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Aalders, Laurens (2024) The future of marketing: How brands can increase the purchase intention towards their NFT's.

Abdulkarim, F.H.M.R. (2024) Investigating the Effect of a Conversational Agent on Students’ Intrinsic Motivation during an Online Dyad Discussion among University-Level Students.

Adelina, Chelsea (2024) Orchestrating Innovation : Leaders’ Strategies of Aligning Cross-Functional Teams within an Indonesian Startup.

Ahmed, Areeba (2024) Optimizing the Reimbursement for Brachytherapy: A Critical Factor in Controlling Total Healthcare Expenditure for Prostate Cancer in Italy.

Akremi, H.A. (2024) Scrolling until Satisfaction : Exploring the Influence of Instagram Use and Reward Sensitivity on Well-being among Young People.

Akwali, Elisha Beatrice Adaeze (2024) Exploring anthropomorphism's role in the social interaction between individuals with ASD and social robotics.

Al-Ariki, Amr Sami Abdulhak A.S.A (2024) Optimizing Truck Routes: A Mathematical Model to Reduce Empty Driven Kilometres.

Arends, Stan (2024) Developing Customer Value Propositions in an Online B2B Setting.

Auke, Rasing (2024) Integration of crossdocking facilities in an existing outbound logistics network.

Ax, G.J. (2024) How does the amount of time spend on smartphones influence the physical wellbeing of consumers?

Bakker, M.A. (2024) Preventive maintenance policy Nuts Packaging line D028.

Balickis, Kristians (2024) Navigating New Norms: An Empirical Analysis of the Predictors of Hybrid Work in the Post-Pandemic Aviation Industry.

Beciri, Florjan (2024) Examining the Relationship Between University Students' Personality Traits, Perception of Academic Stress, and Coping Mechanisms.

Behrens, Jan (2024) Queer Minority Stress and Resilience in everyday life: An ecological momentary assessment study.

Beretta, Beatrice (2024) The impact of AI literacy on the emotional reaction to AI mistakes in human-AI collaboration.

Berg, Sander Constantijn Bijn van den (2024) Predicting the Credit Risk Classification of Retail clients at Rabobank.

Besseling, Renzo (2024) Unite the North : Exploring the Identities of an Inter-Organizational Collaboration.

Best, S. de (2024) Examining the Impact of New Regulation on Sustainable Investments, Banking Strategies, and Client Choices.

Bettonvil, L.M. (2024) Improving the Service Process using Simulated Annealing at Company X.

Bezuijen, Marleen (2024) Tracking and drinking : the meaning of self-monitoring drinking behaviour for students using a mobile application.

Bittner,, Yannis (2024) The Influence of Cognitive Load on the Recollection of Information on Websites.

Boeijink, Jeremy Darnell (2024) Enhancing Valuation for Telcos : A Strategic Approach to Business Valuation.

Boer, R. de (2024) Effects of implementation of the trauma care norms in trauma patient logistics.

Boeringa, E.G. (2024) The Impact of Physical Screening Methods on Microfinancing Approval and Default Risk: A Case Study of Qredits.

Bokhove, M. (2024) Creating a market segment selection tool for tech-based businesses : A design-based approach.

Boros, Sara (2024) Exploring Uncertainty Management in Engineering Design Teams in a CAD-enhanced Learning Environment.

Bos, J.C.L. (2024) Future-proofing technical B2B firms : examining the impact of market orientation and marketing function integration on strategic foresight.

Bos, Steven (2024) Examining the Impact of Data-Informed Decision-Making Approaches on Goal Setting and Action Planning Among High School Teachers.

Bosman, Roy (2024) Preformation Stage of Strategic Alliances: An Examination through the Lens of Resource-Based View and Dynamic Capabilities Theory.

Bossink, M. (2024) The rent gap: Impacts of cross-border mobility on housing in Enschede and Gronau.

Bottcher, L. (2024) The Effects of Neighbourhood and Individual Deprivation on Well-Being Trajectories During the First Lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic in England : Insights from the UK Household Longitudinal Study.

Boxel, N. van (2024) An optimisation approach to schedule CNC machines with pallet handling system.

Boyko, Anna (2024) An Approach to Adapting Automated Vehicle Behaviour to Real-Time User Trust : A Driving Simulator Study.

