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Agterhuis, S.P. (2023) Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Sustainability Assessment Tool: Evidence from Dutch ex-ante motorway appraisal projects.

Akster, H.J. (2023) Developing a linked data framework for the exchange of as-is railway asset design and maintenance information.

Andersons, J.A. (2023) Exploring the benefits and limitations of multi-axis 3D printing for improved part quality and reduced waste.

Arem, Martijn van (2023) Railway capacity effects of ERTMS, 3 KV DC overhead power and ATO on a Dutch railway network.

Ariëns, D.L.R. (2023) Self-assembled Magnetic Carpets for Cargo-Transport of Millimetric Planar Objects.

Attema, M.J. (2023) Ethical water allocations based on water footprint caps: a case study for the Yellow River Basin.

Awad, Mohamed (2023) Development of a decision-making framework for assessing lifespan extension measures of quay walls.

Bakker, T.J.B. (2023) Can a Roundabout Design improve intersection of the Haaksbergerstraat and the Usselerrondweg in Enschede?

Belshof, Koen (2023) A motion planning implementation and simulation for the Flux One.

Bessembinder, J.J.F. (2023) Development of an air-source, cascade heat pump, water boiler.

Bezooijen, D.T. van (2023) The impact of hubs on the use of shared micro mobility : Hubs as an alternative to a free-floating system.

Biesbergen, B.A.M. van (2023) Design, Improvement and Optimization of a briquette press.

Biggelaar, J. van den (2023) Analysis and redesign of the WILA ATC system.

Blom, G.W. (2023) Water retention during moderate precipitation events in rural areas : A case and comparison study regarding the Verloren Beek catchment.

Blommers, L. (2023) The New Quest; a transformative experience design exhibition for children.

Blonk, Anthonie (2023) User Experience based Possibility-driven Garden design.

Bloxs, Mohan (2023) A trade study of biohybrid microrobots: comparing actuation and localization of ironsperm.

Bock, Rebecca (2023) Implememtation Planning of Sustainable Digital Twins in Modular Construction : A Framework for Creating Strategic Recommendations.

Boer, Rick de (2023) Successfully implementing innovations in public construction projects : Determining the impact of a public project team’s innovation capability.

Boersma, W.F. (2023) Public Transport for XL Businesspark.

Bonzi, H.L. (2023) Creating a product for oyster reef restoration out of the BESE-reef paste.

Boorsma, J.P.A. (2023) 'Matula' Development of a Mailable Midstream Urine Collection Device.

Borst, ir. R.H.C. (2023) Evaluating the effect of nature-based solutions on urban runoff using hydraulic modelling: a case study in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana.

Bosch, C.R.V. van den (2023) Improving packaging design process with emphasis on consumer perception and packaging design stakeholder roles.

Bosch, L.M.A. (2023) Performing a Life Cycle Assessment of a self-checkout for Pan Oston.

Bouma, L.J. (2023) Atmospheric sound propagation modeling with the Harmonoise model applied to wind turbine noise.

Bourgonndien, Maarten van (2023) Analysis and Simulation of Disruptions Within the Superyacht Hull Manufacturing Process.

Braks, R.J.M. (2023) Motion control of IRONSperm clusters in a vascular model.

Breel, P.M. (2023) The correlation between the precipitation and the representative high groundwater level (RHG) in urbanized Hengelo.

Brinkers, R.A. (2023) Controlled Flow Excavation on cohesionless soil. Understanding the physical processes of controlled Flow Excavation. Predicting the static and dynamic scour depth.

Broeke, D.A. van den (2023) Particle detection and tracking in avalanches.

Broenink, M.E. (2023) Assessment of wave load reduction by breakwaters.

Brouwer, R. (2023) Design of a wearable sensor to assist hip replacement patients during their physical therapy exercises.

Brugman, Aniek (2023) Evaluation of the Reboocon Intuy knee.

Buis, Geert (2023) Applying game-theory to evaluate incentives for cooperative behaviour between households within the distribution grid.

Burghouts, K.T.J. (2023) The Technical and Commercial Impact of Engineering Changes in the Conceptual Housebuilding Industry.

