

Broer, A.J. (2013) Crowdsourcing for radical product innovation? : qualitative research on consumer involvement in the Dutch food industry.

Drecker, Michael (2012) Cultural influences on the use of effectuation in entrepreneurship: The case of German student entrepreneurs.

Zhang, Rong (2010) Cultural integration in cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

Bos, Geert (2012) Customer Value in the Healthcare Segment: Master thesis about the factors creating value in insurance offerings.

Kruitbosch, Erwin (2010) Customer collaboration in new product development : the moderating impact of internal R&D efforts.

Speldekamp, Christiaan (2012) Customer portfolio management in service firms: a comparison of theory and practice.

Pan, Hsu-Min (2012) Customer segments & customer values : practical implications for restaurant A1-City.

Kohnke, Christina (2012) Customer value in higher education social media marketing: the case of the department of Professional Learning and Development at the University of Twente.

Rijkom, R.J. van (2007) De BeeCabin is meer dan alleen BeeBoard : haalbaarheidsstudie voor de introductie van de BeeCabin in Zuid-Afrika.

Ten Kleij, M.S. (2014) De Binnen- & Buitenspiegels van de Burgemeester. Een onderzoek naar de reflectie en de bronnen van feedback van Nederlandse burgemeesters.

Tijhuis, Marlou (2009) De CRM implementatie bij een financiële instelling?!' : een ontwerp voor verandering.

Vorgers, Kim S. (2010) De Ontwikkeling van een HRM-checklist voor Medisch Specialisten: Een onderzoek naar HRM activiteiten die toepasbaar zijn op het werkdomein van de medisch specialisten voor de verbetering van de onderlinge communicatie en samenwerking.

Feijter, Janna de (2007) De Truck van het selecteren: het ontwerp van een transparant en objectief projectselectieproces voor DAF Trucks NV. Item availability restricted.

Horst, N. ter (2012) De commitment van uitzendkrachten aan Randstad Schiphol als uitzendbureau.

Hofhuis, M.F.A. (2014) De financiële haalbaarheid en begrotingsgevolgen van vastgoedinvesteringen: ontwerp van een financieel model ter ondersteuning. Item availability restricted.

Oonk, Danny (2010) De implementatie van MVO: Een case study bij De Woonplaats.

Evers , Frank E.F. (2007) De kaas in de gaten hebben : het ontwerpen en implementeren van een enabling performance management system bij de interne controle dienst van SNS bank.

Leus, Bas (2009) De klant achter het stuur : een onderzoek naar de te implementeren verbeteringen op het gebied van klanttevredenheid bij een autodealer.

Broeke, H.L. ten (2006) De kwaliteit van participatie : een onderzoek naar de legitimiteit van het interactieve proces voor de totstandkoming van de StructuurvisiePlus in de gemeente Lingewaard.

Bunck, M. (2008) De publiekswinkel bij de gemeente Nijkerk : afstemming tussen frontoffice en backoffice.

Spall, Chet van (2008) De toegevoegde waarde van HR en HR-rollen van HR-managers en eerste lijnmanagers bij Thales Nederland B.V.

Graaff, R. de (2008) De vakbond van de 21ste eeuw : een bedrijfskundig onderzoek naar een businessmodel voor de eigentijdse vakbond.

Trienes, Leon (2013) Dealing with custom orders in a highly standardized order environment : the analysis and redesign of the order process of customer specific orders.

Staal, Sander M. (2010) Decision making process to increase export for a Chinese SME to mature markets.

Yousif, Arakel (2010) Defining a knowledge exchange model: exploring knowledge transfer activities of internationally oriented high-tech SMEs.

Frederiks, A.J.-P. (2010) Delivering Medicines to the Poor Profitably: Investigating Business Models of Profitable Pharmacy Companies at the Base of the Pyramid.

Franken, Mark (2013) Demand-driven or driven demand? : the role of demand-drivenness in Dutch PSD-instruments.

Kosters, M.J. (2011) Designing a performance management and reward system for Ansh Systems Pvt. Ltd., an SME in BPO activities in Pune, India.

Messersmid, S. (2008) Designing a transparent and fair promotion process.

Hemels, H.O. (2011) Designing an human resource shared service center : research into the suitability of human resource activities for an shared service center.