Braam-Veltrop, C.W.B. (2024) Het ontwikkelen van risicoleiderschap door verpleegkundigen : een ontwerpgericht onderzoek naar het organiseren van risico-eigenaarschap over verpleegkundige indicatoren.

Breedveld, Stella (2024) Emotional and coping responses to threats to professional identity in sustainability transitions.

Broek, N.B.M.A. ten (2024) The feasibility and impact on mobility and costs of transferring the administration of parenteral medication from the hospital to an external outpatient setting : A Discrete-Event Simulation study.

Broek, S.J. van den (2024) Robotic Process Automation in the External Audit Function: Defining and Validating an Evaluation Framework.

Cangir, B.A. (2024) The relationship between AI adoption and the character traits openness and neuroticism in healthcare students during their studies.

Chang, J.A. (2024) Mixed Traffic Solutions for Automated Hub-to-Hub Logistics.

Cimcir, N.N. (2024) The Relations between Well-Being, Prolonged Grief, Insomnia, and Moral Injury in a Group of Ukrainian Refugees.

Commissaris, Benthe (2024) An integral communication strategy facilitating interaction between EV-drivers and Revolt's charging station.

Cuperus, I. (2024) An Intervention to Influence the Consideration of Animals’ Worth and Animal Testing.

Depenau, Marie (2024) Cultural Differences in Menopausal Attitudes and Associated Mental Health Outcomes of Women in Menopause: A Systematic Review.

Derksen, M.P.J. (2024) A Qualitative Study on the Improvement of the Know-Your-Client Procedure Using a Centralized Database.

Dikaiofylakos, Kyriaki (2024) Beyond Stereotypes : Exploring Diversity in Male Grooming Advertising and its Influence on Consumer Self-Perception and Brand Attitude.

Doyle, Killian (2024) Understanding the Role of Eco-anxiety, Eco-grief, and Eco-guilt in Age-Related Pro-Environmental Behaviour: A Detailed Analysis in Germany and the Netherlands.

Duwe, Sven (2024) Optimization of the production process at TenCate.

Ebbinge, J. (2024) Exploring the impact of potential Business Angels’ Characteristics on Financial Risk-Taking and Early Stage Investments.

Eerden, P. (2024) Variables influencing the issue size of green bonds in the investment portfolios of Rabobank.

Eijsink, B. (2024) Applying the MRT Design to Explore the Proximal Effect of PPIs on Cognitive Emotion Regulation : A Pilot Study.

El Bou Messaoudi, Ferial (2024) A Framework for Evaluating Market Risks in Equity Portfolios Linked to Biodiversity Decline.

Enescu, Cristian-Radu (2024) Improving visibility of inventory risk at Company X.

Erber, Julie (2024) “It’s better to be alone than in bad company” – Is it? : Virtual reality comparison of solo and paired burglars.

Erdogan, Can (2024) Website Navigation Structures: Eliciting Mental Models of Dutch Municipality Websites using Card Sorting Test.

Erlich, J. (2024) The Influence of Virtual Environments on the Experience of Awe.

Farbod, Shiva (2024) Exploring the Dark Side of AI-enabled Services: Impacts on Customer Experience and Well-being.

Feddema, J.B. (2024) The Role of Professional Service Networks in Ensuring Compliance with the CSRD in the Netherlands.

Fleiter, G. (2024) Addressing Vision Challenges within the Lean Startup Approach : A Qualitative Study of Startups.

Gazzano, Elena (2024) Unmasking Media Portrayal of Violence: what Le Monde and Le Figaro said in the aftremath of Nahel M.’s murder.

Geelkerken, Karlijn (2024) The Role of Simulated Patients in Students’ Transactive Dialogues: A Qualitative Study.

Georgieva, Koliyn (2024) EU and Bulgaria : An exploration on policy non-participation perception.

Gestel, Remko van (2024) Potential Future Exposure Modelling For The Carbon Market.

Gilbers, M.A. (2024) Causation versus Effectuation: Exploring the Impact of Educational Background on Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Strategies.

Glaser, H.C. (2024) The Content Equation : A Mixed Methods Study on Exploring Platform Swinging, Consumer Motives, and Content Preferences on Social Media Among Higher Educated Young Adults.

Glaser, H.C. (2024) The Content Equation : A Mixed Methods Study on Exploring Platform Swinging, Consumer Motives, and Content Preferences on Social Media Among Higher Educated Young Adults.