Caisaguano Ordoñez, J.A. (2023) Integrating a multi-layer safety approach in the Dutch city of Zwolle, Noorderkwartier area : Enhancing housing flood resilience in an old center.

Castro Illusanguil, B.D. (2023) Do we build what we design? Using data-driven approaches to couple the construction process into air void ratio regression.

Chapochinikov, M.M. (2023) Improving co-living rotation through design.

Chechin, A. (2023) Integration of Basalt Fiber Reinforcement Technology in the Dutch Construction Industry : a comparative Analysis of Russian and International Practices.

Chiu, T. (2023) Designing a study lamp for Syrian refugees who live in refugee camps in Jordan.

Cortenbach, L.E. (2023) The dial-a-ride problem with meeting points : a problem formulation for shared demand responsive transit.

Coulibaly, A.A. (2023) Test method for measuring electrical resistivity of UD CFRP materials with off-axis fibre orientations : A study towards a better understanding of the electrical behaviour within the complex fibre network of UD CFRP’s.

Coulibaly, Adama (2023) Factors influencing climate change adaptation by residents : comparative case study of projects in Eindhoven.

Craaijo, R. (2023) Design of an in-app Store for the Awaves player.

Cyrbja, G. (2023) Minimizing Freight Traffic Disturbances in Almelo: An analysis of conditional priority strategies and impacts.

Dam, W.L.M. ten (2023) Driving sustainability in packaging design : The development of a framework to guide the transition towards a sustainable future.

Dekker, L.P. (2023) A comparison of groundwater level estimation methods.

Denkers, A.J. (2023) Flow-Vegetation Interactions at Vegetated Riverbanks : Experimental Analysis of Flume Data and Measurements in the River Dinkel.

Deure, D. van der (2023) Climate adaptation in urban areas : What motivates property owners to implement green infrastructure?

Dickhof, Iljar (2023) Wind tunnel measurements of a small scale wind turbine.

Dikkers, Marco (2023) Towards a generalizable Urban Heat Island assessment tool using data-driven models.

Dommerholt, L.B.M. (2023) Transition towards 10-minute city Utrecht : Research on Overvecht and Kanaleneiland.

Dongen, N.J. van (2023) The influence of the numerical approach on pre-augering on sheet pile design.

Dotinga, Y.K. (2023) Increasing effective engagement in eHealth for COPD self-management through Value Sensitive Design.

Drijfhout, S.H. (2023) An explorative design research for the optimization of sustainability for logistic service systems within an e-commerce setting: Using consumers to optimize for sustainability.

El Sadek, Y. (2023) Performance Measurements on Green Roofs : Water and Energy Resources.

Elderson, H. (2023) Concept design of an alternative, sustainable packaging of fruit juice.

Elst, Daniëlle van (2023) Development of a 3D stress foot plate meeting the medical device regulation and affordability - Product development without a business case.

Essen, T.I. van (2023) Improving interaction between Philips connected devices and corresponding apps.

Everdingen, L.M. van (2023) "AWEAR" : A tool to support sustainable clothing consumption by young adults.

Evers, A.J. (2023) Water Robuust Peize-Zuid.

Fix, J.A. (2023) A Linearized Parameter Study Of A Friction Isolator System : Towards A Frequency Domain Design Guideline.

Flietstra, Seline (2023) The future of packaging : Evaluating Protact® for reusable packaging.

Frielinck, R. (2023) Learning Factory Configuration Tool: An Approach for Preserving the Value of Educational Learning Factories.

Gabriël, Gaston Ramon (2023) The implementation of the 3CC muscle fatigue model into CEINMS.

Galen, D.J.M. van (2023) ECMO Mobilizing Device.

Garrido Olvera, L.P. (2023) NiOx and K-doped NiOx for p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells.

Gerrits, G.J. (2023) Calibrating a hydraulic river model using bathymetry and roughness: A case study on the River Waal.

Gijzel, B.E.M. (2023) Quality of posture of a humanoid character in a reactive stepping animation obtained using inverse kinematics.

Goesten, Thom (2023) Modeling the initial impact of storm events on the deformation and migration of full-grown sand waves.