Ali, Irfan (2011) Determinants of capital structure: Empirical evidence from Pakistan.

Punte, L. (2013) Determinants of corporate socially responsible activities of Dutch listed firms.

Chang, S.J. (2010) Determinants of innovation performance: strategic insights for the Dutch printing industry.

Rtskhiladze, Manana (2011) Determinants of successful implementation of self-rostering: development and test of a new model.

Li, Xiuli (2011) Determinants of trade credit : a study of listed firms in the Netherlands.

Nieuwboer, E. (2013) Developing a financial solution for longer payment conditions: case study at Nedap N.V.

Pinto, L. (2011) Developing a framework of inventory management practices for the logistics centralization plan of five departments in UMC St. Radboud.

Goretzki, Annika (2013) Developing a perfomance measurement method in order to evaluate the benefits and costs of web applications.

Lustig, Oscar (2012) Developing a successful Business Park service portfolio: learning from Kennispark Twente and Vision Park Apeldoorn.

Rossen, P.B. (2009) Development of shared production facilities of the High Tech Factory: The process of the institutional entrepreneurship in a collaborative group.

Wijlens, A. (2011) Development of trust in international strategic alliances : the example of Dutch and Korean companies.

Nguyen, Na Mi (2013) Differences and similarities in the entrepreneurial process of independent new ventures and corporate new ventues.

Harremeijer, Annemiek (2010) Differences in characteristics of competency profiles of sales managers in multinational companies for the Dutch and Belgian culture Case study of Johnson & Johnson Medical Benelux.

Huberts, G.J. (2012) Differences in management control systems between large and small organisations: A configurational approach.

Borghuis, H.J.S. (2009) Digital video content exploitation by a digital content service : exploring the possibilities of direct versus indirect revenue models.

Berentsen, R.H. (2007) Digitale duurzaamheid van archieven in het CDD+ = Digital preservation of archives in the CDD+.

Suijkerbuijk, Martijn (2014) Digitalization in the newspaper industry: a business model for the e-newspaper from a customer perspective.

Baarspul, Hayo C. (2009) Do Employees Behave Differently in Public- vs. Private-Sector Organizations? A State-of-the-Art Review.

Uphues, Carsten (2013) Do German entrepreneurs use more planned or intuitive decision-making?: preliminary findings based on a German sample.

Buter, S.G.H. (2012) Does culture explain managerial effectiveness: a qualitative study in Mexico whether culture is influencing differences in managerial effectiveness between Mexican managers and western expatriates.

Laarhuis, Stephan (2012) Does the IT manager have to switch roles?: the influence of the consumerization of IT on a B2B IT vendor.

Kuulman, Mark (2011) Does the corporate social performance of a company effects its cost of equity?

Oude Hergelink, Marije (2008) Doing business with the Japanese: solely a matter of effective cross cultural relationship marketing?

Boer, M.L. (2007) Druk met ARBO : een onderzoek naar het realiseren en beheersen van goede arbeidsomstandigheden bij Ovimex B.V.

Bulthuis, Laurens (2006) Dutch ManHurs : HR-scan in Dutch SME's.

Hermans, Casper and Pol, Jan-Willem (2006) Dutch SMEs and outsourcing : towards an international service approach for INA.

Peet, Marc van der (2009) Dutch entrepreneurs entering South-Africa: success assured?

Schütz, J.J. (2009) Dutch music to your ears : a study to design new activities for Buma cultuur to deal with the regime shift effects in the Dutch music industry.

Ücer, Meltem (2009) Dutch-Turkish business cooperation : an effective way of dealing with cultural differences, which influence business co-operation between Dutch and Turkish companies.

Okkema, Tjipke (2010) Duurzame Technostarters Financieren: Een onderzoek naar het beslissingsproces bij het kiezen van een bank.

Acar, Salih (2008) Dynamische kostprijscalculatie: "het ontwikkelen van een adequaat en flexibel kost. Item availability restricted.

Weyl, Michelle (2007) E- business in de financiële dienstverlening : onderzoek naar de E- business functies bij intermediairs in de verzekeringsbranche : een evolutionair perspectief.

Geffen, Casper van (2012) E-HRM in MNCs : what can be learned from a review of IS literature?

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Internship Report

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