Goldmann, Sebastian Hendrikus (2024) Enhancing Credit Risk Prediction in Retail Banking: Integrating Time Series and Classical ML Algorithms.

Greven, Liz (2024) Handling inflation within the sourcing strategy of HP Valves Oldenzaal B.V.

Gökoglan, M. (2024) Gender Differences in Mental Health Affections due to Climate Change and Climate Paralysis.

Gündüz, MSc. Selin (2024) The experienced impacts of using spirituality apps.

Güngör, Belin (2024) The success factors of cobotics implementation in facilities management.

Haese, Johannes (2024) Deliberative civic engagement and policy support: Lessons from Münster’s bicycle policy.

Hakala, P. (2024) The Effect of Alcohol Primes on State Aggression Among University Students.

Halbryt, Alicja (2024) Hoax in the Machine: an Ethical Analysis of Perceived Humanness in Social Robots.

Hartlieb, Roman (2024) Exploring the Gender Dimension : Social Support, Doom-Scrolling, and Anxiety in Climate Change Discourse.

Hassink, H.W. (2024) Understanding the evolution of customer trust in sustainable products : A customer journey perspective.

Hazel, M.J. van den (2024) Emotion regulation in anxiety and depression: examining daily life use of strategies and comparing measurement tools.

Hazewindus, T. (2024) Public-private partnerships as a means to improve the sustainability performance of business parks : A case study of the Netherlands.

Heereveld, Y.D. van (2024) Constitutional courts compared: how political are constitutional courts? : A qualitative study about the political nature of constitutional courts and the implications for the government reform discussion in the Netherlands.

Herst, Serena (2024) How to make value with digital marketing tools in a luxury brick-and-mortar store.

Herst, Serena (2024) How to make value with digital marketing tools in a luxury brick-and-mortar store.

Hesselink, E.C.S. (2024) Persuasion & Conspiracy Beliefs: A content analysis of discourse characteristics prevalent within the online discussion of conspiracy theories.

Heuver, Karlijn Anniek (2024) Exploring the Role of Visual Eco-Art Education in promoting Human-Nature Connectedness: A Scoping Review.

Hoekstra, Jasper (2024) Building a dashboard for pre-deal evaluation of mergers and acquisitions.

Hof, Malte (2024) The Role of Posture Learning in Chords with Two Experienced Hands.

Hohlfeld, Nico M. (2024) Examining the Influence of Informative Podcasts About Sleep Health on the Development of Sleep Hygiene Behaviour in Young Adults: A Randomised Controlled Trial.

Holkenborg, K. (2024) On Purpose. Design Principles for Interventions that encourage Students’ sense of Meaning in Life in Higher Education.

Hommels, T.C. (2024) Exploring Data-Driven Clustering in Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Pricing.

Hopman, R. (2024) Optimizing the inventory management at Aebi Schmidt Nederland B.V. by improving the inventory control policies.

Horn, Jasper (2024) Investigating Cross-Border Activities in the EUREGIO: A Company-Level Cluster Theory Approach.

Hotamış, E.İ. (2024) Exploring the Relation between Self-Efficacy and Uncertainty in the Realm of Collaborative Learning Tasks.

Hoto, R.M. (2024) Initial Face Validity Study of a Tool Measuring User Experience in Human-Robot Collaboration.

Hufen, N.D. (2024) Understanding consumer contesting strategies : The impact of Cialdini’s principles of scarcity and social proof with brand credibility on persuasion knowledge and contesting strategies.

Hufen, N.D. (2024) Understanding consumer contesting strategies : The impact of Cialdini’s principles of scarcity and social proof with brand credibility on persuasion knowledge and contesting strategies.

Huizing, D. (2024) Aligning intentions with experiences : enhancing student engagement in a Dutch secondary school.

Hulshof, Q. (2024) Navigating Europe's Digital Services Act : Challenges for Online Platforms.

Huntjens, I.C.W. (2024) Exploring the Dynamics of Emotions: Combining the Experience Sampling Method With Continuous Physiological Data.

Höner, Maike (2024) Optimizing train station inspection operations in the region of Magdeburg.

Idzes, J.E. (2024) Optimisation of the post-calculation process.