Gomez Orozco, I.E. (2023) Decoding neural control strategies underlying human movement.

Goossens, P.G.W. (2023) Re-design of a heat exchanger, using triply periodic minimal surface structures.

Goshtasbi, A. (2023) 3D weaving of continuous fiber reinforced soft robot.

Grandia, R.W. (2023) Investigating nutrient filter options for water inlet in Land van Maas en Waal.

Groot, D.J.A. de (2023) Implementing systems engineering in new product development at Benchmark Electronics.

Groot, Sietse J. de (2023) Redesigning a Gait Detection Algorithm Based on Linear Accelerations to Include Gyroscope Data.

Groot Roessink, S. (2023) Designing a Modular & Acoustic Phone Booth with a Comfortable Climate.

Groote, Jasper de (2023) Predicting data center behaviour with transfer learning.

Grootkarzijn, R. (2023) Adaptive Feedforward Control for Active Vibration Isolation Systems with Motion Stage and Nonlinear Dynamics.

Gyimah, C.A. (2023) Empowering Education for Refugees: Enhancing the perceived ease of use and usability of the Edubox in Jordan.

Haase, J.R. (2023) Improving the parametrization of the main channel bed roughness in the Midden-Waal.

Haastregt, A.V. (Lieke) van (2023) Modelling of morphological development in the Vecht river due to changes in the weir policy.

Hagen, Jason ten (2023) Optimization of flexure mechanisms using gradient-based methods.

Hal, T.P.J. van (2023) Controller tuning for disturbance suppression in a piezo damped large stroke flexure hinge.

Hanning, J. (2023) Storage improvement of urban water catchments in Ede using the SOBEK model.

Harten, M. van (2023) Designing a green façade system.

Haverkort, Arthur (2023) The influence of hybrid reinforcements on Long Fiber Thermoplastic composites. An experimental approach on the production process of (hybrid) LFT pellets and static/dynamic mechanical testing.

Hazebroek, C. (2023) Exploring the effect of localised imagery on interactions with branded content.

Heeres, Roeland (2023) Creating an analytical model to predict the stiffness properties of a guidewire actuated bending tip.

Hendrickx, J.F. (2023) Development of a multifunctional nasogastric tube for gastrointestinal interventions.

Hengstum, A.I.F. van (2023) Synchronized Crossing with staggered Platforms :Increasing the traffic flow at level-crossings.

Hepburn, Peter (2023) Guidelines to optimise the Ebike charging experience.

Hernandez Garcia, M. (2023) Material selection process for flexible substrates in medical wearable device applications.

Heuvel, S. van den (2023) Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Vertically Rising Bubbles.

Hijwegen, R. (2023) Driving Sustainability in Swiss Multi-Family Housing : A Comprehensive Carbon Footprint and Optimisation Analysis of a Sustainable Heating System.

Hilbrands, Karsten (2023) Potential of stop regime changes : An exploration to the impact of new line formulas on the Dutch rail network.

Hilhorst, M.G.C. (2023) Construction of a simulation model to assist in production planning and control processes.

Hoeksma, Mechteld (2023) Designing a locking mechanism for fixating a specific heating system in vacuum with high forces and a high temperature.

Hoeksma, Mechteld (2023) Designing a locking mechanism for fixating a specific heating system in vacuum with high forces and a high temperature.

Hofman, J.M. (2023) Enhancing Efficiency in Noorderzijlvest's Freshwater System : Analyzing Freshwater Utilization. How to deal with the increasing salinization in the northern part of the Netherlands between Lauwersoog and Noordpolderzijl?

Hollaar, C.C.J. (2023) Modelling and improved design of a displacement converter for a thin sound source.

Hollander, A.P.M. (2023) Factors that influence the severity of conflicts at signalised intersections.

Hop, F.J. (2023) Rapid generation of probabilistic inundation forecasts by utilizing cloud computing and deep learning.

Horsthuis, E.M.S. (2023) The future of plastic packaging for the fresh food industry.

Jansen, A.H. (2023) The development of a modular shelving unit.

Jansen, J. (2023) Towards continuous material supply for friction screw extrusion and additive manufacturing.

Jansma, Bauwe (2023) Towards a Transparent Implementation of a Contractual Portfolio : Developing design specifications for a Serious Game between public client and private contractors.

Janssen, Laura (2023) Surrogate models: a solution for real-time inundation forecasting? Surrogate modelling for three case studies in the Netherlands.

Janssen, M.V. (2023) Developing Modular Interior Design for Starter and Senior Housing.

Japink, C.M. (2023) Redesigning the Thuiswerktafel for scalability and usability.

Jong, S.D.M de (2023) A physics-compatible dual field discretization using domain decomposition.

Jong, T.M. de (2023) Developing guidelines for embedding codes onto products produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

Jong, T.M. de (2023) Developing guidelines for embedding codes onto products produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

Jong, W.R. de (2023) Hydrological Water Balance Modelling : Determining the feasability of closing water balances of the subcatchments in the Overijsselse Vecht basin.

Jong, Wilke B. de (2023) Exploring the design space of loss of initiative for people with dementia.

Jonker, W.W. (2023) Assessing disruption-coping activities in district heating construction projects to enhance the reliability of project organisations.

Just, E.N.J. de (2023) Characterizing a spring-based inductance sensor and investigating external object interference.

Kajim, A.C.C. (2023) Conceptual design of a thermoplastic composite cross-car beam.

Kampen, t. van (2023) The increasing problem of ground subsidence. An analysis on the consequences and mitigation of ground subsidence in relation to water management and water safety.

Kara, I.S. (2023) From understanding to solution: understanding the experience of a client with PIMD through designing a co-design toolkit for formal and informal networks.

Keysers, C. (2023) Unlocking Access.

Khademi, M. (2023) Hospital recovery: the development of motion sensor-related applications to increase in-hospital mobility.

Kiss, K. (2023) Prediction of damage types during excavations.

Knollema, S.L. (2023) Advancing Machine Operating instructions through Augmented Reality.

Koelewijn, P.A.J. (2023) Shifting towards a 2-phase approach : a qualitative study into the price determination process and knowledge management of HWPP projects.

Kok, E. (2023) Relational Contracting in the Construction Industry : Applying the Sourcing Business Model theory to research a contract's influence on the cooperation between client and contractor.

Kok, F.H. (2023) The Development of a Smart Undershirt for Stress Detection through Continuous Monitoring of Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate.

Konter, L. (2023) Management of (climate) uncertainties in urban development projects.

Kooymans van Guldener, D.J. (2023) Improving user experience and Brand Identity of Extendas by standardizing User Interface components.

Koster, R.M. (2023) Strengthening the Impact of a Humanitarian Engineering Group through Branding.

Kremer Devesa, V. (2023) Drought indicators in the east of the Netherlands.

Kuipers, R.B.L.J. (2023) Designing a Bottle with a Flavouring Located in the Cap.

Kusters, L.E. (2023) PlayFountain size-ability of the floor.

Lagerweij, A.B. (2023) Development and production of a new prototype tire and rim for remote controlled model racing cars.

Lamaker, T. (2023) Accelerating climate change adaption through financial stimuli for local authorities.

Lanting, Sven (2023) Biobased materials in the construction industry: A case study into the effects of using biobased construction materials on life cycle costs.

Leerdam, Tjerk-Jan van (2023) The sensitivity of spatiotemporal inundation patterns to the dike breach location.

Legters, D.F. (2023) Item availability restricted.

Lent, S.J. van (2023) A new divide? Investigating the effect of hybrid teleworking on socio-spatial job accessibility inequalities among groups in the Dutch workforce.

Lim, H. (2023) Design and fabrication of a soft robotics assistive device for voiding bladder.

Lo-Fo-Wong, Kevin (2023) Acceptance of standardized construction management processes : Project managers' acceptance in a change towards Standard Operating Procedures in construction consultancy firms.

Lochem, S.H. van (2023) Developing a realistic venous model for in-vitro application of the eduECMO trainer.

Lopes Cardozo, W.S. (2023) The development of the Tangent Acoustic Wall Panel.

Lopez Aguado Alvarez, José Pablo (2023) Automation of a High Precision assembly process.