Indira, Rebeca (2024) Educational design recommendations to improve the training programme for new operators of pyrolysis plants.

Iperen, V.N. van (2024) A qualitative and quantitative comparison between sustainable and non-sustainable robo advisors.

Jabold, Benjamin (2024) The Role of Emerging Communities in Sustainability Transformations: An Anti-Essentialist Spatiality of Degrowth Cities.

Jamin, M.C. (2024) The Role of Business Incubation in Shaping Decision-Making Styles of Novice Entrepreneurs : A Study on Effectuation and Causation.

Janicsák, Ádám (2024) Offline versus online multiplayer gaming experience: A comparison study about social deduction games.

Janowski, C. (2024) Restorative Justice : Investigating Public Attitudes and Needs in Restorative Justice Conferencing.

Kadarosi, Defa (2024) Beyond the Screen : Unveiling the Dynamics of Leadership in Fully Remote Work Environments.

Kampkuiper, Thijs (2024) Utilizing Machine Data for Enhancing Service-Dominant Logic.

Kara, M.N. (2024) Big Data-Driven Personalized and Preventive Diabetes Care.

Karakash, Tanser (2024) Optimizing Meilink Borculo B.V.'s Transportation Planning : Cost-Effective Logistics through Vehicle Routing.

Kazokas, Matas (2024) Assessing Doctor and Patient explanation and information needs of Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Keijzer, A.L. (2024) Optimal inspection policies for sewer networks under resource constraints using partially observable Markov decision processes.

Keita, Djene (2024) The impact of martial arts training on mental health and wellbeing: A scoping review.

Keller, C. (2024) Understanding the Influence of Awe in Virtual Reality on Social Well-being.

Kessels, J.C. (2024) Deep reinforcement learning to support dynamic decision-making in a transport network amid travel- and handling time uncertainty.

Klooster, L.R. ten (2024) Het effect van instrumenteel begrip op het ontwikkelen van relationeel begrip.

Kloppenberg, J.B. (2024) Expanding VDL ETG Almelo’s supplier base in the Iberian Peninsula to enhance supply chain resilience.

Knot, Julia R. (2024) Exploring Self-Regulation and Shared Regulation in Collaborative Design Tasks.

Koemans, B. (2024) Cyberchondria, Digital Health, and Digital Health Literacy : A Correlational Study.

Kok, Dyon (2024) Stakeholder-centric approach to applying machine learning to probability of default models.

Kok, H.G.T. (2024) Performance of dynamic lot sizing order policies : a case study on lumpy demand.

Kooiker, J.A.M. (2024) Experience of venture capitalists influence the decision-making criteria.

Koop, N. (2024) Hidden Self-Compassion : Psychometric Properties of a Novel Tool to Measure Implicit Self-Compassion.

Korbee, J.A. (2024) The development of ecosystem strategies : The case of the emerging green hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands.

Korikian, Gasia (2024) Cross-Cultural Variations in Menopausal Attitudes and Their Impact on Psychological Wellbeing: A Systematic Review.

Kornegoor, Nico (2024) Reducing driver movements in railway rescheduling by optimising a multi-commodity network flow model with a variable neighbourhood search.

Kousheshi, Ershad (2024) Ownership structure and risk-taking behaviour in Iranian companies.

Kravcenko, Berta (2024) Parenting Style as a Moderator in the Relationship between Problematic Internet Use and Loneliness among Adolescents in Ankara, Turkey.

Kremer, Joost (2024) The effect of R&D investments on firm performance.

Kroon, T. (2024) Unlocking the Potential : A study on the potential role of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Dutch Strategic Environmental Assessment.

Kruger, Meike (2024) A financial model for the commercialization of the home battery.

Kruit, M.N. (2024) Smart refueling decisions using a reinforcement learning approach : a case study at Nijhof-Wassink.

Krullaars, T. (2024) Integrating and optimizing the milk-run of Thales Hengelo by creating a Vehicle Routing Problem model.

Kuijper, M.R. (2024) Optimizing the sequence-dependent setup times of a machine using an optimal lot size heurisitic for TKF.

Kumar, Mira (2024) Beyond The Meeting Room: A Qualitative Study on Employee Perceptions and Experiences in Team Meet-ings and What They Tell Us.

Kusters, Niels (2024) The Role of Networking during the Internationalisation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Healthcare Sector.