Lyu, Jinming (2023) Designing a Serious Game to Help Parents to Deliver of Death Education: Dilemma-driven-design as a Tool to Design for Users.

Maat, Daniëlle (2023) 3D Simulation of a wind turbine rotor in axial inflow conditions.

Malkoç, Sercan (2023) Fuzzy Logic Modelling of Route Choice in a Transportation Network.

Manenschijn, T.G. (2023) A Probabilistic Assessment of the Phreatic Line.

Mank, M.H.A. (2023) Crisis response for extreme flooding. Using a hydraulic model to support crisis response.

Marchenko, Artem (2023) Parametric Study of Temperature Effects on Traffic-Induced Response for Bridge Structural Health Monitoring.

Marco Trishan Wilando, M. (2023) Analysing land use change effects on discharge of the Pawan River.

Massa, J. (2023) Developing a Multi-Perspective Design Guide for Effective Learning Factories.

Meijer, Sanne (2023) Using data and expertise from LCA for EPD reporting to inform sustainable product development - Establishing a design tool and framework.

Meijerink, Margot M.J. (2023) Improving packaging recyclability from a waste treatment perspective - The development of an interactive tool on design for recycling.

Mesu, J. (2023) Development of a methodology for efficient determination of process parameters in Pulse Electro-Chemical Machining.

Meuleman, I.A.H. (2023) Towards a more convenient and sustainable solution for yoghurt distribution and presentation.

Meulen, C.V. van der (2023) The improvement of already existing information systems.

Mondria, Matthijs (2023) Next generation drinking solution for beverage carton portion packs, balancing sustainability and convenience.

Mooij, Q.J. (2023) Building a knowing maintenance organization by introducing a Knowledge Improvement Process for predictive maintenance at the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Mooijaart, Jan Berend (2023) Assessment of 1D and 2D model choices on model accuracy and computation time in D-Hydro.

Mora Ordoñez, G.A. (2023) Developing a data-infrastructure for automating the asphalt cooling process analysis.

Morra, B.C.J. (2023) Design of a rapid characterization method to predict the sealing behaviour of LLDPE packaging films.

Morás Jiménez, Estefanía (2023) Valuables of NewEarth: From reality to games and the way back.

Mulder, Jeroen (2023) Predicting Contact Wire Thickness with Machine Learning Algorithms Based on Historical Data.

Nannes, L.M.C. (2023) Preparing polders for extreme weather events : Strategies to reduce flooding.

Nieuwenhof, J. (2023) Serious Game Development. A study into how a serious game could stimulate using behavioral preference to influence others.

Nijhuis, M.F.H. (2023) Passive photonic chip-fiber alignment with a flexure-assisted micro-kinematic coupling.

Nikolov, G.D. (2023) Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost (LCC) analysis of a structural design with new steel elements and a structural design with reused steel elements.

Nizamudeen, M.S. (2023) Computed Torque Control of Flexible Multibody Systems.

Novillo Calvo, MSc Bme Ignacio (2023) Design of a high-level position controller for an Assistive Hinged Ankle Exoskeleton.

Odijk, Masha J.M. (2023) Analysis of cyclists’ safety on “bicycle streets” and other facilities in four large Dutch municipalities: A crash and conflict study.

Oosterveld, S.W.S. (2023) Momentum-based control for compliant link quadrupeds.

Oosting, L. (2023) The facilitation of on-demand cassette printing in the gross room.

Oostrom, R.D. van (2023) Design of an orbital shaker for future laboratory use.

Ouahabi, K. El (2023) Design of a user interface capable of visualizing radio frequency interference data in spatial context using augmented reality.

Ouahabi, K. El (2023) Design of a user interface capable of visualizing radio frequency interference data in spatial context using augmented reality.

Pakker, S.G. (2023) Designing a process for manufacturing bicycle inner tubes into a sheet material for the production of products from Het Nieuwe Logisch.

Pap, M. (2023) Van een kortetermijn- naar een langetermijnfocus in de bid/no-bid beslissing van aannemers : een meervoudige casestudy naar programmatisch werken.

Pape, J.A. (2023) Empowering young adults on the autism spectrum.