Kvalsvik, Ingvild (2024) The role of uncanny robot faces for attention and likeability in a gaze-leading study.

Lanting, L.S. (2024) Polya’s 4 stappen methode om analytisch denkvermogen te bevorderen.

Leeuw, A.S.D. de (2024) Een framework voor het gebruik van Geschiedenis van de Wiskunde in de les.

Lems, Merte Tiny (2024) Tone and image harmony: The effect of message tone and image choice in CSR communication on Instagram on consumers’ purchase intention and the moderating effect of CSR interest.

Lems, Merte Tiny (2024) Tone and image harmony: The effect of message tone and image choice in CSR communication on Instagram on consumers’ purchase intention and the moderating effect of CSR interest.

Lentjes, T.R.J. (2024) Exploring the Influence of Theory of Mind Variability on Gaze Leading and Return to Face Onset Times.

Lenz, L.C. (2024) The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Alcohol Consumption, An Experience Sampling Study among Dutch Students.

Lesschen, B.S. (2024) The design of a data quality assessment tool for warehousing data.

Libbertz, Michael A. (2024) Duality Explored: The Algorithmic Management - Autonomy Interplay.

Limmen, Tim (2024) ERP utilization in the lifting industry : Alise Group - a case study.

Lindhout, E. (2024) Navigating Crises : Exploring Collaborative Decision Making in Data-Driven Natural Hazard Risk Management.

Lorenzo Cervera, Silvana (2024) The Relationship Between Situational Awareness and Attention Networks of Roller Operators in Virtual Reality.

Lu, Ching-En (Rachel) (2024) The Effect of Traditional vs. Neoteric Celebrity Sustainable Brand Messages on Environmental Self-Identity: an Application of Self-Congruence Theory.

Luijtelaar, R. S. van (2024) Reducing the Excessive Waste Production in the Cracker Production Line at Company X.

Majer, Alicja (2024) The Relation Between Body Image, Self-Esteem and Substance Abuse : a Cross-Sectional Study.

Manole, Theodor-Mihail (2024) Lifestyle Apps: Can Gamification Simultaneously Engage Users and Enhance Business Value?

Marsman, Britt (2024) Efficiently planning Megas at the Court of Law Amsterdam.

Mastwijk, I.J. (2024) Optimizing the Preparation Stage at Kvadrat Shade : A Simulation Study.

Meer, Wendie van der (2024) Increasing the capacity of the consumer packaging lines of Europastry Oldenzaal.

Messelink, J.F. (2024) Improving an internal process using a SUPER Lean methodology.

Middelburg, Mandy (2024) Navigating RGS risks : seamless transition solutions.

Miocevic, I. (2024) Inventory policy design for chisel tips at Rottink Zuigerverenfabriek.

Miravete Benito, Pablo (2024) Artificial Intelligence Acceptance, Perception in the Future Workfield and Adaptability of Healthcare Students.

Montero Apellániz, S.A. (2024) B2B influencer marketing : the rise of a growing trend : the role of influencers, content and channels on engagement in a B2B context.

Mukhsin, Mukhsin (2024) Cultivating Innovation in the Workplace: How Does Innovation Culture Influence Employees’ Innovative Work Behavior in Digital Companies in Indonesia?

Mulder, S. (2024) The effects of leadership, emotional intelligence, and computer playfulness on employees’ intention to use industry 4.0 technologies.

Mulder, Vera (2024) Sensemaking and sensegiving in times of merger: How do line managers from different hierarchical levels make and give sense during a merger process?

Naastepad, Julia C.J. (2024) Strategies To Decrease Emissions in Freight Transport.

Neiß, F.G. (2024) Fit for Well-being: The Role of Regular Physical Activity as a Positive Moderator between Social Media Fitness Content Consumption and Mental Well-Being.

Nicoletti, Santina Elisa (2024) The Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences, Anxiety Symptoms and Maladaptive Coping Strategies and their Mediating Role : A Quantitative Study.

Nijboer, M. (2024) Zalig zijn de onwetenden? Voorspellers van integriteitsschendingen.

Nijhof, Len (2024) Pleasure or expertise : The interaction effect of scent and staff appearance on the store experience in footwear retail.

Nijhuis, T.S. (2024) How to add to the communication, documentation and visualization of the production schedule at Quartier.

Nijskens, M. (2024) Using Gamification to Assist in Learning R Programming.

Noltes, Yvo (2024) Exploring Psychological Determinants of Adherence to COVID-19 Restriction Measures: A Study Utilizing the Theory of Planned Behaviour, Anticipated Regret and Trust.

Nonhof, Lisa (2024) A Mathematical Model for a Single-Retailer, Single-Vendor, Multi-Item Vendor Management Inventory for the Export Business of Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

Noortman, A.J. (2024) Information systems with intelligent applications, user-friendly design, and digital ecosystem integration enhance performance in complex engineering projects.

Oonk, H.B. (2024) Human Resource Information Systems on Technology-enhanced High Performance Work Practices in Human Resource Management : The influence of value-fit and climate-fit on the implementation by managers.

Oosterholt, S.S. (2024) Mapping dimensions of customer experience using big data analytics to enhance customer relationship management strategies : a case study in the B2B context.

Paczulla, S. (2024) Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to understand Nurses’ Intentions to Recognise and Support their Patients with low (digital) Health Literacy.

Perluka, B.Y. (2024) Reliable procurement cost estimation methodologies: A case study in complex environments.

Peters, Siem (2024) Option pricing using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Pflieger, Marc (2024) Sustainability exposed: The Role of Ease of Retrieval in Pro-Environmental Behaviour.

Philipp, Y.N. (2024) Exploring Reactivity Effects of Self-monitoring Grief Reactions : A Randomized Waitlist Controlled Trial.

Plaizier, Daphne (2024) Creating warmth through visual hierarchy in UX design; enhancing engagement and social connectedness with a charity website.

Pluim, E. (2024) Digitalization at a Family Business in the Financial-Services Industry : A Case Study.

Pudollek, Lissy (2024) State aid for energy transition : A qualitative study of the impact of the EU's hydrogen IPCEI on the sustainability transition in Europe.

Ramchand, Tasneem (2024) Website Navigation Structures: Eliciting Mental Models Using Card Sorting.

Ran, Jiahao (2024) The effect of worked examples in fostering creative thinking within game-based learning environments.

Rath, Lina (2024) Psychotherapy for Culturally Deaf Individuals: Summarising Factors That Explain Low Access and Poor Execution : A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis.

Reedijk, M.G. (2024) The Influence of Test Anxiety on Students' Performance on Quizzes.

Roelink, D.J. (2024) Optimization of return freight selection.

Roerink, J. (2024) The Role of Professional Identity in Shaping Learning Strategies for 21st Century Skill Development among Dutch Hospital Nurses.

Rook, J.J. (2024) Participation of minority political parties in the transposition of the European Green Deal policies in the Wadden Sea area.

Roolvink, G.J. (2024) Managing paradoxes in difficult times: Risk and opportunity for ESG.

Rorink, Giulia (2024) Creating Capabilities to Leverage External Data to Match Supply and Demand: a multiple case study.

Rosenkranz, R. (2024) Anonymous vs. Identifiable Peer Feedback in Secondary Education: Effects on Student Anxiety and Peer Feedback Quality.

Ryzhova, Elena (2024) An Exploration of Coordination Behaviour Patterns During The Apollo 13 Mission.

Sand, Teun (2024) The role of congruence and timing in synced advertising effectiveness: an in-person experimental approach.

Sandberg, A. (2024) Discovering technologies in the automotive industry.

Santing, Vivian E. (2024) Validation of 'Views on Citizenship Education' questionnaire.

Sauer, Jonah (2024) Evaluating a New Virtual Reality Environments` Effectiveness for Suicide Negotiation Training Performance Evaluation.

Sauter, Ronja (2024) User Experiences with Smartphone Applications for Spirituality: How Do Spiritual Mobile Application Users Construct Spirituality?

Sautmann, Marius (2024) The Relationship Between Strategic Thinking and Organizational Factors: A Qualitative Interview Study.

Scheffer, J.M.M. (2024) Assessing the maturity of innovation platforms : A conceptual maturity model and a case study of TIP.

Schindler, V.S. (2024) Investigating the Momentary Effects of Positive Psychology Interventions in Addressing Mental Health: A Micro-Randomised Trial Study.

Schippers, A. (2024) Integriteit : Een onderzoek naar ‘Soft Controls’ binnen de Brigade Caribisch gebied van de Koninklijke Marechaussee.