Parvangada Chinnappa, Uthaiah (2023) An Approach for Risk Mitigation and Safety During Human-Robot Collaboration.

Patel, A. (2023) Numerical Investigation On The Thermal Behavior Of Li-ion Batteries Under Various Cooling Methods.

Pelgröm, I.R.M. (2023) Support of the exchange of shifts within the application Flux.

Perizonius, F.C. (2023) Theoretical modelling of liquid fractions and flow regimes during the first-stage startup of steam transport pipelines.

Pfeijffer, ir. C. (2023) The effects of different designs of longitudinal training dams on countering bed degradation for different discharge scenarios in the River Waal.

Placiakis, J. (2023) Single-Route OD Matrix Estimation using Automatic Passenger Counting Data : A Case Study in Geneva.

Ploeg, Maurice van der (2023) Improved Range of Motion of a Redundantly Actuated 3-DOF Planar Manipulator with Flexure Joints.

Ploeg, Wout (2023) Understanding the western Wadden Sea in terms of inlet connectivity : an exploratory modelling approach.

Poortier, F.W. (2023) Redesigning the Muesli Topcup.

Poorts, J.S.C. (2023) Design of an interface between cleaner and multiple, automated cleaning devices.

Posthuma, L.J.H. (2023) Conversion of a sidecar configuration to an EV - A case study of the electrification of an IMZ-Ural sidecar motorcycle.

Pozdech, M. (2023) Improving the Assignment of Bicycle Traffic in a Countrywide Transportation Model by Considering Link Characteristics.

Prinsenberg, Finn (2023) Additive Manufacturing as an industrial production process : a myth or actual reality? Technical guideline design for the implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a production process for industrial plastic products.

Pronk, L.J. (2023) The design of a roadmap for the integration of remote support into a production environment.

Péntek, G. (2023) Implementation of a stochastic LCA method into BIM environment at infrastructure design projects - a case study of a bridge.

Pérez Garciá, J. (2023) Suspension and stabilisation system design for an UGV demonstrator.

Raadschelders, L.T. (2023) Analysis of the effects of dike structures on heave failure at screens. Evaluation on the effects on hydraulic heave failure through an experimental heave screen setup and an analytical two-pressure stability model.

Rademaker, Marcus (2023) Formation and evolution of relict trochoidal sediment waves in the Irish Sea throughout their post-glacial history.

Rakels, BSc Thijs D. (2023) PID tuning for electromechanical systems based on dilated LMI optimisation.

Ratering, P. (2023) Effects of human landscape interventions on groundwater drought.

Rezelman, SA (2023) Compounding and characterization of tire tread compounds using funtionalized rubber.

Richards, Carithea (2023) Urban Production : Exploring Urban Manufacturing Scenarios for Future Urban Resilient Cities.

Rijckevorsel, C.M.M.M. van (2023) Design of an innovative and/or sustainable product range in textiles.

Rob, J.F. (2023) Creating brand identity for the humanitarian engineering research group.

Roest, Jasper (2023) A Framework for Developing Parametric Modelling Tools : A Case study of Water Pumping Stations.

Ronduite, A. (2023) Simulating and testing of the movement of a millirobot influenced by a static magnetic field.

Roorda, A.H. (2023) The BADAL X -protect: a badal x™ redesign to reduce the risk of infection at the implant-soft tissue interface.

Rukmana, Rahadian (2023) Numerical Modelling of the Effect of Lateral Nonuniformity due to Horizontal Flow Contraction on Flow Dynamics over a Steep Slope.

Sagel, J.C. (2023) Designing for relaxation in the ER : a contribution to delirium prevention in older patients.

Sahin, Z. (2023) Design of a generic mobile application prototype for electric Mobility as a Service (eMaas) that focuses on enhancing user experience and user interface.

Saleh, Nazir (2023) Feasibility of Aqueduct Construction in Spannenburg, Netherlands : Comparing Eared, Immersed and Pilled Aqueducts using Multicriteria Decision Making Analysis.

Sarisin, A. (2023) Redesigning the external hardware housing of the FAT-Table.

Sarmiento Casas, Maria Alejandra (2023) Designing a Sustainability Program for the Manufacturing Industry: Establishing a Sustainability Baseline for VDL ETG.

Schaaf, J.R. (2023) MPC design for a precision, flexure based, pendulum.

Schiphorst, A.H. (2023) Designing Awaves World.

Schipper, Brian (2023) Improvements in the development and redesign of a tea infuser production machine at TeaWall during continuous production.

Schouw, C.Q.G. (2023) Replacement of Carbon Black by Renewable Fillers in Natural Rubber.

Schriemer, B.Sc. D. W. (2023) Numerical Validation and Modelling of Inversely Tracing of Particles to Locate Emanating Sources.

Schrijver, Jesper / J.E. (2023) A novel framework to aid in the design of automated systems at veal abattoirs : a case study.

Schut, Astrid (2023) Design and development of a soft total artificial heart.

Selle, I.N. te (2023) Drivers for stewardship-oriented behaviour in client-consultant relationships : a Dutch engineering consultancy perspective.

Sergeeva, D. (2023) (Re)design of a disposable Medication Delivery Device for use with Soft Mist Inhalation Technology in an Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (IMV) Circuit.

Shaffrey, T.J. (2023) Sensitivity of inundation to sea level rise in dike ring 14.

Smeenk, S.R. (2023) Assessment of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) tool : Impact of environmental factors and precipitation in Overijssel on the reliability of the NDVI tool to determine impervious surfaces as input for water run-off models.

Smit, T.S. (2023) Linking safety hazards to control measures for NS rolling stock.

Soeganto, N.Y. (2023) Organising Components to Improve Workflow when using Chemo Compounder.

Sonnemans, R.C. (2023) Evaluation of Shoreline Changes with Improved One-line Numerical Shoreline Modelling.

Spoolder, Bastiaan (2023) Influence of inland shipping on sediment transport in the Waal river.

Stevens, F.H. (2023) Design, implementation and validation of a viscoelastically overconstrained flexure mechanism for increased dynamic performance.

Stevering, T.J.T. (2023) Working rules in design processes on developing circular solutions.

Strik, D.H. (2023) Influence of print speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AA6060 FSEAM builds.

Swinkels, M.W.A. (2023) Quantifying social vulnerability for decision-making on pluvial flood adaptation.

Taufiiqul Hakim, Afif (2023) Numerical Assessment of Floating Breakwater Effects at Intertidal Flats.

Timmer, A.J. (2023) The impact of low water levels on inland waterway transport : An economic risk assessment of shipping on the Rhine.

Trigo La Blanca, Carlota (2023) Insights on human standing balance based on deep learning-driven musculoskeletal simulations.

Uijttenboogaard, M. (2023) A research into a synergistic public-private partnership for the Amsterdam Life Sciences District.

Uil, D. (2023) Towards a testing standard for intralaminar fracture toughness of CFRPs : Determining the longitudinal Mode I intralaminar fracture toughness and crack growth consistency of a Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymer with a Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM) approach.

Uiterweerd, Eline (2023) Improving information traceability in high-tech contract manufacturing environments.

Urbano Guerrero, V.E. (2023) Trend Analysis in the peak flows of the Meuse river and its tributaries through the use of series of ensemble forecasts events.

Ven, C.J. (2023) Investigating the possibilities of a flexible manipulator in Amesim to predict reaction forces.

Venkataraman Schwoerer, R.G. (2023) Designing an attachment mechanism for a modular green roof.

Verhoeven, J.P. (2023) A Controller for Corrective Stepping for a Bipedal Exoskeleton Robot.

Vermeulen, K.R. (2023) Developing a measuring & monitoring strategy for dikes reinforced with innovative anti-piping filter solutions.

Vis, Eng. J.M. (2023) Ultrashort pulsed laser ablation in mass production of small metal parts, increasing ablation efficiency and reducing heat input.

Vloedgraven, B.T. (2023) System role of energy hubs in the North Sea by an energy system optimisation study.

Vondeling, A.A. (2023) Improving the user experience of the voting system of Awaves.

Vries, Taj de (2023) Initial managed realignment site configuration steer its long-term hydromorphological development : an idealized modelling study.

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