Schippers, D. (2024) Understanding the Value and Adoption of the International Patient Summary : Exploring Clinical Value, Facilitators, and Barriers.

Schulenburg, Merle (2024) Trajectories of complicated grief during online cognitive behavioural therapy : an uncontrolled trial.

Schulte, Jana (2024) The Effects of Sense of Agency on Motivation : An EEG Study.

Schwarzmann, Philipp (2024) Investigating Motor Learning Processes: The Role of Spatial Representations, Hand Postures and their Transfer.

Shojaei Barjouei, H. (2024) Exploring opportunities and challenges regarding Carbon Capture and Storage in hydrogen production (blue hydrogen) in the Netherlands : A SWOT analysis.

Siera, Luca Marie (2024) The Role of a Body-Worn Camera During Art Viewing : A Pilot Study on Students Navigating Meaning in Art-Based Learning.

Sikosek, R.L. (2024) The support of Regional Entrepreneurial Actors (REAs) for Innovative Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises (KIEs).

Sligting, N.G. (2024) Designing a complex order acceptance tool at Limis B.V.

Slöetjes, J. (2024) Gaining visibility and improving Inventory Health.

Smeekes, B. (2024) Forecasting demand and creating an inventory policy for Ecorus.

Smid, G.C.C. (2024) Body-Oriented Treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Scoping Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.

Smit, Colin (2024) Analysis and recommendations to improve the Request for Quotation process.

Smit, Koen (2024) Designing a Funding Platform for Startup and Investor Evolving Needs in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem : The Orange Mill - A Case Study.

Smith, Elia M.S. (2024) The Role of Spirituality in the Relationship Between Body Satisfaction and Mental Well-Being in Women and Men : A Moderated Moderation Analysis.

Snijders, K.J. (2024) Sentiment Dynamics in Search Engine Results: Unravelling the Influence on Polarisation.

Snoeijing, C.L. (2024) Exploring the moderating effect of gratitude on the association between stressful events and negative affect, taking into account depression and well-being : an experience sampling study.

Snoeijink, M.H.J. (2024) Unveiling managerial perceptions of the customer’s lived experience in digital B2B service innovations : An ethnographic case study.

Souverijn, Anne-Lotte (2024) To Ruminate or not to Ruminate? : An ESM Study on the Individual Association between Daily Rumination and Negative Affect and their Relationship with Depression, Anxiety, and Well-being.

Spaander, Demi (2024) Can alignment in individual team ratings predict team performance? : Measuring the correlation between the team variance of individual ratings of team performance and observed team performance.

Stefánsdóttir, Ásthildur Lilja (2024) Initial face validation study of an inventory to assess Human-Robot Collaboration User Experience.

Steinbeck, Maria (2024) Attention and Awareness – Women's Digital Storytelling within Instagram to Reduce ADHD Stigma.

Stiny, A.E. (2024) Improving the new product introduction time of a production company in the automotive industry.

Stokkers, D. (2024) Estimating EBITDA for SMEs.

Stradmeijer, Mark (2024) The effect of Derivative Usage on Firm Value During COVID-19, Evidence from The Netherlands.

Straver, H.E. (2024) Navigating the CSDD directive proposal : Implications and strategic planning for procurement in financial organisations.

Tansini, Walter (2024) Organisational Integrity : A virtue-ethics approach towards organisational alignment, performance management & measurement and ethical behaviour.

Telemachou, A. (2024) Addressing the Needs and Challenges in Informal Dementia Care: A Qualitative Exploration of e-Health in Cyprus.

Thesing, Christin (2024) The Effect of a Self-Monitoring Intervention Using ESM on Mentalising, Well-Being and the Experience of Somatic Symptoms: A Pilot Study.

Thiel, B.J.F. van (2024) Getting the Balance Right: A Systematic and Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Raw Material Stock Levels.

Tienstra, Belle (2024) Analysing the effect of Planning Operations on Mental Workload.

Timmerman, T.H. (2024) Optimizing assembly line fill rate by minimizing the losses due to discrepancy between truck and workstation lengths.

Tomlin, Sarah L. (2024) The effect of error prevention and error management strategy on levels of affective, motivational, cognitive and behavioural variables of negotiators in a virtual reality suicide negotiation.

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